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Moss Jun 23
Growing up in this home isn't all it seems to be
Seeing others praise my mom even when she's mean to me
Finding joy in simple things like socks or earrings
Before finding joy in a group of queens and kings
I may not be the perfect daughter or average kid
But I am being who I want to just like my cousins did
I am a strong man, an amazing boyfriend, a lovely son
And if you don't agree with that then you and I are done
I'm not a daughter not a girl
not a sister not a pearl
I'm a boy good and true
And if you don't believe that I don't believe you
Moss May 5
fly away
fly away and hope for brighter days
fly away and hope that those who scorn you will listen to what you have to say
because you're words have power and you deserve better than what they've given you
maybe if you fly away they'll give you a second chance
and maybe you'd have found romance
if they hadn't made you
fly away
fly away
fly away
I wrote this poem anonymously at 12:30 midnight and I was kinda proud
Moss Mar 7
I don't know how to say just how I feel
He does that to me
Takes the words out of my mouth
Makes me feel complete again
They dashed me against the rocks
He saw the good and picked up the pieces
Put them back together
The pieces that were lost he replaced
He tells me he loves me
He'll wait for me
And this time I believe those words
I know he means it when he says that I am perfect
It's not always easy to believe
But deep down I know
Its the truth and that one day he will hold me jn his arms
Tell me how much he loves me
And I will feel safe
I love him so much ^^
Moss Jan 18
He's the kind of boy I want to write a song about
The one who drifts through my every thought
The one I can't sleep without
He's the kind of boy I always sought
In every dream and every place
I looked for one like him
I searched in the stars, in outer space
He lifted me up through it to see and I could sing a hymn
I love this boy unlike any other
Unlike my father. mother, or my brother
One day I'll marry this boy
Put a ring on his hand
Make it a life we'll both enjoy
And it will be so grand
With this boy I want to write a song about
We won't be sad, no we won't pout
I promise that to the boy I love
I promise this and all of the above
To that boy so lives so far away
But one day won't and then we will play
A song that is so loud and sappy
About this boy who makes me happy
I love him so much yall
So much ;-;
Moss Nov 2020
February gone
March comes
Stay inside
Masks washing clean away
The months quickly flash
A job
All still inside
Masks masks masks
Clean, away
Death so much death not just from this pestilence
From other things
Still waiting
Will the waiting
Ever end?
Moss Mar 2020
You tell me his name
You've told me the things he's done
You've been scared
You've cried
He scares you
And I want to take that pain away
But he lives so far away
And I'm all the way over here
What can I do?
I want to help
But I am weak
And small
And there isn't really much I can do
Is there?
Moss Feb 2020
What the ****?
This was inspired by my friend Sawyer's poem, ****
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