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Once I dreamt of a cool night.
The stars bright,
the forest lit,
as if by millions of fairies.

Then, all at once,
wolves flooded the forest,
eating the fairies,
and the stars turned blood red.
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
The beating continues,
hearts and drums become one,
one by one,
the hearts cease,
yet the beating still goes on.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
You said you’d listen,
But I have words better unsaid,
You said you’d save me,
But I’m better off dead.
Avery Nightshade Aug 2018
Dark as the night,
and eyes that can ****,
bright as the day,
but cutting like ice,
a lift of the lips,
and ice in her drink,
she sits at the head,
with her sapphire dress,
Heels like icicles,
sharp and deadly.

The glint in his eyes,
and the ****** in his laugh,
unknown, but sharp,
like a snowman that has learnt to laugh,
as pure as a diamond,
without physical imperfections,
smooth as glass,
and just as jagged.

It’s the sky when it snows,
the water in the lake,
when all else has gone away,
The colour of his fingers,
frozen in the cold,
and the promise of spring,
hidden under the coat of snow,
Along with his body,
frozen in the lake,
hidden under the sheets of ice.
This the colour of winter,
trickery and lies.

And the demon that hides in the eyes.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
The sky,
blue, a light blue.
As blue as a raindrop.
As blue as the reef,
As blue as the tears that spilled from my eyes.
He won’t notice.
He doesn’t know me,
not behind locked doors,
and closed windows.
The white of the sky,
seems to be the most pure thing.
But, it’s grey now.
A looming, smoky grey.
As grey as a shark,
as grey as a stone,
as grey as my soul.
Ignored, and ignoring.
After all, that’s when it rains,
down upon everyone below,
but not everyone is safe as it’s fury.
It’s kinda like me,
unleashing it’s rage on everyone,
except those smart enough to take cover.
I think it’s better to have a clear sky.
Pretending to be alright,
rather than show it.
Even the smallest things can have an impact,
on a brilliant blue sky.
It doesn’t show, until it turns grey.
Until it pours out,
Kinda like me.
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
A rainbow still lingers,
Concealed by a wall of black.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
Crimson blood,
Stains her fingers,
Her knife,
From the body,
Of an innocent man,

Crimson blood,
Drains from his body,
His life, pouring out,
From a man with family,
All for his is money,

Crimson blood,
Stains his shirt,
Here it pours from his wound,
Police sirens can be heard,
Right before he shuts his eyes,
Might be able to upload a few this week, but if you look in the bio, i’m gonna be at mums, which means I won’t be able to upload poems, sorry guys!
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
I can’t smile properly anymore,
My laugh is not as heartfelt,
My past mistakes,
Occupy my mind,
My maturity is laughable,
I was so immature,
But I didn’t realise,
I may as well,
Have lived under,
A rock
And often,
I wonder why,
                                                            ­                              I was so cut                      
                                                                ­                         off from the rest of      
                                                        ­                                 the world
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Born from light,
Destroyed by light.
Returned to the place they fled.
Avery Nightshade May 2018
“Smile” They say,
To the girl with no face.

“Dance” They say,
To the girl that can’t walk.

“Sing” They say,
To the girl with no voice.
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Don’t bother looking in my eyes,
They’re empty,
Just like my life
Avery Nightshade May 2018
From afar,
You see the stars,
Way up here,
You see the fear.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
Bye is the last thing I say to her,
I won’t see her for several weeks,
she’s basically my only friend

I guess we can message,
and talk still,
but it will be hard,

She’ll be far away,
but she’ll be in my heart I guess?
It gives me memories,

I won’t see her for ages,
It makes me see,
how valuable our friendship is.

I bet she’s having fun in the snow,
while I swelter in the heat,
She ditched me,

She chose a holiday,
over me,
But I can’t wait for her to get back,

She might have made some friends,
but if she chooses them over me,
several people will end up broken,

Especially if they upset my friend,
i’ve never seen her cry,
but i’ll support her no matter what.
My bff is on this huge trip in Europe and i’m stuck in Australi
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
Shadows lurk around every corner,
a bogeyman in each mind,
a tear escapes an old gloomy man,
A clown dances in the sewer.

