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Gyuwon Jun 19
the sun dims its lights, darkness settles;
the new blackened reality greets her visitors
everyone sheds their covers
their last grip on individuality

we are all the same inside
with a heart that beats like a metronome
tick tock, tick tock
every beat the same
echoing inside our hollow shell

**** it up and push it down
but why do we make a compromise
every scar has its meaning
but why do we continue a scarred life

cry, but never shed a single tear
scream, but never make a sound
just leave, dont return

why do we even try?
Gyuwon Jun 18
drenched in sweat
worn out, exhausted
tears fake sympathy
artificial feelings
trespass reality
reset simulation
savor all of the pain
the beating of your heart
now stop
living torture
living is a torture
Gyuwon Jun 10
Breathe slowly
Even when you feel pressure
Live with confidence
I know that you’ll make it
Endure the pain
Venture forward
Everyone is waiting for you

Inhale, then exhale
No need to rush

Young man, don’t give up on yourself
Open your eyes and look into the mirror
Unfinished, aren’t you?
Realize your potential
See the possibilities
Every day is a new opportunity
Leave behind the past
Future awaits you
Gyuwon May 23
Wind blows,
dusts your shoulders
Everyone can see the weight on your back
The hard times youve been through

Dream your dream
Shoot your shot
Get lost in your mind
Leave yourself alone

Stop time
Look up

Only beautiful people daydream
So make yourself beautiful
Gyuwon May 12
I radiate loneliness
And shine alone, brilliantly
I sightsee galaxies
And glare at stardust
Sometimes I turn off the lights
Dream through the bleak night

Forever I travel this endless horizon
Gyuwon Apr 27
Pull the skin off my bones
Only to find Im empty inside

No wonder tears echo inside me
Gyuwon Apr 27
weve been trained to have an algorithmic response to anything that occurs to us so that its politically correct and socially not awkward, we have been basically brainwashed to like what society decides it likes and they have a neat name for it: trend. You gotta like it or your social life will probably decline and end up in ruins, maybe not, but probably. Show an appropriate amount of empathy, too much or too little, youre all of a sudden this rude psychotic idiot. Dont try to fit me into a standard and assume that you can manipulate me into acting like everyone else, cos in fact, I am and I refuse to be like the others, we all have a right to be unique and different right? Diversity is key to a society, remember that.
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