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EastWind Jun 3
I fear you like how the sun cowers from the moon, and the moon from the sun.
only to confront each other once before turning away again.

Maybe their fear isn't fear.
It's the blinding look of the perfection that
the sun has on the moon,
The intimidating rays of the sun and so,
the moon shields behind the earth.

The earth,
Like arms to run into
but then again
It revolves the sun. Always.
Never the moon.

Why can't they just collide
The sun, the moon, the earth.

Make a giant explotion in the space and, think about the light it would make.
The rock against rock
and fire against land.

It would be filled with brightness that only the sun used to have.

And now all of them do.

But if they collide,
Then that would be too bad.
  May 2020 EastWind
Alexis Janelle
How can i stop?
To be too obessed,
This urging flames,
That keeps on coming back,
Against my throat,
Ended up nothing much to say,
When love starts at bravery,
But i'm cowardly afraid,
And i'm might die,
Not saying what i want to say,
But i hope you'd know...
EastWind May 2020
Remember how we rushed,
to play the middle
for three whole years

and ended it within a second
without even properly starting at all?
Don't rush.
EastWind May 2020
People always talk about love.

Some say it's about the smiles and the kisses,
Or the small talks on a cigarette break,
They said it's about how they hold your hand
and caress you cheek like you're the most fragile thing they were to hold.

Maybe it was the "U still up"
At 3:57 in the middle of the night.

Or the love letter with "Truly yours"
At the bottom of the paper.

Younger ones would say it's they way they look at you,
While an older relative of mine thought it was how they spent time with you.

I never knew anything about love
until I saw you,
I've never felt your kisses  or held your hand,
I didn't have your number nor shared a conversation with you,
But my heart felt everything it was supposed to feel like.

But heartbreak was also you.

After I felt your touch against my cold skin while we smoked cigarettes in that cold night,
After stayed up all night and carried our conversations from 1 'till 6 AM.

You made me feel love,

And heartbreak next.

Yet I'll continue loving you instead,
Even if you'll find someone else,
Until someone else gets to feel the love I never deserved.

Maybe this is love.
EastWind May 2020
Perhaps it's the loneliness I've felt since I was a kid
That makes me yearn for people to love me,
To listen to my stories even if they're boring and simple,
To know all my favorite things and what I don't like along with it,
I want to wake up seeing their face,
waking up to their smile and morning kisses while their body pressed against mine underneath the soft warm blanket,
Heated up by the sun blaring from the window.

I want to feel comfort.

Someone to help me pick myself up after I crumbled down in their arms the night before,
and they won't judge my ugly crying face as they wipe my tears away.
They'd hug me close and whisper sweet things to my ear and cracks up a joke,
Just to see me smile again.

But no one still does.
EastWind Apr 2020
I told you
That I'd be the person who'd help you,
The person who'll understand all your
Darkness that
eats you up every night.

I told you
That I'd wait for you let me in
because I also needed someone
to guide me away from all this.

You taught me so much more
Than understand
The world,

But now,
your words hurt me,
the words that used to be comforting,
and sweet.

And yet,
They can't make me go away.

Because I promised,
I'd stay,
I'd wait.

And I'm still here.
To a friend.
EastWind Mar 2020
Letting you go was the most painful,
most heartbreaking one
I've done.

But loving you
was the best decision
I've ever made.
For the person who used to love me back.
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