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at the end of the rainbow   
18/F/Zimbabwe    8teen and then life taught me to write My only true safe haven
Michael Marchese
26/M/New York    "When I became the sun I shone life into the mans' hearts" -System of a Down
Charlie May Cullip
Austin, TX    All rights reserved.
B H H Burns
F/Norwich, UK    My name is Bunny Burns and I love anything and everything to do with words. I am autistic which, whilst it doesn't define who I ...
58/M/Traverse City Mi.    I dedicate all my writings to the Muse’s of Creativity..... I strive for Integral Spirituality and Universal Truth.
F    ♦*–Her mind is constantly flirting with the impossible–*♦
Hagerstown Md    I live because Christ strengthen me. I want to be healed and I want everyone on here to be healed too.
"The unexamined life is not worth living."
Yes, I am the grandson of a spy--being perilously curious is part of my DNA.
Alex McQuate
24/M/Ohio    Just the rambling thoughts of a man.
Scott F Hemingway
weird ig
phil roberts
M/north-west england    My motto is: I hope to die laughing.......but not today :) Phil Roberts
Benji James
30/M/The Batcave    Hello, I am Benj. I mostly write lyrics. Sometimes I attempt other forms of poetry and writing. Always like to keep those creative juices flowing. ...
Sarita Aditya Verma
44/F/Pune, India    A work for home, woman, mother Happy in my space :)
Neil Stewart McLeod
70/M/Los Angeles    Born in Oxford, raised in Kenya, and came to America as a Fulbright Scholar to study dentistry at U.S.C., Dr McLeod is past winner of ...
Missouri    I was left here, undefined and flawed, lost in a world made of broken physical laws, all alone on a rock surrounded by drones, never ...
Kurt Philip Behm    The Death Of The Playground' (2007) 'The Sword Of Ichiban' (2010) 'Searching For Crazy Horse' (2011) 'An Anthology Of Perception' Vol's 1 & 2 (2013) ...
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