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Jan 2020 · 76
I can't stand you.
Claudia Jan 2020
I don't think I can stand
you anymore, sitting in
my heart, walking in my
mind, running through
my thoughts, flying in
my dreams. I don't think
I can't stand you anymore
consuming me within me.
Jan 2020 · 64
Black and White.
Claudia Jan 2020
She only sees in black and white like a 60s news paper depicting the latest tragedies.
Dreaming of a love that only kills inevitably like the way the sun leaves the ice caps in tears.
Living in a nightmare and sleeping on daydreams in her own parallel universe.
Jan 2020 · 47
Spells die.
Claudia Jan 2020
Spells and illusions,
Keeping me in disillusion.
Dancing to your tune,
Dressing up as your muse.
Much of the truth you hide,
But baby, spells eventually die.
Jan 2020 · 61
Claudia Jan 2020
This one's for you...
For always seeing me through
when life paints me blue.
To the ears that never fell deaf
while listening to my mess.
To the eyes that weren't blinded
after seeing me in all shapes and sizes.
To the lips that never remained sealed
knowing what I feel and giving me peace.
To the beautiful heart that makes
me be me whatever it takes.
Jan 2020 · 52
Maze Game.
Claudia Jan 2020
It almost feels like a game
like we're running in a maze.
Starting off on the opposite ends,
stumbling into dead ends.
Hearing the sounds of our voices
amplifying and then fading.
Unsuccessful in finding each other
but we don't want another.
Baby, it's getting dark,
Promise me, there's no going back.
Jan 2020 · 49
Toxic but True.
Claudia Jan 2020
You left me catching tears in my palms,
This is what I get for loving you unarmed.
With you, I've only known white flags,
& it's my heart you would always drag.
From time to time, I'll take no more but
I never leave, I just stand at the door.
I refuse to walk away from you,
I refuse to paint myself blue.
You're still the rainbow on my every page,
with a love that will not cease to age.
Jan 2020 · 56
Lost Soul.
Claudia Jan 2020
Our dreams have turned into nightmares,
Emotions of love are replaced with fears.
Sometimes this pain is so hard to bare,
What's worse is that you're not even here.
You're running in the direction of another,
With me, you couldn't even be bothered.
I'm just wondering around like a lost soul,
Your heart, I can no longer call my home.
Jan 2020 · 66
Love Found, Never Lost.
Claudia Jan 2020
Falling for you
was like seeing
the beauty in
lightning flashes
then inevitably
getting struck by it.

Loving you was
like letting my
heart grow wings
then being clipped
off by the inevitable
pain that soon came.

Leaving you was like
the shadow of my heart
running from the setting
sun that I inevitably
can't outrun...

— The End —