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Demicci Jan 1
At those moments
when your heart beat so hard
when the ilusion of crumbling
is the pain of love

The moment we open up
is the moment that we last
There is no other love
as this one.

We drink
We dance
We dive into us
Just to see
A brightful rainbow
Just because
together we both are amused
Of how good we are...
Sometimes thing arent perfect, but imperfection has the weight
Demicci Dec 2021
The Eden was the rise of the second God, but The Creator himself, always think wise...
But you got greedy again...
Poem of time for the poets and lovers
Demicci Dec 2021
If we love
We grow
After we blossom
Thy flower
Smell of freedom
And we shall
Pain is love
Demicci Oct 2021
Do not blame,
Do not judge,
Because whom we are
Comes from us.

Us the judge and the accuser
The only person whom
can blame us
Is Yahweh.
Be he does not,
He allow us to walk
And as we undergo a fall,
we understand,
We became one within self.

Once we learned, to walk
Now learn to talk
Then learn to act.
Love to not judge and to forget those whom catch your soul.
Demicci Oct 2021
Just as water, Yahweh created the vast space from it.
If love come with us, from the womb.
We cannot restrict it.

He make this space out from love.
All we have to do,
Allowing it to come in
with no limitation.
Be cause we are our own masters.
We are the imagine of Yahweh
as He expanded
the water from above and below...
It means that love is all around us.

As His breath; thy force of nature is love.
We are limited here; at the nursery.
We just need to listen.
From our own master...
the inner you...
Think of love with no restriction, and you shall feel it as breath.
Demicci Sep 2021
Just remember
that Karma...
She is the protector
As for just another of many
But she is...
Same cycle
Demicci Sep 2021
Eres un árbol
donde la poesía
se recita...
En un canto de amor
en donde el dolor es vapor
Por que en ti
Me encontrare ami
Solo por ti
te amare por mi existir
Altagracia <3
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