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Teka Lenahan May 2016
All I wanna do is live long and not become a statistic
Or a product of a society that fantasizes and despises me
But I guess if I drove fast and died young it wouldn't make a difference to you
If i'm killed by a black man or blue
25 to life for black living
Just a young black men with a dream deffered
Over aggressive, ignorant, just another name
My life reduced to some words in the newspaper
Only holding meaning to those closest to me
As I leave this white washed world
All I can do is hope to be a martyr for a week or two
Then fade away so another may take my place
Teka Lenahan Mar 2016
Don't come crying to me
When you realize you ****** up
When you feel like righting your wrong
There isn't a thing you can do to win back my heart
See the problem was,
You didn't just hurt me
You attacked my pride
And for that I can never forgive you
Teka Lenahan Mar 2016
A lot is said in the manner at which people treat their peers
My friend, in this realm you have sorely failed
My respect was met with condescension
You treat me as though i'm a fool
As I am nothing but a child
Don't be surprised when I am fed up
Don't pretend to be ignorant to your insults
When my pride seeps out, and my anger flows forth
Teka Lenahan Mar 2016
First time I told you I love you was over a text
Real life interactions were too difficult
I could write and rewrite these words a lot easier than speak them
My face couldn't match these emojis
Exposing these feelings was much easier from a distance
Why then is it that I am surprised
When any guy can talk these big words over a text
That your heart would naturally be skeptical
That you'd build all these walls like the rest of these millennial hearts
Teka Lenahan Mar 2016
I type out the text
The most painful view of the heart of a shallow man
The whole truth, nothing but the truth
Determined to withhold nothing
I finish, I read, I reread
I feel the despair this text will cause
My heart aches and I delete these awful words
Only for my mind to recreate them over and over again
Teka Lenahan Mar 2016
Paint me bold
Paint me soft
Paint me beautiful
Paint me in any manner you feel just
Paint me as I appear to the world
Teka Lenahan Jan 2016
Hope that the familiar touch of a distant reality always stays with me,
As I stumble across my threshold,
Attempting to reinvent thoughts,
Inspire people of similar mindsets,
And truly make this world a better place,
Maybe one day attain true bliss...
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