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Thank you, good bye.

“The silent dark is comfort in the blinding of the light.”
the red glow of her cigarette.
the fingers of her left hand
yellow  with nicotine
clutching dying flowers

"buy a rose for your lover," she says,
"buy one for your wife. buy 2."

"the flowers are wilted."

"maybe it's your eyes that are wilted.

she had black hair
black as the night
the violent night
and gray eyes
the shade of ***** ice

"you must love
some of the time, no?
put a rose on
your father s grave, then"

"love is like lost pennies
falling from a broken jar"

she smooths her hair with one pale,
long, fingered hand, "you re crazy,"

"my mom says so."

i was born to
have adventure

I followed her up the steps

i was born to chase the night
through the forest
of dead roses
Breaking into bits and pieces
Parts and chunks
Flakes and mist
I am always missed

Every division
Requires description
But I am too far gone
To muster words you'll believe in

Auto pilot life
Wait until last minute
To act
To complete the puzzle

No intent
Didn't mean what I may have meant
Depending on your response
Smoke bomb! Disappear

There is only so much of me
To share
This angst so bitter and obelisk
Only time will shift

Bloodless stone
No moss every grows
As I can only stay still
When I'm gaming

I'm killing them all
With every day of absence
Which has altered to months
Which has evolved to years

The love, now coarse and abrasive
To touch, only to lose layers of skin
Which I have taken so long
To fit within

I'll apologise when I die
For becoming that guy in your life
Till I fade into flakes and mist
I am always missed.
a question

a risk
that's worth

like a drug

i know


your smile
is the reason
for mine

i wish to be
more than

i wish to
wake up
where you are

have you
seen you
if not

let me
tell you
that you're

in every
single way

 Oct 2021 A Dead Poet
A Memory
 Oct 2021 A Dead Poet
Its been a year since my character cracked
I locked away the pain
So I could keep myself sane
I remind myself that pain is temporary
But then the truth itches when I rub my scars in my heart.
I was there

here I am now

nothing has changed

no 'somehow'

but the heart's purity

to which I bow

love draws us closer

l'll never let you down
*. this is a true story. The couple's photo appeared in Linkedin. They are young.
She was very beautiful as shown in the photo before the accident. The young man is handsome. When we truly love, nothing will ever stand in our way. It's the whole person we love, not just his or her look.  I am deeply touched by their story and wish them every happiness.
...the meadow and the puddle
you wouldn't come out of

wild and simple joy

invisable to eyes, now...

I wander the meadow grass

the fields where the flowers glow
in early morning

the fields you
only dream of
where your soul is always free...

and you come running

spectral through the mist

I walk lonely fields
true knowledge so deep
we have to go forward slow
compassion and love
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