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Mar 3 · 90
I want to Help you
Quinn Mar 3
You tell me his name
You've told me the things he's done
You've been scared
You've cried
He scares you
And I want to take that pain away
But he lives so far away
And I'm all the way over here
What can I do?
I want to help
But I am weak
And small
And there isn't really much I can do
Is there?
Feb 26 · 51
Quinn Feb 26
What the ****?
This was inspired by my friend Sawyer's poem, ****
Feb 10 · 76
Falling in Reverse
Quinn Feb 10
I’m falling for you
And denying that
I still keep obsessing
Smiling at you
Despite that I constantly am
a state of discomfort
You seem to ease me into
A state of love and happiness
And I will fall out of
sadness I feel
I want to save you from the
Chaos in my heart
You are a bundle of
Until you read it in reverse
Feb 6 · 119
Life is...
Quinn Feb 6
Life is a candle
It burns bright with life,
Giving light to others
Spreading heat around
People try to blow it out,
But it still stays
Until that one breeze comes,
And blows out my light,
Making me sizzle
Leaving only smell as memory
Blown out and forgotten
Jan 30 · 197
Sadness (Top to Bottom)
Quinn Jan 30
I hate the person in the mirror
so you'll never hear me say that
I'm good enough
I know in my heart that
the number on the scale defines my worth
and that
being thin will make me happy
I refuse to believe that
There is hope
I'm ashamed of my body
No longer can I say that
I am worth fighting for

Happiness (Bottom to Top)
Jan 20 · 89
Drip Drop
Quinn Jan 20
"I love you"
I say, one last time
Making sure you hear that from me one last time
Right before I take the blade
I press down
Till the red flows
Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop
Decorating the floor in a fancy pattern
One only made in this special way
And one I hope will end it all
Jan 4 · 66
I'm So Sorry
Quinn Jan 4
I'm so sorry I said those words
I'm so sorry I did those things
If I leave you'll be hurt
but only for a little while
you'll be okay
I want to just tear out my heart
Stop the feelings
Stop the hurt
Make it so we feel alright
and go back to the way things were
This could be to two people... I'm sorry
Jan 2 · 55
One More
Quinn Jan 2
If I had just one more day
I would take you around
Show you all of your favorite things
Tell you just how much I loved you
But it's too late
I'll never get just one more day
One more smile
One more laugh
One more kiss
Just one more
I miss you every single day.. We'll meet again one day.
Nov 2019 · 167
Figuring it out
Quinn Nov 2019
The day I realized
That was a happy day
I finally felt free
Finally felt like me
I figured it out
But now I doubt
Cause I feel bad
And I feel sad
Aug 2019 · 208
I had to go
Quinn Aug 2019
I'm sorry I had to go
I didn't want to but I had to go
I don't know if I'll return, but I had to go
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, But I had to go
Will you forgive because I had to go?
Quinn Aug 2019
My life may be over
But yours doesn't have to be
Just cause I feel like a waste
Doesn't mean you need to leave
Stay here and make others happy
I'll see you again some day
Jul 2019 · 58
Quinn Jul 2019
Those words echo through my head again
Like an endless refrain
The bad ones that I keep locked away
Never to see the light of day
They always say to tell someone about them
But I once tried to tell some
No one listened to me
I can never be free
God, I'm so depressed right now
Jul 2019 · 90
Quinn Jul 2019
I woke up again
In that cold sweat
I told myself it'd get better
But it never does
I forever wake up with these thoughts
Looming there
That make me want to do something
To just take it all away
Let the thoughts just slip away with me
And never have to think about it again
Jul 2019 · 130
Quinn Jul 2019
I close my eyes, trying to sleep
Trying to get rest cause I know
I know I need it
But then, as I do
They start creeping in
Till I'm surrounded on all sides
They devour me
Piece by piece
Till I'm nothing
Nothing more than a memory
And shouting in the void
I try again
And again
I tell them
I'm fine
Yeah, I'm sleeping well, just tired from life
But it's really them, creeping
forever closer
Jul 2019 · 59
The places
Quinn Jul 2019
Tears, crying, a gentle shriek
Trails of blood running down her cheeks
Wants to get away from the abuse
Tried to run but she feels used
Left that place to go to a better
But that one was worse than the other
She tries and tries but fails
To get out of the places of nails
Falling, always falling, never rising
Out of the places that cause bruising
Maybe one day she can
But she doubts that will happen
Cause those places have a tight hold
And she can't seem to feel anything, anything but cold
Jul 2019 · 120
Quinn Jul 2019
He didn't want to go
Cause it didn't feel like home
He didn't want to stay
Cause this place was safe
Or so he thought
Cause someone caught
Him in their heart
And made him loved
So he fled
One day to be wed
Jun 2019 · 53
Quinn Jun 2019
They make me smile on the days I don't feel like it
They make me happy when no one else can
They listen to me like nobody does
They make me feel like I am wanted
They love me
They're there for me
And for that, I love them too
Quinn Jun 2019
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you

