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Avery Nightshade Jan 2019
Drawn in,
like a moth to the light,
deep, murky pools for eyes,
teeth sharp, in a permanent grin,
delicate movements, pulling her prey in,
revealing her true face,
just before she tears them apart.
Based off Anglerfish i guess?
Avery Nightshade Nov 2018
Skip among the stones in the creek,
Climb the trees around,
Reaching higher, further,
Rope pulling back.
Like a leash,
High fence, no gate, no escape.
Avery Nightshade Nov 2018
Ashes, Ashes,
Fire rising up,
The children are all burning,
and now they’re all burnt up,
their feet are scalding,
and their voices rasping,
as they dance, their dance,
of Death.
Kinda black plague theme.
Avery Nightshade Oct 2018
Killed her
By being led to this,
The demon inside,
Taking over,
I crush my enemies,
I grow strong and,
I hope I can save her,
Bring her back,
I can’t find her.
have lost her.
The demons left,
they’ve lost,
I’m all that’s left.
please notify me if a part needs fixing.
Avery Nightshade Oct 2018
He sits, starring down,
A tear slips out,
From a crack in his swollen eye.
“You let your wife hit you? You’re such a wuss, I would’ve...”
He stands on the edge.
Close to falling.
“Sweetie, I’m so sorry,
It won’t happen again.”
She lied, and took their daughter.
He jumps, into the arms of water.
Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence.
Avery Nightshade Aug 2018
Put your hand in mine,
sing out of tune with me,
scream at the world,
laugh with tears in our eyes,
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