Fear is the driver of many people.
It could be anything,
a scary drunkard, or clown,
or the old creepy lady next door.

You can’t always let fear be in control,
Take over the steering wheel,
mess up your life with overconfidence.
You see, we need fear to keep us reigned sometimes.

Fear, fear is in control,
it’s thick, black smoky tendrils pull us down,
wrapping around us, almost like chains,
Fear eats us up, some say butterfly’s fly in our stomach,
It’s fear, it always has been.
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Some of us,
Don’t know,
How to fly,
like the rest.
We are,
the abandoned,
the hopeless,
the ground-stuck
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
Salt tears,
Make up an ocean.
When the tears run dry,
The ocean will empty,
An overflow,
of collected tears floods out,
It washes everyone out,
Makes people keep their distance,
Except those that try to rescue you,
and others,
from the floodwaters.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
It’s eerie in the forest,
It calls me,
it always has,

Birds can be heard far off,
they know me,
I come whenever I can,

I think i’m going crazy,
it’s not like a forest can call someone,
can it?

Maybe it’s not the forest,
that calls me, it’s more of a pull,
guiding me to where I’m happy.

I speak for the trees,
I will defend the trees,
that make up the forest I call home,

I’m unwanted in my life,
the forest needs me,
and I need the forest.

The forest is my home,
I will not let anyone harm it.
It is a sanctuary,

Not just for me,
but a whole collage of creatures,
The forest will not fall.
Avery Nightshade May 2019
Here you stand.
Feet planted,
On the dead grass.
Sea breeze,
Whipping your hair.
Filling your nose with salt.
You sit,
Facing the ocean,
Deep, dark,
But a hand on your shoulder,
And you turn,
And there is the sun,
Sending the darkness deep down.
And you squint,
And you smile,
For the first time in a while.
As you lie on their lap,
As they stroke your hair,
And you feel safe,
Not alone,
For the first time,
In a long time.
Sorry I’ve been away for so long.
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
I am like glass,
I sparkle in moon and sun,
But when I shatter,
I cause pain to those around me
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
Bare feet,
Daisy chains,
Walk in the creek,
Sleep in the trees,
I am free
Avery Nightshade May 2018
At the end of the world,
nothing is dead or dying,
in fact it’s thriving,
the top of the food chain dead,
so the underlying predators can keep the balance,
at the end of the world,
it’s green,
and there’s a reason,
that Gaia has killed the humans.
Avery Nightshade Feb 2018
Chopping wood,
Moon rises,
Follow the breadcrumbs,
Follow them home.
Gone, the birds laugh.
Follow one,
Follow one to safety?
Gingerbread house, food.
Anyone home?
Old woman beckons,
Locked in cage,
Avery Nightshade Aug 2018
As bright as the sun,
as angelic as an angel,
Smile worth a million,
Her eyes the colour of honey,
warm and inviting,
Her dress,
The envy of all,
worth it’s looks.
A laugh as infectious as her smile.

His smile,
can light up someone’s life,
if all they did was see it,
His eyes following the shooting stars,
Sparkles light up his eyes,
and a bubble of laughter in his mouth,
As pure as an angel,
but as handsome as a devil,
and honey dripping from his words,
sticky sweet.

These are the ones,
that trap with sweet lies,
and an innocent smile,
hidden by a layer of brightness,
and eyes with a softness,
that reveals nothing of the darkness within,
They are the wolves in sheeps clothing,
Innocent, until they lung and drag you in,
they might seem great,
with the traits of stars,
and just as bright.

But remember that even the devil was once an angel.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
In his eyes
a sparkle shines brightly.
He doesn’t know,
He doesn’t know that I like him.