But the roses are wilted
The violets are dead
The sugar bowl is empty
And my wrists are stained red
AND BEHOLD!! A thing
Jun 2019 · 110
Stay here
Quinn Jun 2019
Hello I say when he calls
He turns to me and says, goodbye
I cry because he doesn't want me
Does anyone?
Maybe not, but at least I can try
I'll stay here, when when I don't want to
I'll be a good little girl
Though I don't feel that way
I feel torn and broken
Sad and alone
But here I'll stay
To try to find the day
When I am free and loved
I dunno, but here
Apr 2019 · 261
About love
Quinn Apr 2019
I loved you too much
So I lost you too hard
Cause loving a touch
Couldn't bring me too far
So I loved you a bunch
But you didn't love my scars
So you left me fast
And I died inside but she made a patch
She might know who she is
She could see this
I don't care...
So, yeah, ummmm.... Take this, my sad rant
Mar 2019 · 194
Lul Gottem
Quinn Mar 2019




Read the first letter of every word
Mar 2019 · 63
Love is dead
Quinn Mar 2019


Mar 2019 · 82
Quinn Mar 2019
I did some things
To some people
I ruined them
But they deserved it
Did they
Did I do it because I was jealous
Or because I didn't know what else to do
I made them sad
I made them leave
Now they are gone
and I'm alone again
So again I'll say goodbye
and pack my stuff and go
Hope this life treats you well friends
It hasn't for me
Mar 2019 · 257
Quinn Mar 2019
She did it again last night
She picked it up
Dug it into her skin
Smiled as the blood ran
And the sink turned red
Bit her lip to keep from screaming
Thought about what would happen
If maybe
Just maybe
She had the courage to take it one step further
The drive it up her arm
Up her wrist
And let the pain and lonely feelings
Just drift away
She is me
Mar 2019 · 193
Quinn Mar 2019
I don't know how to say just how I feel
He does that to me
Takes the words out of my mouth
Makes me feel complete again
They dashed me against the rocks
He saw the good and picked up the pieces
Put them back together
The pieces that were lost he replaced
He tells me he loves me
He'll wait for me
But why
He'll find someone better
They always do
They always move on
But that's alright
Because for a few months at least
I have love, and I am loved
And for a few months I am complete
I know it won't last
But for now
For now I am free
And for now I am happy
I know I won't survive after it ends
But I can for now
For him
he left me, I was right. They always do
Mar 2019 · 76
Do we belong here?
Quinn Mar 2019
Sometimes I wonder: Do we even belong here?
And if we do why? For what purpose?
We destroy everything that is good
Full of life
So I wonder, do we?
Or are we just here by mistake?
I don't see how a world full of life
would require things full of destruction
A world of love
could have things full of hate
so really, Do we belong here?
Or should I just leave so it is one less thing to destroy everything?
Feb 2019 · 332
The Wolf
Quinn Feb 2019
She goes stalking in the night
Finding prey in her flight
Doesn't want to go but must
Who else can she trust?
Not her family, not her friends
"Trust no one" she says
Tortured soul
Along the way which she roams
She shall never ever fall
Head turned upward
She makes her call

— The End —