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Jackie Skidmore Aug 2020
There is some part of me
Which I have gnawed at
Chewed up and bit at
Enough to make you wonder
Whether to put the dying dog down
Or stomp out the raging fire’s last embers

Though I try, I can’t deny
What’s born is to beheld
Jackie Skidmore Mar 2018
Grace in Lace
She’s draped across
  seas of eyes
   and endless face.

I felt her fall
heart enflamed
consumed beast and
   lifeless streaks
clutch at her sides.

Let moments guide
like memories real-
  Give it up.
Let go until
you remember a time
Jackie Skidmore Sep 2017
i'm crammed in a spring-loaded seat
the strangers before me couldn't stand either
the itchy feeling and aching back
You'd think we wouldn't want to sit

but it's all we got.

when those roads become too familiar
or the walls too dull-

Why spend your quarters
when you're living from a seat?

So carefully and quietly they placed you
you can't even recall arriving, but the
the itch and the ache
isn't so bad; it's almost easy

Besides the run-time leaving us run-down
turning gray like the turning before us
eyes glassy from some unthinkable feeling, far away now, inside some slumped body

I perhaps knew it once
But that's all behind the screen now.
Jackie Skidmore Jun 2017
Why get up if you've got nothing to stand for?
Motion after motion only driven by small tasks
A mind clouded with indecision:

Should I ask more or...?

Keep diluting the solution with false notions
Stay hidden from true emotions

Dumbed down by a system designed to make you forget
Deconstructed drunkards I'm sure you have met
Downplaying the destruction with every dime that they get
And yet-

We return to our chains, to our chairs and our beds
And watch the river flow calmly.
Jackie Skidmore May 2017
This womb we create
Follows a pattern
Old as time
And human desire

Tarnish as we may
The fabric of existence remains
Stained but absolute
And the mark of beginning

Breathes on-
Jackie Skidmore Aug 2015
I wish there were more words in my mind
I have so little now and they're hard to find
Can't you undo the ties just by looking into my eyes
I'm not so cold and empty

Break the barriers binding us both

I wish I had a voice like liquid gold
I could sing to you and let my thoughts unfold
Can't you undo the ties just by looking into my eyes
I would speak to you gently
It has been too long
Jackie Skidmore Jun 2015
I can't sleep until I hear the birds.
To remind me that waking up is worth singing about.
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