A joke on the tip of his tongue,
laughter always on his face,
trickier than Loki,
more worthy than Thor.

Would he find it funny,
If  I had said that he had said hi and shot,
an arrow to my heart,
and then one to my knee?

I don’t think he would like me anyway,
What would he do if I said that I liked him?
Would he laugh and walk away?
Or if he told me, would I believe him or think it’s a joke?

A funny boy like him?
Like a weird, crazy person like me?
I’ll have to find out...
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
                                         isn’t always a place,
It can be,
                 A friend,
                             A possession,
                                               A place of no shelter,
                                                                                  A heart of stone,
                                                                                              needs no home,
        merely a house,
                                              to exist in.
Avery Nightshade Nov 2019
Oh, Icarus,
How lucky are you,
Your wings,
Lifted you high,
Allowed you to escape,
But you flew to close to the sun.
Your wings which saved you,
Also caused your death.

I won’t make the same mistake.
Avery Nightshade Oct 2018
Killed her
By being led to this,
The demon inside,
Taking over,
I crush my enemies,
I grow strong and,
I hope I can save her,
Bring her back,
I can’t find her.
have lost her.
The demons left,
they’ve lost,
I’m all that’s left.
please notify me if a part needs fixing.
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
I tire of your words,
of your false promises,
of your pointless lectures,
I tire of your control,
of your paranoia,
of you saying you don’t have enough.
Avery Nightshade Jul 2018
Her name is Lady Disdain,
Her partner is the great Signior Montanto,
Equally matched in their skill of daggers,
Quicker than a horse,
Sharper than a double-edged sword,
They charge at each other,
And he falls,
Torn up,
By the dagger of words.
Based off Lady Beatrice and Signior Benedict from Much Ado About Nothing (which I had to read for school)
Avery Nightshade Jun 2018
My flag,
is not one of my country,
but of my family.
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
I laugh like I care,
I don’t hold back stares,
It’s rumoured that one,
Is enough to ****.

I say I don’t care,
While I laugh,
And when tears spill over.

I’d like to think,
That I’m invincible,
But, you’re not supposed,
To lie.

At least,
Not to yourself.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
Life and death,
Inextricably linked,
A circle of life,
A pyramid of survival,
A cycle forever in action.
Life, death, forever intertwined
A circle unbreaking,
Dead, stay dead,
Lives wasted.
A circle unchanging,
A circle forever cycling.
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Quiet impeded by the sound of chatter,
Peace invaded by the nonbeliever,
Creativity lost in the words of education.
So lucky are we, the ones who are “free”
Avery Nightshade Jan 2019
Drawn in,
like a moth to the light,
deep, murky pools for eyes,
teeth sharp, in a permanent grin,
delicate movements, pulling her prey in,
revealing her true face,
just before she tears them apart.
Based off Anglerfish i guess?
Avery Nightshade Jan 2018
Music isn’t just a sound,
It’s your life,
strung out,
In a beautiful song,
A melody of ups and downs,
a beat of your heart
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
Mirage’s show,
what we want,
I see black,
I see a forest,
I see snow,
I see a cabin,
I see a creek.

I see a mirage.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
In a moment of peace,
I glance at the black, night sky and crash,
a sobbing mess on the still ground.
why can’t he be mine?

He stands, facing away.
I blush as he glances at me.
Is it too much to ask,
that he likes me too?

My eyes twinkle as I think of him,
I sit in silence
scribbling poems, scribbling songs,
scribbling he won’t ever be mine.

He is my balloon, he is my kite.
He makes me soar,
shame he doesn’t even notice,
Notice that I like him.

I see him kiss a girl,
My world shatters.
My eyes blur.
And I wipe my face.

