Giacomo Mar 28
This sins...
It guide me to eternal hell
It leads my to your life river.
Giacomo Feb 18
5 Years has passed since I last saw those eyes.
I am still strong and I know I sacrifice you
to served a nation that cannot handle this love.
I was a child once but now I have seen pain
and sorrow.
So that I can loved you.
Please read this.
And hopefully you will understand,
My feelings for you.
It lasted for five years
and I still want to make you the happiest.
Please understand that my heart doesn't lie.
My feelings for you are bigger then my own life existence.
There is no eyes that can carve in this heart again...
Except yours.
There is no voice that can't tickles this brain
Except yours.
I miss my moon, and I want to orbit around you again.
I want to bright because you bright
I want to let you know, that I will...
Forever love you.
Please read this, and understand that,
When you came back to me
I didn't want to take advantage of your weakness
Because I knew that you were stronger
And I waned that same strong character.
To love and live forever.
For this love, come back to this warm arms
That are getting colder, of waiting for you to realize
There will be no past since we only stopped time
So we can continue the next stage of life.
It has been five years and if you don't think
that I have been strong for you I will wait for an
Eternal time just for you.
Giacomo Jan 28
The eyes of devil
Once they catch me
I couldn't escape
once I saw through them
heaven felt
hell became paradise
and this heart
just became
Giacomo Dec 2017
I had a dream of true self
Swimming at the happiest river
With birds singing the most beautiful lullaby
They calm me by taking my humanity away
Then I saw her, a lady.
She smell better than rose
Her skin had this perfect touch
Her smiley was like hugging our perfect sun
Her hair, just like the Himalayas.
Yet I cannot see her eyes clearly
As for me the eyes are the only connection
To our past...
But she spoke to me and no sound came out
There she was...
I got closer, and I felt it.
Her soul told me...
I love you...
Giacomo Dec 2017
As a child there was no love
No true feelings
But everything expanded inside of me
Craving for love
I met my first love Maria
She give me a hug
and it started raining deep inside of me
My heart become soft
and always fill until the day she depart
Then I met Cindy that one love...
Then I became and adult
and made decision of sacrificial
And it took all those years
straight to hell.
Pain is real
Dreams are not
I only wish to recast my heart.
Giacomo Nov 2017
That dream of you
you said "I love you"
And I woke up
Reality was at peak
The love was in mate.
Thank you for that dream
I wish I can repeat it.
Giacomo Nov 2017
I am scare
Scared of you
Scared of the new beginning.
As well the end.
One day
I will be free from you.
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