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Matthew Dec 2019
shades pulled
drapes black-heart
and the *******
flying in the air 
gilded lily handle
fastened in the fashion
forged welded revenge 

fast in the hand
honing to slice
the pain from 
plasticity wanting smile
number nine scalpel
sharpened razor thin
for center procedure
straight through the heart.

perforated emotions
torn from long sleeves
sheathing dramatic
rattling riddled bones
harvesting on the calendars
darkest days in blood 
poisonous pollen nectar
cooked raw hunger

to sting deep the toxic
deadly sweeten honey
frayed heartstrings deaf toned
to the hollow point falling tears 
echoing the blues
cord g-bye in taps
tapping the melancholy
melody of last post
Matthew Dec 2019
I make love to you
in the clouds cherries jubilee

my blandishment glide
parts your calming seas

the night applauds
our propinquity hearts 

grants us the light
inspissating the dawn

as we promulgate,
erupt shivers into the sky

in our arms
the organon universe expands 

pouring easy
as sunday morning 

a babbling brook
in natural hot springs

cuts a winding valley
drifting our souls
Matthew Dec 2019
mine is yours the love I grow
from within the beats of
my chambers times four
Matthew Nov 2019
Mama, oh, mother 

tas it "I" ?

who bought the dark cloud,
raining dark prison days, 
over and down onto, home?
did "I", soil daddy's sir name?
The history of my genetic donors are not a savory one!!!!
I stand in the doorway taking in the truth of the house built on the lies praying to be true
Matthew Nov 2019
it's just a-day, it's just the day, it's just a day, it was just a-day.
the sun was out, the breeze was light.
aqua flowing grass bending to its will.
as a life in waning, stumbles to a stop, and falls to the ground.
clothed in any day clothes.
a sky, blue as any man's dreams,
and the chrips, and the chirps, echoing the birds soaring with flight.
children in the backyard, playing games, running in their youth.
meanwhile, at the side of the house, disheveled, but the body takes no breath,
no rising in the chest.
by the time anyone reached in care, noticed he had no pulse.
Matthew Nov 2019
Dead on the water I found sound
Lost in the heavens I found hell
Pigeon-toed in my heart I found you
Matthew Nov 2019
your the heart that grown me cold
the saltwater burning down my cheeks

though I can't find the tears to cry
I fight your coarseness
from drying them to a white flakey crust

to be blown away in your tortured kiss adding to the turmoil drowning me in a painful thick brimy sea

the elixir you let me taste freely
that one, should never have slipped
in good faith

leaving me sunk on the bad ship heartwreck
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