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Quinn Mar 3
You tell me his name
You've told me the things he's done
You've been scared
You've cried
He scares you
And I want to take that pain away
But he lives so far away
And I'm all the way over here
What can I do?
I want to help
But I am weak
And small
And there isn't really much I can do
Is there?
Quinn Feb 26
What the ****?
This was inspired by my friend Sawyer's poem, ****
Quinn Feb 10
I’m falling for you
And denying that
I still keep obsessing
Smiling at you
Despite that I constantly am
a state of discomfort
You seem to ease me into
A state of love and happiness
And I will fall out of
sadness I feel
I want to save you from the
Chaos in my heart
You are a bundle of
Until you read it in reverse
Quinn Feb 6
Life is a candle
It burns bright with life,
Giving light to others
Spreading heat around
People try to blow it out,
But it still stays
Until that one breeze comes,
And blows out my light,
Making me sizzle
Leaving only smell as memory
Blown out and forgotten
Quinn Jan 30
I hate the person in the mirror
so you'll never hear me say that
I'm good enough
I know in my heart that
the number on the scale defines my worth
and that
being thin will make me happy
I refuse to believe that
There is hope
I'm ashamed of my body
No longer can I say that
I am worth fighting for

Happiness (Bottom to Top)
Quinn Jan 4
I'm so sorry I said those words
I'm so sorry I did those things
If I leave you'll be hurt
but only for a little while
you'll be okay
I want to just tear out my heart
Stop the feelings
Stop the hurt
Make it so we feel alright
and go back to the way things were
This could be to two people... I'm sorry
Quinn Jan 2
If I had just one more day
I would take you around
Show you all of your favorite things
Tell you just how much I loved you
But it's too late
I'll never get just one more day
One more smile
One more laugh
One more kiss
Just one more
I miss you every single day.. We'll meet again one day.
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