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Jul 24 · 20
Thrill Seeker
A white ghostly hand,
Limp on the dry land,
A syringe just of reach,
The body,
Half-submerged in a lake of red.
Sirens wail
And caution tapes put up.
Police stand about,
Muttering and theorising,
As the body is taken away.
The eyes of the ravens,
Keeping watch,
Return to their master.
And the masked person,
Watching from the other side,
Walks back into the forest,
Slowly being claimed by the shadows,
Knife still in hand.
Jul 21 · 73
A dream of blood
Once I dreamt of a cool night.
The stars bright,
the forest lit,
as if by millions of fairies.

Then, all at once,
wolves flooded the forest,
eating the fairies,
and the stars turned blood red.
Mar 23 · 902
Climbing, like a ****,
Spreading all over the world.
Covering everything in sight.
Hiding the light.
Indiscriminate and severe.

the politicians,
are slow to act,
Australia is suffering blow after blow.
The virus,
shouldn’t be taken lightly.
And my anxiety,
keeps rising.
I feel the choking vines,
as they wrap around me.
It tickles my throat,
and I feel sick to my feet.

I can’t think, can’t breathe.
The virus hasn’t touched me,
but the impacts surround me.
Normal life,
My whole life,
is a repetitive process.
But now,
libraries are closing,
cafés are closing.
And the feeling of wrongness,
Is swallowing me up.
I want to throw up.
I want to stay inside.
I don’t want to overreact but this feeling keeps growing,
faster than the weeds that I pull out around me.
I feel forgotten,
hidden from view,
beneath the weeds
and the vines.
Sick to my soul,
but not to my lungs.
I’m not usually very anxious, but at the moment I find it hard to concentrate, and I feel sick, but only internally.
Nov 2019 · 108
Avery Nightshade Nov 2019
Oh, Icarus,
How lucky are you,
Your wings,
Lifted you high,
Allowed you to escape,
But you flew to close to the sun.
Your wings which saved you,
Also caused your death.

I won’t make the same mistake.
Aug 2019 · 58
Rain falling on my face
Avery Nightshade Aug 2019
Cloudless night,
The wind wrapping around me,
And grass tickling my legs.
There are drops of water,
Hitting my face,
Hitting my glasses,
Obscuring my vision.
Motionless, I remain on the wet ground.
My own tears colliding,
With the raindrops,
Descending down my face.
The shower of rain becomes heavy.
I stand and dance,
Rain soaking my clothes,
And all I do is laugh,
Tears and raindrops mingling,
As I continue to spin to a non-existent song.
My sibs girlfriend was inspiration for this.
Avery Nightshade May 2019
Here you stand.
Feet planted,
On the dead grass.
Sea breeze,
Whipping your hair.
Filling your nose with salt.
You sit,
Facing the ocean,
Deep, dark,
But a hand on your shoulder,
And you turn,
And there is the sun,
Sending the darkness deep down.
And you squint,
And you smile,
For the first time in a while.
As you lie on their lap,
As they stroke your hair,
And you feel safe,
Not alone,
For the first time,
In a long time.
Sorry I’ve been away for so long.
Jan 2019 · 122
Avery Nightshade Jan 2019
Drawn in,
like a moth to the light,
deep, murky pools for eyes,
teeth sharp, in a permanent grin,
delicate movements, pulling her prey in,
revealing her true face,
just before she tears them apart.
Based off Anglerfish i guess?
Nov 2018 · 152
Avery Nightshade Nov 2018
Skip among the stones in the creek,
Climb the trees around,
Reaching higher, further,
Rope pulling back.
Like a leash,
High fence, no gate, no escape.
Nov 2018 · 116
We all fall down
Avery Nightshade Nov 2018
Ashes, Ashes,
Fire rising up,
The children are all burning,
and now they’re all burnt up,
their feet are scalding,
and their voices rasping,
as they dance, their dance,
of Death.
Kinda black plague theme.
Avery Nightshade Oct 2018
Killed her
By being led to this,
The demon inside,
Taking over,
I crush my enemies,
I grow strong and,
I hope I can save her,
Bring her back,
I can’t find her.
have lost her.
The demons left,
they’ve lost,
I’m all that’s left.
please notify me if a part needs fixing.
Oct 2018 · 182
Avery Nightshade Oct 2018
He sits, starring down,
A tear slips out,
From a crack in his swollen eye.
“You let your wife hit you? You’re such a wuss, I would’ve...”
He stands on the edge.
Close to falling.
“Sweetie, I’m so sorry,
It won’t happen again.”
She lied, and took their daughter.
He jumps, into the arms of water.
Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence.
Aug 2018 · 190
With me
Avery Nightshade Aug 2018
Put your hand in mine,
sing out of tune with me,
scream at the world,
laugh with tears in our eyes,
Aug 2018 · 79
Avery Nightshade Aug 2018
As bright as the sun,
as angelic as an angel,
Smile worth a million,
Her eyes the colour of honey,
warm and inviting,
Her dress,
The envy of all,
worth it’s looks.
A laugh as infectious as her smile.

