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Inmywritings Apr 2019
Treasured you in my heart forever
and loved you like no other.
You left me hanging million times with a broken heart,
but I still kept waiting for you like no other.
Heard you have different plans for future,
Which don’t involve me in anyway.
After weeping thousand of gallons,
It took a while for the pain to go.
Finally as I opened the doors of my heart to let you go...
There you were again.
Stupidly believing you'd stay forever this time,
But for you “forever” lasted only for a day.
Little did I know you will be  
bringing back the same old pain and leave me with a broken heart all over again.
How should I let you and this pain go this time?
I'm not that strong enough to fight this battle all over again.
If you love someone, love them fully
No matter what.
Don't do a season love
That stays only for a phase.
Inmywritings Mar 2019
The sun shined bright through the window,
and the shadow appeared on the opposite wall resembled you
And then I woke up.
I realised I was day dreaming.
Inmywritings Mar 2019
Like a heaven-scent,
Sweet and pure
I craved for more.
" the seven minutes in heaven"
Inmywritings Apr 2019
Silent and sweet,
Quiet and cute.
Feelings all hid,
In a jar with a lid.
Inmywritings Jul 2019
You've got the soul
through the fire
Burning out the lights
Hold on
Hold on
To something true.
Hold on everything has its time. Wait patiently.
Inmywritings Mar 2019
My heart fluttered,
When you stuttered
I love you.
I looked at you in the eyes
and my body freeze like ice,
Couldn't open my mouth,
Couldn't move a nerve,
Couldn't just breath,
I guess my soul was jumping on the cloud leaving my body,
Then I took a long breath,
Came back alive
With the tears in my eyes,
I said I love you too.
Love until your lungs stop working!
Inmywritings May 2019
Let's make a portal.
You and me in the other dimension,
Together forever,
Like seelies in the mortal instruments city of bones.
Inmywritings Mar 2019
He pulled me closer.
The more closer I got,
The more my body got weaker.
The more he looked at me,
The more I got goosebumps.
Can anyone feel me?
Can anyone tell what's this?
The butterflies in my stomach keeps flying
And the thoughts in my head keep running.
' dreaming is better '
" Living in my dream "
Love is really better in dreams... than in reality.
Inmywritings May 2019
The tears running down my cheeks are the rarest metal found.
I made a shield out of e'm that guards my heart now.
Pain is gain
Inmywritings Apr 2019
New job, new life
New house, new start
Shifted my house from south to north as I built  up my career
and forgot to smile.
Walking through this house alone with thoughts....
“This is all that I'm left with or what?”
Career is not everything. Family,love, laugh, friends.... all these things together is called life.
Experience all the emotions.
Inmywritings May 2019
I can be both,
Full of colour and dark like nightmare.
It's your behaviour that makes me choose which side I had to show.
Inmywritings Jul 2019
Break up in LOVE
Is a wake up in LIFE.
Sometimes we get clouded by love.
Inmywritings Apr 2019
Kiss me if I'm wrong
Dinosaurs still exists.
Pick up line. (Whats your pickup line?)

— The End —