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Xoe Mar 28
im leaving -- im tired of posting plus nobody likes my stuff anyways
Xoe Mar 28
I lay in the bath, the hot water running over my cold veins, I felt my life slowly drain. At the last minute I regretted it, but it was too late. As I took my dying breath I heard you scream my name. I really hope you don't miss me too much.
Xoe Mar 28
As I stood on the concrete in my puffy jacket and took in a deep breath of cold, hollowing winter air, I drove the knife through your heart. Only in my mind of course, in the real world I'm too scared to even leave the shower running too long.
Xoe Mar 21
I appreciate the time you all take to read my poetry
Xoe Mar 19
as I lie awake this hot spring night,
I promise your the last thing on my mind,
you used to wander into my dreams,
but now I can't find you in the shadows.

in my shadows you once took refuge,
underneath sheets you were like a spider,
I knew you were there, but I couldn't see,
couldn't see past the blackness.

but now, I have wished you away,
I have wished on 11:11 and on a shooting star,
my wishes were like prayers,
only they came 'round more often.

so now I lie awake on this hot spring night,
and I promise your the last thing on my mind,
you no longer wander into my dreams,
and you no longer hide in the shadows.
Xoe Mar 19
You know,
you remind me of a poem I can't remember,
and a song that may never have existed,
and a place I'm not sure I've ever been to.
I feel all funny inside,
I think I'm in love.
Xoe Mar 18
I haven't written lately,      
I feel like I'm going crazy,    
Is it normal to feel this,          
Like I should just call it quits,  
My brain just doesn't make sense,  
I always feel so ******* tense,    
I feel one way - or do I,      
Fly away - why - die - lie - hide,
I'm so so happy by day,
But by night my demons come play,
So since there is nothing better,
I'll write a ******* love letter.
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