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You held me tight
When it was twilight
Kissed away the tears and pain
To let the misery float away

Beneath the stars
You said to me
That our love
Could never be

Hands entwined
Not enough time
And then you left
For the repear knows theft

May your soul travel
Through the night and day
And know that in my heart
You will always stay
Tell me I'm not going crazy
Tell me I'm not going mad
When I see a sadistic smile
Through those poisen eyes

Please tell me I'm wrong
Because I don't want to believe
All there is to you
Is nothing but lies

Don't dry my tears
And go to kiss me goodnight
I can't
Give this goodbye
Thank you for burning me
With your senseless thoughts
For now I know
My own worth
Watch the blood
Pour down wrists
Turn and laugh
Because I know
I'm worthless

Steal my joy
Make misery
Seep and pour
Because I know
That's all I'm
Good for

Hold me down
Miss my cries
Put words to me
Because I know
I'm not worth
Anyone's time
Cut me open
Rip out my heart
To you that's all love is
A sick form of art

Dancing on tears
Laughing at cruelty
All I can offer your sick mind
Is such pity.

Needlessly toying
With girl after girl
Good for you
For getting a thrill.

Congratulations on your game
I saw right goodness in those eyes
But I was just another one
You managed to play
The days are long and dark.
Nights blur into one.
I need you more than ever.
Please just come.

Dusk and dawn alike.
Skylines as grey as a dreamless sleep.
I need you more than you know.
Please just come.

The world is falling.
Fading beneath my feet.
I need you so much right now.
Please just come.

My tired eyes can barely open.
I am lost more than you could imagine.
I need you.
Who knew how much
The heart would ache
For every day
That you are away

God only knows
The mess I've become
Without you
How can I carry on

Things are harder
Without your wisdom or guidance
And I feel so blind
Lost in hateful darkness
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