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M McCrea Aug 2020
We take
And we we take
And we take all your stuff
But never too much
We only take just enough

First your hope
Then your dreams
Then your joy
Then your trust

But don't worry too much

All that we take
We replace
With cheap substitutes
And ruin
And waste

And for everything else

Your depression
Your grief
Your loss of all hope
Your tainted beliefs
Your mistrust
Your inconsolable fear

We've got a pill for it all

In fact
Your first dose is right here
M McCrea Aug 2020
Walking seems
Seems like a good idea sometimes
Till your walking
and you see
And you see the edge and decide
Decide to fly

could be
Could be harder than you would like
If the airs too thick and stagnant
Stagnant air inside
The air's too thick here inside

So we're all gasping
And clinging
And sticking to one another
Not breathing
Not flying
We're all dying
We're all dying

Sometimes I think that I know
what your thinking
Sometimes I think that I know
what to say
Sometimes I pretend that Im not
so ******* lonely
Sometimes I pretend that I'm really ok

I'm not ok (I'm not ok)
I AM this way (I AM this way)
This way I'll stay (But it's okay)

Cuz we're all gasping
And clinging
And sticking to one another
Not breathing
We're all dying
And clinging
And sticking to one another
Not breathing
Not flying
Not flying
We're all dying
All dying

We are all
already dead
M McCrea May 2019
When dreams are more real than reality
I sleep the day away
But darkness still brings nightmares
So come nightfall
I depart my bed to play
McCrea 2019
M McCrea May 2019
A long time ago my Happiness was taken from me
They dragged it away kicking and screaming
They took it and they locked it up in solitary confinement
No trial
No jury
It was meant to be a life sentence
For a while I just accepted this
I told myself there was nothing I could do
Then one day I decided that was *******
This was my Happiness and I was getting it back
So I went to the place where it was imprisoned and searched
Eventually I found the dark and dank cell where they put my Happiness
With a little effort I was able to pick the lock
And finally let it free
I rushed in to greet my old friend
But to my dismay I discovered it had changed
My Happiness was locked up in total darkness
All alone
For so long…
It had become Insanity
M. McCrea Jr. 2019
M McCrea Feb 2019
All our lives they've been telling us
What's right
What's wrong
Stuck, in our heads like a song

They tell us to have faith
To shut up and just believe

But what the f--k is faith
And who the f--k are they

They try
Pushing us down unlit paths
Then punishing those who stray

But the great ones
Are those who challenge them
And walk another way

They tell us to have faith
To shut up and just believe

But why ask us for our faith
When they're lying through their teeth

Greatness is to walk away
When the demons in priests' clothing
Are begging us to stay
M. McCrea Jr. circa 1998-1999
I wrote this in my junior or senior year of High School
M McCrea Feb 2019
Keep saying you don't want it
I like when you lie
Keep saying you dont want it
I like when you cry

My little snowglobe
Love to shake you up
Then watch the chaos inside

Do you hate me yet
Yeah, it's better this way
You hate me, yet
You still let me stay

My little snowglobe
Does it hurt your ears
When I tap on the glass
Arguing in the car last night
My foot ******* the gas
Probably shouldn't drive so hard
When it's raining so fast

My little snowglobe
Did it hurt when you cracked

It hurt me too
It hurt me too
It hurt me too

I want you back
Written by; M. McCrea Jr. 2019
Domestic abuse kills.  #men.against.abuse
M McCrea Feb 2019
We crossed paths again today
But how I saw him seemed to change
I noticed the fine details
And wrote them on this page

He's wearing filthy rags
Of pure gold
His hair matted and clumped
Is beaded with pearls
His ***** unkept beard
Hides rubies in every curl

His face, covered in dirt
Is kind and aesthetic
His callused and scarred hands
Have never formed a fist
His body is thin but strong
His voice is kind and gentle

People part when he passes
They move far away
They ridicule and hiss and scorn
Disgusted faces that they all make
They talk in hushed whispers
As they point and stare
I can barely stand to see this
But he doesn't seem to care

Today I walked beside him
Just to feel his pain
But what I felt was peacefulness
That feeling was so strange
M. McCrea
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