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Nov 2020 · 34
Image of you
Demicci Nov 2020
The more memories flows
The more fantasy becomes reality
Like a puzzle.
Sep 2020 · 59
Self Journey
Demicci Sep 2020
The tickles
thy name
thy life
it is all your game
It is you who play;
you who lose.

Let it go...
If it comes, then love is true.
if not, then love evolved.
Sep 2020 · 54
Thy God watch
Demicci Sep 2020
Life is a clock
Earths wobbles
and we change.

If Newton was right...
Then WE the universe wobbles
because everything is at its place.
The Creator is right.
Physics is more than numbers, it makes you wiser and smarter.
at the end, they all said there is Thy.
Sep 2020 · 37
Love is Heat
Demicci Sep 2020
Flames of energy
Selfless action
into a thief of life...

But scars...
They teach.
They create stories.
We never forget,
never do.

Just don't touch
Sometimes, it is better to let things go for sure. Let it become history.
Aug 2020 · 42
Demicci Aug 2020
If good is hated;
then evil isn't loved.

If the doors to sacrifices
are in vain.


the door for a third eye,
is not for you to use.
Jul 2020 · 58
Restarting the Loner
Demicci Jul 2020
If life is fearsome
Then leave it behind

The fear

The Inertia

The Love

Sometimes, let it start
Jul 2020 · 158
To much is to much
Demicci Jul 2020
Too much of Love; you become Greedy.
Too much of Greed; you become Envy.
Too much of Envy; you become Hate.
Too much of Hate; you become Angry.
Too much of Angry; you become Pride.
Too much of Pride; you become Ego.
Too much of Ego; you become Fear.
Too much of Fear; you become Hate.
Too much of Hate; you become Love.

Do not confuse, it is a wheel and we are spinning on it.
Jul 2020 · 552
Old Self
Demicci Jul 2020
Another year of stress
There is so much to tell
but nothing to prove.
The nightmare followed me
For another year...
I wish the next one
Will be better
But at the end
This is life.
Life will change for sure
Never give up
Time will define your path.
Draft (2017) Saved for me.
Life still better, Im free-ish.
Jul 2020 · 254
Demicci Jul 2020
Your mouth is your biggest sin.
But your brain is the biggest betrayer.

Listen to you soul.
Control your words and everything fall into pieces.
Jul 2020 · 62
Line 1.1.1
Demicci Jul 2020
I have gone far: Far from home; far from love.
Poet's journey
Jun 2020 · 164
The Roar
Demicci Jun 2020
As a Prime King of my World.
After suffering from, deceptions out of honestly.

I declared this aged; "the dead of a child"
when my treaties, become roses.

and my tone, with caliber of Lions.
Your soul will melt like waves on love.

and for I will be call "The Winged"
Jun 2020 · 78
Father of Life
Demicci Jun 2020
No man, shall suffer. Because we kept thing quiet. Some do not understand, that for us things has meaning, but we always seek the truth. Remember, "you are who I am, and who I am; is who they could be". Tomorrow, give yourself a prideful peaceful moment, and reflect of your surroundings; because we are always wrong; It does not tomorrow. Stay strong, and fight for those who cant. I know is hard to live in a world the demise us. HE will save us.

You create life, and no one else in this world can do it like us.
Your only problem my King; Is that there is a bigger King for every kingdom. You only need to respect and continue the manhood.

I was born from a path of Kings, with the name bestowed to me by luck; Abimael. Few fathers have my some of my admiration, but they have my respect.

Happy Fathers Day. Today, not tomorrow. We know.
Enjoy the God power given to you, but enjoy the gifts of life as well
Jun 2020 · 140
Brave Heart
Demicci Jun 2020
Thirsty is the soul
Heart is broken
Eternal gaze

I wonder if my integrity betrayed me.
I wonder if my inner gentleman,
has become silence to thy heart...

I've dreamed of her.
A Galactica pair of eyes.

There is no place for love
if your heart is not broken.
absent suffering;
Inevitable survive.

Sacrifice thy Heart.
Seeding Fear just to nurse it into love.
Jun 2020 · 61
Tree of Life has a Mise
Demicci Jun 2020
The moment I came to the land of free
the chain of the shackled sounded
the blood is a stain in the humidity
the sweat can be felt all over your skin

Remember, your weakness is your gun,
but the bullet comes from beyond.
Write it, cry it, sweat it but never greed
It is our sin,Β Β and if they know your roots,
They know your life.