A look around, and I see a boy with a blushing face.
I will never know what happens in his brain.
I go up to him. Don’t make the same mistakes.
I whisper, don’t make my mistakes.
BTW this was my entry piece for Hello Poetry
Avery Nightshade Jan 2018
Monsters aren’t fictional,
You find them in your mind,
Behind you.
All monsters are humans,
They come in different ways.
Thieves, bullies, murderers.
After all,
All monsters are humans.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
You hate when people see you cry,
You want to seem strong,
because you don’t need their pity,
but, at the same time, you want them to know your pain.

I understand, what do you think i’ve been doing all year?
You don’t know if it’s killing you,
or making you stronger.
Your falling, you don’t know what to do.

You liked him a lot, didn’t you?
he’ll never know what he missed.
You mightn’t be the prettiest one there,
but at least you have more heart than beauty.

You of all people should already know,
pretty words aren’t always true,
and true words aren’t always pretty.
You’re like me.

I think you’ve been strong long enough,
Let them see how hurt you are,
and then turn to stone
because you never needed them

You just wanted him by your side,
At your worst, cheering you up,
At your best, cheering you on,
And most importantly to catch you when you fall.

I guess there are somethings,
that cannot be,
Don’t try harder it’s not worth it,
If anything just become stone.

That way you can’t be broken anymore.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
Unseen and haunting,
Drawing people in.
The music reaches crescendo,
And then,
it stops,
and the audience is overwhelmed,
by the power of music,
Waiting to find how the story ends.
this is the last poem I’ll do for about 3 weeks
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Steady click of the typewriter,
Quiet hum of the fan,
Radio playing pop,
A plant in the corner.
Call me weird,
This is who I am
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
A life,
Of pain and sorrow,
A light,
As bright as the sun,
A river of tears and failures,
A sky,
Of freedom and adventure,
The two will never meet
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
The dust clears,
The rubble in view,
The lava settles,
The heat fades,
The choking smoke lifts,
The bodies curled.
This is what’s left of Pompeii
Avery Nightshade May 2018
All meetings start with a promise,
And end with a heartbreak.
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
Red Queens and White Queens,
Battle for the throne,
The lion and the unicorn,
Strong, fierce, feared,
Innocent, kind, loved,
A red rose and a white rose,
Same, but different,
Similar but diverse,
Queens battling for the throne,
A heroine against the feared Jabberwocky,
A rabbit and a hole,
A blue caterpillar,
Talking flowers,
The Vorpal sword,
A crown,
Alighting the head,
Of the Queen.
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
The clouds,
are gone,
yet still,
it rains.
Avery Nightshade Aug 2019
Cloudless night,
The wind wrapping around me,
And grass tickling my legs.
There are drops of water,
Hitting my face,
Hitting my glasses,
Obscuring my vision.
Motionless, I remain on the wet ground.
My own tears colliding,
With the raindrops,
Descending down my face.
The shower of rain becomes heavy.
I stand and dance,
Rain soaking my clothes,
And all I do is laugh,
Tears and raindrops mingling,
As I continue to spin to a non-existent song.
My sibs girlfriend was inspiration for this.
Avery Nightshade Aug 2018
The colour of her lips,
as dark as a rose,
As bright as her dress,
and her daggerlike heels,
The wine in the bottle,
that drips into her glass,
The colour of a sunset,
Bright and foreboding,
The flush of her cheeks,
still tipsy from her drink.

The flower,
pinned to his jacket,
The tie around his neck,
the colour of his hands,
clasping the ones of the girl beside him,
with the bright strawberry dress,
champagne glass in hand,
the liquid spilling over.

That night,
it was their blood,
that was shared,
the white become stained,
like the dagger from his hand,
the mark on his arm,
from the girl,
with the blood stained teeth,
and rabid look in her eye.

It was this night, that the death toll rang high.
Avery Nightshade Nov 2018
Skip among the stones in the creek,
Climb the trees around,
Reaching higher, further,
Rope pulling back.
Like a leash,
High fence, no gate, no escape.
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
Like a precious stone,
you admired me,
And then you decided to change me,
You found I was not to your liking,
and I was left in the dust
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