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144 · Mar 2018
Note to self
LT Lethabo Mar 2018
I think life is a playground - I swear l'm swinging on mood swings
118 · Mar 2018
LT Lethabo Mar 2018
I love you in the darkest hours,
where my heart is pierced like voodoo dolls,

Under the spell of Eros - love is tantamount to the forbidden fruit,

But I can't help it when I wear the thoughts of you like a nightcap,

Thought you of turns my pillowcase into a dreamcatcher,
So when daylight breaks I won't remember you like a nightmare.
114 · Mar 2018
Forbidden Thoughts
LT Lethabo Mar 2018
What's keeping me tossing at night?
lately I've been thinking about that rope - thinking about lynching my thoughts on the same tree that  we got this knowledge from.

And they say that the apple didn't fall far from the tree - Well, I ate mine rotten, and its seed sprouts depressing thoughts, like -

"I wish I wasn't born" or "I was cushioned in the womb, only to find out that being born is a nightmare"

Still trapped inside my dad's body - but I wake up everyday hoping for a transition.
109 · Mar 2018
Scars (interlude)
LT Lethabo Mar 2018
My mind gropes for sanity -
but how can I be sane,
In a world where the weather is bipolar
108 · Mar 2018
Introverted Butterfly
LT Lethabo Mar 2018
Society - the caterpillar I ripped through in order to be an introverted butterfly, pollinating wallflowers
101 · Mar 2018
Whispers (scars II)
LT Lethabo Mar 2018
With a mind made out of Oujia boards,

depression became a medium to the whispers of premeditated suicides - they whispered - "take your life, engrave your skin and create a tombstone out of your body. Your grave will be honored with fresh flowers.."

"Well don't you know that this is death's romantic gesture?"

But I never befriended razor-blades, though I'm acquainted to feel how it feels to have my thoughts bleed -

And like an artwork I scarred down my incisions - and amputated these whispers like Van Gorgh's ear.
95 · Mar 2018
LT Lethabo Mar 2018
I'm well aware that there's too many fish in the sea but I don't fish on shallow water

— The End —