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Demicci Nov 2020
The more memories flows
The more fantasy becomes reality
Like a puzzle.
Demicci Sep 2020
The tickles
thy name
thy life
it is all your game
It is you who play;
you who lose.

Let it go...
If it comes, then love is true.
if not, then love evolved.
Demicci Sep 2020
Life is a clock
Earths wobbles
and we change.

If Newton was right...
Then WE the universe wobbles
because everything is at its place.
The Creator is right.
Physics is more than numbers, it makes you wiser and smarter.
at the end, they all said there is Thy.
Demicci Sep 2020
Flames of energy
Selfless action
into a thief of life...

But scars...
They teach.
They create stories.
We never forget,
never do.

Just don't touch
Sometimes, it is better to let things go for sure. Let it become history.
Demicci Aug 2020
If good is hated;
then evil isn't loved.

If the doors to sacrifices
are in vain.


the door for a third eye,
is not for you to use.
Demicci Jul 2020
If life is fearsome
Then leave it behind

The fear

The Inertia

The Love

Sometimes, let it start
Demicci Jul 2020
Too much of Love; you become Greedy.
Too much of Greed; you become Envy.
Too much of Envy; you become Hate.
Too much of Hate; you become Angry.
Too much of Angry; you become Pride.
Too much of Pride; you become Ego.
Too much of Ego; you become Fear.
Too much of Fear; you become Hate.
Too much of Hate; you become Love.

Do not confuse, it is a wheel and we are spinning on it.
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