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Jennifer West Jul 21
Please do insult me
To the best of your ability
For I can promise you that
To me your words are empty

Please do gawp
Everytime I walk past
I can assure you that
My style is one to last

Please do make an enemy
Out of me if you will
For I've been looking for
Someone to give me a thrill.
Jennifer West Jul 20
You may shove me
But I will still stand
You may call me weak
But I will still stand
You may say I'm a little girl
But I will stand tall
You may tell me I can't
But I will
Jennifer West May 23
Thank you for showing me
How to finally be free
For I know now
We were never a forever

Thank you for the lies
And for cutting ties
For I now know
How little I meant

Thank you for running far
You didn't deserve my heart
For I now know
I deserve better
Jennifer West Apr 20
Please leave me be
For I know that I'll never be enough
For what you seek

Don't use those shining eyes
To look at me or lure me in
For I can see straight through those lies

You burned me once
And I know that's once enough
I do not want your touch

I know love is not
What you want from me
So stop sinking your teeth

Please leave me be
For I can do better
Than a beast
I wish I could be
The best thing for us
But you and I know
I'm just a curse

When love touches me
It turns to dust
And hatred burns
With every touch

Tears turn to ash
Whilst pain fights inside
The soul strives to escape
And you sink in lies

Sorrow burrows itself
Into my smiles
Spreading its wings
Ready to devour
Jennifer West Mar 25
You held me tight
When it was twilight
Kissed away the tears and pain
To let the misery float away

Beneath the stars
You said to me
That our love
Could never be

Hands entwined
Not enough time
And then you left
For the repear knows theft

May your soul travel
Through the night and day
And know that in my heart
You will always stay
Jennifer West Mar 23
Tell me I'm not going crazy
Tell me I'm not going mad
When I see a sadistic smile
Through those poisen eyes

Please tell me I'm wrong
Because I don't want to believe
All there is to you
Is nothing but lies

Don't dry my tears
And go to kiss me goodnight
I can't
Give this goodbye
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