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There are songs inside my mind
They play within my dreams
As I sleep I hear their tune
Forget them once I wake

These songs I love
These songs seem real
But only in my mind

I dream of songs
That don't exist
I wish to make them real
I don't understand why people follow each other

but not take the time to actually like anything that person wrote

its as if we're playing a game of you're it, or maybe cat and mouse

and I'm confused about the rules and why we're playing
meaning no offense, just sharing my thoughts
All I want to do
Is worm my way into your heart
Treat your love like a cocoon
And Evolve into something new

I often feel so ****
As I crawl upon this earth
Wriggling from here to there
But end up going nowhere

With you though I feel warmth
Like the sun upon a tree
So I try to scale your heights
Hoping you might let me in

Let me crawl under your skin
And become my better self
I will be your butterfly
And you can be mine as well.
Time is running past you, like a tire rolling down a hill, life is flying by you, and you seem to smile still.
You’re getting old, look wore down, tired, maybe ill, you have aged, soon you may die, and yet you smile, still.

You’re going fast, and then it stops, and then begins again; you are reborn, but aren’t the same, and yet you smile, still.
It goes on and on, and never stops, you’re old and then, you’re young; you’re here, you’re there, you’re not yourself, and yet you smile, still.

You seem happy, but how could that be, when you’re wasting away, I do not understand, how can you even smile, still? Suddenly you stop, and look, directly towards me, your smile’s finally disappeared, now you look sad, instead.

It’s at this time I realize, it was something that I did, I hurt you so, I take it back, and we smile together. Our lives all may be difficult, our lives all may be bad, our lives may come and go, but life’s way too short to be sad.
From the really Old Stock
I always trust the wrong person
With remnants of my heart
Giving away parts of me
They think they want
But reality is messy
Fantasies write better on paper
And fights are only romantic in movies
I am an **** crier
A malicious fighter
An incredibly complicated version of normal
I whisper to myself to make me feel special
Life is nothing like they will tell you
Because it's incomparable to anyone else's
I don't know where I belong
I have seen many a place
But home is a concept to me, estranged
I am young but sometimes the world
Makes me feel so old, soul heavy
I wish I knew
How to turn anxious thoughts into
Precious gold for I would surely
Be the richest of them all
Melochany moods sipping ice coffee
In my underwear tapping along
To my favorite album
I find solitude in music
I find peace in unexpected places
But stray from comfort found in strangers
Help me, is all I know to ask
But when offered I refuse
I am the biggst burden of all, to myself
Sometimes I wonder
Why it is we all write
When we think no one cares
Cause no one does care

We write what we're feeling
We write how we've felt
We write all our dreams down
Why write these things down?

I catch myself thinking
That there's just no point
I question my reasons
Perhaps there's no reason

Poets and writers
Dreamers and foals
We all seem so lonely
Why are we so lonely?

Often times I do wonder
What's the reason we write?
When it seems no one cares
I wonder if no one cares?
Empty halls and curtains drawn
Nothing living, quiet, cold

Doors are locked
Without their keys
Statues crumbled
Walls destroyed

Chambers empty as a tomb
All is silent as the grave

Beds still made
Floors still clean
Larder stocked
With no one left

This was once a castle
Now its nothing, now its dead

So who still roams these halls?
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