His smile,
can light up someone’s life,
if all they did was see it,
His eyes following the shooting stars,
Sparkles light up his eyes,
and a bubble of laughter in his mouth,
As pure as an angel,
but as handsome as a devil,
and honey dripping from his words,
sticky sweet.

These are the ones,
that trap with sweet lies,
and an innocent smile,
hidden by a layer of brightness,
and eyes with a softness,
that reveals nothing of the darkness within,
They are the wolves in sheeps clothing,
Innocent, until they lung and drag you in,
they might seem great,
with the traits of stars,
and just as bright.

But remember that even the devil was once an angel.
Aug 2018 · 1.2k
Avery Nightshade Aug 2018
Dark as the night,
and eyes that can ****,
bright as the day,
but cutting like ice,
a lift of the lips,
and ice in her drink,
she sits at the head,
with her sapphire dress,
Heels like icicles,
sharp and deadly.

The glint in his eyes,
and the ****** in his laugh,
unknown, but sharp,
like a snowman that has learnt to laugh,
as pure as a diamond,
without physical imperfections,
smooth as glass,
and just as jagged.

It’s the sky when it snows,
the water in the lake,
when all else has gone away,
The colour of his fingers,
frozen in the cold,
and the promise of spring,
hidden under the coat of snow,
Along with his body,
frozen in the lake,
hidden under the sheets of ice.
This the colour of winter,
trickery and lies.

And the demon that hides in the eyes.
Aug 2018 · 558
Avery Nightshade Aug 2018
The colour of her lips,
as dark as a rose,
As bright as her dress,
and her daggerlike heels,
The wine in the bottle,
that drips into her glass,
The colour of a sunset,
Bright and foreboding,
The flush of her cheeks,
still tipsy from her drink.

The flower,
pinned to his jacket,
The tie around his neck,
the colour of his hands,
clasping the ones of the girl beside him,
with the bright strawberry dress,
champagne glass in hand,
the liquid spilling over.

That night,
it was their blood,
that was shared,
the white become stained,
like the dagger from his hand,
the mark on his arm,
from the girl,
with the blood stained teeth,
and rabid look in her eye.

It was this night, that the death toll rang high.
Aug 2018 · 1.7k
Avery Nightshade Aug 2018
Her eyes, saw the stars
Her hand, held the cards
Her mind, learnt the properties
Her mouth, spoke the words
Her feet, swept the ground
Her nose, smelt the incense
Her skin, the dim warmth of candles
She left the ground,
searching for stars,
and fell back to the flames,
eating her up.
Jul 2018 · 220
Lady Disdain
Avery Nightshade Jul 2018
Her name is Lady Disdain,
Her partner is the great Signior Montanto,
Equally matched in their skill of daggers,
Quicker than a horse,
Sharper than a double-edged sword,
They charge at each other,
And he falls,
Torn up,
By the dagger of words.
Based off Lady Beatrice and Signior Benedict from Much Ado About Nothing (which I had to read for school)
Jun 2018 · 67
Avery Nightshade Jun 2018
Static is the only noise I hear,
It occupies the background.
I spin, trying to find its source,
before falling back down,
looking at what I’ve done,
to find the source in my hands,
I follow the strings, red, or blue and wet,
strong, and long.
Leading to a gaping hole,
The source pulses,
loud and constant.
badump badump badump
It’s beating slows.
Ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump
And stops.
The static fades,
and I collapse.

My heart still in my red stained hands.
Jun 2018 · 84
The Passing Of Time
Avery Nightshade Jun 2018
We are snowflakes,
we are stars,
we fade with time,
and are born anew.
Jun 2018 · 108
Avery Nightshade Jun 2018
My flag,
is not one of my country,
but of my family.
May 2018 · 70
Avery Nightshade May 2018
“Smile” They say,
To the girl with no face.

“Dance” They say,
To the girl that can’t walk.

“Sing” They say,
To the girl with no voice.
May 2018 · 63
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Born from light,
Destroyed by light.
Returned to the place they fled.
May 2018 · 77
Wonderful World
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Such a wonderful world,
where people are killed everyday,
where school shootings aren’t important enough,
where people are discriminated for the colour of their skin,
or who they love.

