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Marla R Apr 6
Today marks the 4 year anniversary of my beautiful, energetic & magnificent girlfriend entering my life. She has been my best friend & darling sweetheart through thick & thin. The apple of my eye & the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I love her & she is my Queen 👑

As a way to mark the occasion, I’m dropping the link to my poetry book which has been a work in progress for me these past five years up until now. I wouldn’t have been able to be here right now if it weren’t for my gf as she has been my biggest supporter & fan 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩❤️😘🥰

Check my bio for the link & enjoy!
Marla R Nov 2021
how can you find yourself
if you've never been lost?
Marla R Nov 2021
Polyrhythms & sunny synths
rippling across the surface
of a blue lagoon as we are guided
to ascend by an enlightened
soul with the force of a typhoon.

Tinkling melodies & shining stars
gracing through the galaxies
within our hearts, pacing
in circles as it all continues
to lovingly fall apart.

Good vibes & joyous moments
take us all on a mystical journey
through the folds of time
as we flow through the waters
of golden beaches so divine.

What wonderful luck to be alive,
coexisting with the beauty
of a land touched by starlight.
An uplifting sea of memories
surfaces as nostalgia subtly sways
through the summer leaves,
floating upon a gentle breeze
giving way to an easy night.
A tribute to Masayoshi Takanaka & his wonderful music. Thank you for all of the good times!
  Oct 2021 Marla R
I wanted to see the sunrise.
Instead I laid in bed and watched
as my windows slowly let in
more and more light. Maybe tomorrow,
I'll watch the sunrise. Maybe tomorrow,
I'll crawl out my window. Maybe tomorrow,
I'll take pictures of the sunrise and
it'll be worth it.
I'll always want to see tomorrow
even if I dread every second of today.
I want to see tomorrow
and capture it.
Sometimes tomorrow is the only reason I get through today.
Marla R Oct 2021
Creativity beats within every heart
steady as a drum, connecting us all
through the languages of art.

Many different tongues spoken
through the lens of a camera—
Almost as many spoken
through the stroke of a brush.
Songs lead to rushing anthems
while ballads quiet down to a hush.

Hardships may lead to harrowing
moments that make you look within,
but every time I’m sure you’ll find
an artist who’s art you can befriend.

Dig deep into the depths of history
& make connections with those
long gone—
Perhaps one day you’ll find
a masterpiece that can dwindle
your troubles down to none.
Marla R Oct 2021
Faith is a fickle thing that comes & goes to & fro
without rhyme, reason or care
it can be restored with a presence & wiped away
with a piercing glare

Faith swallows the heart with a nectar
that tastes as sweet as hope
only to rush out like a running specter
reliving its final bolt
  Oct 2021 Marla R
The essence
Of woman empowerment
Should not be to equip her
To compete or reach
The status of a man

It is bringing her
To the point
Where her works
Are impacting and noticeable
And ultimately
Being able to impart knowledge
To the next generation of females
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