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Izzy Nov 2019
Terminology so vibrant doesn't suit achromatic souls nor does the labyrinth-like structures peppered by aureate phrases that I have a fondness for
Nov 2019 · 151
Izzy Nov 2019
I am a succubus: my caress turns you to putty in my hands.
My allure is effortless: your limbs are mine to do with as I desire.

You cannot resist my allure just like a fish to the bait
Nov 2019 · 41
Izzy Nov 2019
Babbling brook                                                               Babbling brook
Babbling brook             Alice slays the jabberwocky           Babbling brook
Babbling brook                                                                Babbling brook

solitude is the only logical conclusion.                              what am I?

Babbling brook                                                               Babbling brook
Babbling brook                                                               Babbling brook
Babbling brook                 Faciens ars est errata                 Babbling brook
Nov 2019 · 50
Izzy Nov 2019
Aristocracy is opulence:
encrusted with diamonds.

I've amassed an abundance of
frivolous jewels; they adorn my
band of silver filled with prestige
Sep 2019 · 782
Izzy Sep 2019
                                                   ­      make
                                                            ­       it
                                                                ­        easier

                                                 ­                                  to
                                                                ­                          handle
                                                                ­                                       ?
Aug 2019 · 303
Izzy Aug 2019
Numb, I am so numb
Numb, I cannot feel
Numb, I am broken
Numb, What is pain?
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I am a product of my fAUltY programming
Aug 2019 · 433
Sleep delirium
Izzy Aug 2019
I’ve always been peculiar
                                      My poems are self-assured nonsense
Chaos is soothing
                                                    Unique is a matter of perspective
May 2019 · 199
Izzy May 2019
The word I type seem lifeless
They float in the cavity of my thoughts
Apr 2019 · 210
Izzy Apr 2019
Flickering hues of crimson and vermilion refracted from the fiery scorch inducing orb enveloping the stratosphere; intertwined with a sombre inky canopy of mauve encapsulating a smattering of luminous enigmas.
Apr 2019 · 196
Izzy Apr 2019
my skin is so fragile that taunts can cut it

the crimson is so pretty
Mar 2019 · 149
Izzy Mar 2019
Lashing whips cause me to writhe
Screams of agony intertwined with anguish
My brain has ruptured and my mind is corrupt
I am no longer in control

I seek the control I lost but I'm nothing but a puppet to the controller
Mar 2019 · 219
Izzy Mar 2019
I am aching to create but I can't

I feel like such a ****-up but I can't
Feb 2019 · 194
Physics of death
Izzy Feb 2019
Death is an illusion:your energy will never die

Whirling in whirlpools of infinity; the parenthesis of eternity
I wrote this at 12 and it was my first poem
Feb 2019 · 238
Izzy Feb 2019
I spill my guts onto the page


Jan 2019 · 255
Izzy Jan 2019
Crack the wall
Crack my skin
To hide the cracked state I’m in
Keep falling into pieces
Keep telling myself I’m lying
You can see my tear stained face
Of course I’m ******* lying
I cannot cope
I cannot cope
Why can’t I ******* cope?
Maybe I need an intervention
Maybe it’s beyond my comprehension
But the smug look
Of my own mind
Likes to remind
Death is kind
Jan 2019 · 205
Sunshine & Gin
Izzy Jan 2019
I’m sitting out on the patio
Drinking a G & T
My heart swells and the sun is bright
And it’s shining down on me.

Sunflowers are blooming and I’ll pour just one more drink cause I’m addicted to the sunshine bubbling inside me with every sip

Gin and sunshine melts the world
My vision is blurred but improved
I’m fuzzy and warm and I feel a bit happy cause I’m numbing my senses from all of reality
Jan 2019 · 514
Izzy Jan 2019
I am such a failure I can't even write a poem.

I can't string my simple thoughts into coherent sentences



Jan 2019 · 318
Izzy Jan 2019
Maybe I'll find
                          my answers
                                                  at the bottom
                                                                           of this bottle
Jan 2019 · 647
A poem
Izzy Jan 2019
My poems are garbled thoughts moulded into a predictable structure

                                                          ­     what

does that mean my writing is worthy of praise?
Dec 2018 · 143
Izzy Dec 2018
It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year
but all that happiness pushes me deeper into the abyss of self-loathing
Dec 2018 · 601
Izzy Dec 2018
I post these poems for validation.
Likes and comments fuel my self worth
How pitiful that I'm exploiting my emotions
Just for a single like
Dec 2018 · 1.3k
Izzy Dec 2018
I’m creatively uninspired
and I’m socially deprived
I barely exist beyond my thoughts
and if I don’t exist within society
It is as if I’m already dead
Dec 2018 · 134
A writer
Izzy Dec 2018
Hollow abysses of anguish, lie deep within a poets eyes

Creativity is a result of torment
Poetry is beauty written by the miserable
Dec 2018 · 394
Izzy Dec 2018
Poetry is the purest form of introspection.
The examination of one’s conscience, thoughts and feelings can be so difficult
Look at my words and understand me
I am my words.
I am my sentences.
I am my poems.
Dec 2018 · 116
Izzy Dec 2018
**** I messed it up
                                  I mess everything up

I'm a ******* failure
Dec 2018 · 361
Izzy Dec 2018
I stare at my ceiling

waiting for my life to have meaning








Dec 2018 · 487
Izzy Dec 2018
I can’t sleep; I should take a pill for that
I can’t eat; I should take another pill
I hear voices; one more pill
I’m not happy; another pill
I’ve taken too many pills, I’m dying and I can’t take a pill for that
Dec 2018 · 96
Izzy Dec 2018
She wishes on the dandelions
She is a child at heart
But she wishes for her happiness
And that that happiness won’t depart
She cannot deal with sadness and the bruises and the pain so she wishes on the dandelions that those feelings will go away
But her wishes now are useless so her tears are now the norm and she wishes that her crying would end this thunderstorm.
The dandelions are dying and now so are her dreams
But she still wishes on the dandelions for the smiles she doesn’t beam
Dec 2018 · 167
Izzy Dec 2018
I'm living in a world of perpetual misery
My life is meaningless and so am I
Who cares if I deserve to live?
That doesn’t change that I want to die
The monotony is agonizing
Work and Sleep
Work and Sleep
Work and Sleep
Maybe my death would cause some change just a tiny rift
And away my soulless corpse would drift
Cause the monotony of life really makes me tear apart my wrist
Dec 2018 · 105
Symphony of silence
Izzy Dec 2018
Shadowy static cracks in my veins and the silence asphyxiates my conscious mind.

My words are futile and thus this is a silent soliloquy of somber anguish.

The silence reverberates off of the empty chambers of my mind, reminding myself of my own inadequacy.
Dec 2018 · 68
Izzy Dec 2018
Tired appears to be the default.
I'm sad but tired.
I'm mad but tired.
Even when people are happy they still appear to be tired...

Is our mere state of existing so exhausting?

— The End —