Be wise and write; write the true
and enjoy the fruits of your honest life.
As a Veteran, I won't speak but I won't let. Because I consider that as Power. I don't greed it.
May 2020 · 118
The lesson to the Blind I
Demicci May 2020
See the tree of life, observe your branch
"Hard to discover whom thy me was"
and learn from roots to grow
pain has to be part of it
learn that suffering
just as illusion
But ceasing
Hard times need peace
and for peace, a poem.
May 2020 · 528
The Blind Man
Demicci May 2020
Ignorance is a blessing and a curse
It is a doll with no purpose
like a hollow, which is manipulated
by is own inner fears
My view of some.
Peace is energy and thy heart is the heat
Feb 2020 · 108
Scene of Dreams
Demicci Feb 2020
As lust to Dust.
I dust your "flor".
Through the smell for a naive,
the skin, call to thee.
For me, is the desire to love in deep.
Where roses become eccentric.
And your eyes my entity.
Hollow space fueled this one. Hope to meet her, one day.
Feb 2020 · 142
Endless Time
Demicci Feb 2020
Life is another simulation of reality.
It's undoubtedly a mask for deceivers.
but, with a half-moon smile.
The reality of us is to dust into time,
to just rift away through black matter.
With one message left.
But for life, it is just a switch.
Worry none. You will never receive that message.
As a Buddhist, I've learn to not care for things that won't give me time.
As a thinker, death us to ****** me, with fear. As you grow, time is the only thing, that matters for us all.
Jan 2020 · 479
Double Mask
Demicci Jan 2020
𝐈𝐭'𝐬 true that love is warm?
𝐎𝐫, maybe I should escape into lust?
𝐍𝐨𝐭 for me...
𝐈𝐭'𝐬 𝐚π₯π₯ π‹π¨π―πž.
π‹π¨π―πž will enlighten me, within time.
Enlighted into Love
Nov 2019 · 162
Whiting Beauty
Demicci Nov 2019
What is ugly
Will always be beautiful.
Same as the balance of life
Everything that goes "up".
Goes "down".
What is ugly isn’t ugly
The creator is fair
Like life itself
It’s all whiting self
As a purpose.
Find it and ignore
What for you
It’s not reality.
Sometimes cocoons just take time to grow and to soon become godly.
Oct 2019 · 218
Love's Partner
Demicci Oct 2019
If I would whisper you
I could melt your soul
The words that I can see
Are connected through feelings
And if we stare for to long
More of south than north
But, I will dream about you
Dress with full lust
As equal as we are
420 as flowers
Lets stalk about the sun, while we watch it under
a blanket.
Sep 2019 · 69
Life Soldier
Demicci Sep 2019
If love hurt.
Then, what is pain...
Pain it is just...
Another triggered memory
That remind us,
How vulnerable life COULD be.
But it's upon us, to forget pain.
Sep 2019 · 125
Inner Exchange
Demicci Sep 2019
From the sea my lungs
From the sun my skin
From the sky my soul
From flora my love
From fauna my brain
Love is the center of our lifes.
Aug 2019 · 421
True YinYang
Demicci Aug 2019
Do not over love others
because they will seek hate
When they seek hate...
they become one.
Keep it in balance. Secret of love.
May 2019 · 95
Not Giving Up
Demicci May 2019
I have walk without love for so long
I am sad and my chest hurt
I wanna cry but there are no shoulders to hold me
It is cold and silence
And when I talk
No one listens.
I'm hot, but I am only looking for love
And love is gone
If God see this, sorry.
But I cannot follow this path.
I'm exhausted
My heart is dying
I hate you for living me alone in this world.
But somehow, Nirvana awaits for me.
I'm currently fighting depression.
Love has scatter so much that it's hard to find it
And people like me. Can't live without love.
May 2019 · 101
Demicci May 2019
My love his own magnetic field
Once you touch this heart
It will be a forever ride.
Just meh. Smiley.
May 2019 · 136
I Love You Pt. 2
Demicci May 2019
It is a cold night
With much time
To see the star
But to stare at the brightest
The one imprinted into my soul
Then to just look into a mirror.
And "I love you".
Self-love. Can't love another if you don't love the mirror to see the soul.

For those lonely like me.
May 2019 · 329
Save Love
Demicci May 2019
Sometimes, it's hard to forget.
But the hardest
Is not to communicate.