Such a wonderful world, where everyone is equal.
May 2018 · 67
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Don’t bother looking in my eyes,
They’re empty,
Just like my life
May 2018 · 75
Avery Nightshade May 2018
From afar,
You see the stars,
Way up here,
You see the fear.
May 2018 · 71
Southern Cross
Avery Nightshade May 2018
It’s a dark night,
Black, and inky blue,
The stars are constellations,
That lead me home,
Looking at the sky,
I see the Southern Cross,
Hanging in the sky,
I trace it downwards,
Pointing to the south,
To sail back,
To the place that’s my home,
May 2018 · 61
Avery Nightshade May 2018
We are forever counting,
the years, weeks, days, hours, minutes,
until school ends, university, work, life.
May 2018 · 68
Promises and Heartbreaks
Avery Nightshade May 2018
All meetings start with a promise,
And end with a heartbreak.
May 2018 · 355
Old Fashioned
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Steady click of the typewriter,
Quiet hum of the fan,
Radio playing pop,
A plant in the corner.
Call me weird,
This is who I am
May 2018 · 74
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Some of us,
Don’t know,
How to fly,
like the rest.
We are,
the abandoned,
the hopeless,
the ground-stuck
May 2018 · 74
Lost in Society
Avery Nightshade May 2018
Quiet impeded by the sound of chatter,
Peace invaded by the nonbeliever,
Creativity lost in the words of education.
So lucky are we, the ones who are “free”
May 2018 · 74
Avery Nightshade May 2018
At the end of the world,
nothing is dead or dying,
in fact it’s thriving,
the top of the food chain dead,
so the underlying predators can keep the balance,
at the end of the world,
it’s green,
and there’s a reason,
that Gaia has killed the humans.
May 2018 · 161
To the extent of power
Avery Nightshade May 2018
To be the person we could be,
we must die before we live
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
I am like glass,
I sparkle in moon and sun,
But when I shatter,
I cause pain to those around me
Apr 2018 · 51
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
We are the ones that remain,
who are once again left,
to raise the flag
Apr 2018 · 55
Anzac Day
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
The beating continues,
hearts and drums become one,
one by one,
the hearts cease,
yet the beating still goes on.
Apr 2018 · 71
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
A rainbow still lingers,
Concealed by a wall of black.
Apr 2018 · 89
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
Like a precious stone,
you admired me,
And then you decided to change me,
You found I was not to your liking,
and I was left in the dust
Apr 2018 · 80
Lie like I care
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
I laugh like I care,
I don’t hold back stares,
It’s rumoured that one,
Is enough to ****.

I say I don’t care,
While I laugh,
And when tears spill over.

I’d like to think,
That I’m invincible,
But, you’re not supposed,
To lie.

At least,
Not to yourself.
Apr 2018 · 87
Cut off
Avery Nightshade Apr 2018
I can’t smile properly anymore,
My laugh is not as heartfelt,
My past mistakes,
Occupy my mind,
My maturity is laughable,
I was so immature,
But I didn’t realise,
I may as well,
Have lived under,
A rock
And often,
I wonder why,
                                                            ­                              I was so cut                      
                                                                ­                         off from the rest of      
                                                        ­                                 the world
Mar 2018 · 65
I’ve Had Enough
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
I tire of your words,
of your false promises,
of your pointless lectures,
I tire of your control,
of your paranoia,
of you saying you don’t have enough.
Mar 2018 · 1.1k
Why do they draw lines?
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
Everyone can cry,
Everyone can lie,
Everyone can be what they want,
When they want.
Why do people draw lines,
Why can’t the lines by blurred?
Why can’t boys like pink?
Why can’t girls have tattoos?
Why do girls have to like boys,
and boys like girls?
Is there something wrong with this?
About boys wanting to be girls,
and girls boys?
Because they were born in the wrong body?
Why must people draw lines?
For other people?
Mar 2018 · 76
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
My words could not be spoken,
they lived inside my head.
My freedom out of reach,
To see but not touch.
My voice was near silent,
not voicing the imagination in my head.
Mar 2018 · 73
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
A heart of stone,
needs no home,
merely a house,
to exist in.
Part of one of my other poems but i really like it so i’m putting it out as another poem.
Mar 2018 · 113
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
                                         isn’t always a place,
It can be,
                 A friend,
                             A possession,
                                               A place of no shelter,
                                                                                  A heart of stone,
                                                                                              needs no home,
        merely a house,
                                              to exist in.
Mar 2018 · 663
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
The clouds,
are gone,
yet still,
it rains.
Mar 2018 · 120
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
Mirage’s show,
what we want,
I see black,
I see a forest,
I see snow,
I see a cabin,
I see a creek.

I see a mirage.
Mar 2018 · 222
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
Bare feet,
Daisy chains,
Walk in the creek,
Sleep in the trees,
I am free
Mar 2018 · 115
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
A life,
Of pain and sorrow,
A light,
As bright as the sun,
A river of tears and failures,
A sky,
Of freedom and adventure,
The two will never meet
Mar 2018 · 76
Avery Nightshade Mar 2018
The dust clears,
The rubble in view,
The lava settles,
The heat fades,
The choking smoke lifts,
The bodies curled.
This is what’s left of Pompeii
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