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Tecknet Jun 2018
Come home
And tell me how the trees danced for you
And how you took them by the hand and waltzed
With the leaves to the song of the drumming breeze.
Never before did two partners move in such harmony.

I'll sigh, and tell you how I'd never known yearning
Until my world, with which you are so entwined,
Was wrenched from beneath my feet.

Tell me about the raven
Who gifted you his ebony wings
So you could befriend the clouds
Just as he had done.
And how, every time you close your eyes,
You see the green earth awaiting your return
As I am.

Tell me how you found a light brighter than the sun
In the depths of the deepest ocean
And how you grew to love the warmth of the water's embrace
More than that of another human.

Come, and tell me how you'd **** to return to such beauty,
And I'll ask you to remove the bullet from my heart.
Tecknet Apr 2018
They say the universe is a work of art
And that we walk the museum of life.
In that case, I know our God is good...
Not because he filled my walls with colour,
But because he crafted a palette intricate enough
To paint a masterpiece.
Tecknet Jan 2017
Alone to she, the moon, he cries
Whose light is first to hit his eyes
He pleads for life to flare once more
-why, he is not alone.
Upon him befell tragedy
Like snow he trampled all to see
Though until slumber should blind his glance
-why, he is not alone.
The bear knows not enough to boast
For some seek his fall much more than most
Even once he shakes the earth
-why, he is not alone.
Tecknet Jan 2017
I stretch my hands toward the heavens
For today might we ally,
My toes I dig within the earth
In case their grasp be nigh.
From foolish brows may stars be shook
Derived from false foretaste
A dawn's clear skies be rid of doubt
And last night's vows of haste.
Tecknet Dec 2016
What if, when our death draws nigh,
An angel drops his head?
What if, as the heavens sing,
We hear only sorrow in its stead?

What if our savior, sent by God,
Is lost and out of place?
What if, when the thunder roars,
It rings with laughter above its bass?

What if all but one are true,
And god shakes his head from his mighty view?
Tecknet Jul 2016
This morning, I felt nothing at all.
When I arose from my bed
I took no notice to the cold that blanketed me
As my sheets once had.

This morning, the sky’s vibrancy
Waned before my tired eyes,
Tinted by the grey that plagued me.
This morning, the lines on my face
Mirrored those of my mother’s,
Etched crudely by sorrow rather than age.

My cheeks were hollow this morning,
And pale, bordering translucency.
I deafened my ear this morning,
So not to hear the worried comments
I received at the lack of skip in my step.
This morning, I felt nothing at all.
Tecknet Jul 2016
Winter approaches at long last,
To her winds, all eyes are cast.
And while I've waited all these weeks
My tears have frozen to my cheeks.

When she brings her skies of white,
I will no longer beg for the fall of night.
For although many will likely grieve,
I lay in wait for Winter's eve.
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