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  May 2016 Chris Phippen
The travesty is, beautiful boy,
That the silhouette you cast when
You're above me
Shines brighter than the
Stars behind you.
  May 2016 Chris Phippen
I hate movies,
Anyone who cares knows that.
Sitting in a room with all the people you love
And ignoring them.
But with you,
In this moment,
I want to build a fort with pillows and fairy lights.
I want to watch movies which came from comics,
And see you laugh, and cry, and hurt for people
Who done exist.
I want to feel you nose my neck in the quiet scenes,
And kiss me in the credits.
  Apr 2016 Chris Phippen
I know the world is terrifying and black skies cover us all, but sometimes a small cloud of light will pass over us, carried by the breeze. The wind itself will hold the smells of tomorrow while the cloud will hold no scent, no sound. It will be but a light. In it though, we will see yesterday, dynasties past, kingdoms that rose and fell and flying cities. In this cloud you will have sat on a throne and commanded an army. You will have sat in a rocking chair and read to children while they pout, as children do. This cloud of every and no colour will call to you and pull on your soul until you forget that the sky is black and terrifying and all-consuming. For that is what a day dream is for. Now go back and make the colours invert. Make the sky golden and the clouds black. Make this world your kingdom, your dynasty. The classroom clock won't tick in the world if you make it for yourself. Make your own time and write your own world.
  Feb 2016 Chris Phippen
"In order to be normal, break your walls,
Let people in, let them help."

*Alternatively, earn my trust, I'll show
You where the door is.
  Feb 2016 Chris Phippen
Never forget the days you're surrounded by happy people,
They matter as much as the days you're surrounded by the sad.
it seems we got it wrong
in reverse
man made god in his own image
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