- The Judas
May 2019 · 120
I Love You
Demicci May 2019
There is resonance
And a soft whispers...
Of forever and ever.
"I love you".
Always remember one I love you per day might increase the chance of staying forever. That is love.
May 2019 · 90
Ghost of Love
Demicci May 2019
Love is scary.
It tickles
Like that first kiss.
Where that first feelings light up.
Cuddle like two little pink snails.
Detach both souls into one.
Then enjoy life.
This poem is to those that forgot, that being hurt make you stronger.
May 2019 · 98
Demicci May 2019
Dear God,

I am sad and cold.
I'm a dying star,
Waiting for your mercy.
To let me regain.
Love again.
True Love Poetry
May 2019 · 285
Demicci May 2019

True love is my Adderall.

Self e x p l a I n.
May 2019 · 79
Demicci May 2019
Knock knock!
The world is mentally collapsing.
May 2019 · 183
The Cure
Demicci May 2019
Here I sit.
I battle a vicious ADHD.
One of those
You know
But there is one thing.
One thing that evolves me.
It feeds my soul and my existence
It goes by...
This one hit me in the feeling...
This Poem is my rage and love with ADHD.
May 2019 · 205
Me I
Demicci May 2019
My mind is a nightmare
A wish of wisdom is me
A poet by soul
A sailor on the full moon
An astronaut of your heart
May 2019 · 112
Peace after Chaos
Demicci May 2019
Let the bees due, its time for use to nurse nature. Why? Our lives depend on nature.
May 2019 · 115
Demicci May 2019
What is life without sorrow?
It's the path to greatness.
When it all fail, its that time
May 2019 · 96
Look Around
Demicci May 2019
The surrounding speak
My tears are chill
With sadness being true
And nightmare became true.
The world is sad and cold.
Reality check
May 2019 · 255
Yin & Yang
Demicci May 2019
Fear, Time
Love, Death
Physical, Mental
All the existence is connected
to one single center.
The Center of the biggest,
But the slightest
Compare to our lifeless.
Today you breathe and tomorrow,
you will just drift.
This is my short version of my life.
May 2019 · 110
Demicci May 2019
Light, light is warm
As the sun nurse us
But for light
It's all dark
Yes like time.
Every life must die
May 2019 · 417
Demicci May 2019
They said that darkness is cold
It is a world of nothing.
Everything that it touches
It becomes...
A new begin.
Fear is our biggest enemy, besides others. Fear interferes with love and time.
May 2019 · 52
Broken Cycle
Demicci May 2019
Fear to ***, love to time, life to reproduce.
May 2019 · 312
Demicci May 2019
There is beauty in light, but light itself is not as safe as sound. Sound gets into places that light cannot reach. The only light that will shine everywhere for you, it is your smiley.
Always smiley
May 2019 · 156
Love Impostor
Demicci May 2019
It is hard to understand ignorance when everything is clouded by beauty.
Ill keep this one.
May 2019 · 252
Demicci May 2019
The life point of view of a plant is simple. Find the source and embrace it.
Sometimes the answer is in front of you, just open your heart and see it.
May 2019 · 92
The True
Demicci May 2019
For the sun to shine,
there must be darkness.
But for darkness to exist,
there must be light. -TheJudas
An internal battle turn into poetry
Demicci Apr 2019
Two little plants around a distance close to each other. They are happy, they got all the space available and all the sun for them.

Time passes, and there is no significant event between them. Time pass. Now it's all about time.

Time decides to test them. Now it's up to time who will watch, and judge.

The plants have grown and now one grows wider and the other taller. While the wider try to cover the area close to the tall three. No energy is wasted.

The wider tree tries to get as close as possible but not to touch, at this point it is a race.

Time catch to reality. Now what it seems to be a war, it all ends up in a peaceful friendship, one hugging to each other until time decide to alter their lifes.
Sometimes, it's hard to not judge, its hard to see. But there us always time to correct what was hurt.
Apr 2019 · 48
Her eternal universe
Demicci Apr 2019
There is mystery in the human's eyes, and there was the universe under a disguise, just with hope to see through those, sparkling eyes.
I do not know or can't explain this one.
Jul 2018 · 571
Greedy Me
Demicci Jul 2018
To my future darling...
I know this world is very confused.
I know the mans that walks on it,
They are desire to destroy you.
But here I am...
Just waiting to create a moon for you and a bond to
create an eternal light for each other.
To help you sing and dream.
Eternally by my arms
Decide to retouch it.
Jul 2018 · 131
Demicci Jul 2018
I wish...
That your heart burn me.
Just a vampire on the daylight.
Where are you my Van Hellsing girl.
I am craving for this immortal death
Since you were born.
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