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quiel Aug 25
listen to the distant
of your
all that
remain of your
dreams are compressed into
orbs of light,
carefully placed inside
an empty box;
leave your house and search the
idle sands of time for me,
x marks the spot.
i was thinking of writing a poem from a name. this one was one of my favorites. //leonardo calix//
quiel Aug 21
i have spent time thinking
about your feet
and i have yet to thank them
for they have walked this earth
ever tirelessly,
ever inexhaustibly,
and have brought you

towards me.
quiel Aug 14
there is a well
in the middle of the road i walk on the way home
every chance i get, i toss a coin inside
it's an endless cycle, a routine of stopping in the middle of the road,
tossing a coin,
and whispering your name
over and over again under my breath
the well is old and aged, its walls beginning to grow moss
but everytime i throw a coin inside
those mossy walls turn into a portal,
a gate into space
my coin lands into the nightsky, 
taking its place as one of the stars;

i have thrown many, many coins
and i am reminded each time
when i look up at night
that you take the form of a wish fit neatly into a coin,
and my wish lies among the stars.
i loved writing this poem. i hope you enjoy reading it.
quiel Aug 7
you lie
in between my
syllables and words
in these
carefully arranged
like a piece
of origami;

i hide you
in my
quiel Aug 2018
a sinking feeling
i watch the leaves fall
through my window pane
the leaves glide gracefully in the wind
dancing in the air, the seasons have changed
we long to embark on a celestial voyage
twisting in space,
lying beside comets and stardust
unbound by gravity,
the leaves fall.
(out of all that lies beyond space, i sit beside you as it rains)
i'll be posting as much as i can ^^
quiel Jun 2018
i don't deserve nice things

don't tell me

i am enough

i know

you're lying
i wrote this on Christmas 2017 hihi
quiel Apr 2018
i can
put words into

and lines into
stanzas delicately
arranged on the
verses of my

but what
and stanzas
must i
string together
to make you

for some reason i can't put up poems ??? i have so much stored already :^(
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