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Tasman Suitor Apr 2018
I once would stare at stars above
and ask them where you’d be.
I don’t have to ask them anymore;

you’re right here next to me.

And now when stars above
sleep under blanket cloud.
I remember those questions asked,

and smile because you’re found.
I never thought that I wouldn't be disappointed by a cloudy night sky.
Tasman Suitor Nov 2017
Safe, warm, though not in love's embrace;
But just your voice in it's place.

Drifting in comfort on a sea of bliss,
Knowing that come light I'll miss this.

Because moments like these seem to forever extend,
You'd never dream from here that one day they'll end.
To everyone that has ever meant something to me.
Tasman Suitor Oct 2017
In this cucoon
My world though smaller
Isn't much better
But at least I'm king
Yes, my bed is a favourite place of mine
Tasman Suitor Sep 2017
You used to call
At times like these
From the dark of a starless sky.
Filling the night so perfect yet cold
And the stillness I lived in.

You used to remind
At times like these
From the shadows hidden in.
Searching for a place to lift
Bringing the light abandoned

You used to laugh
At times like these
Creating dim lit memories
That shone unyielding I hoped
Though time erased

You used to say
At times like these
Nothing at all and yet
It meant everything needed
Simply knowing

You used to
Well I don’t know
Some, mirrors need no sight
Because the future is ahead of me
And used to is used.
As much as I write about the pain, there have been good times I swear.
Tasman Suitor Sep 2017
To what though?
Happiness? Reward? Regret?

Unchecked though, time now still advances.
Leaving me to find the answers.

What task today have I completed,
What time today have I fleeted?

Railroaded though by time it seems,
Only ticks bring closer dreams.

How can I fill the expanse life gives
From outside will others say “he lives”?

For now I live each second given,
Allow my life by time be driven.

And maybe one day find the path
That will bring me to my last.

I'll choose to use my time set

Insomnia blows. Mocked by the clock
Tasman Suitor Aug 2017
This body of mine, bears no resemblance to the creature that lives inside.

Certainly the mind is willing but the flesh is weak. Or is it just that the mind isn't willing enough?


Every angle, every turn.

I can't defeat the fatigue that comes with an unyielding beat.

I can't control the pulse that races,
the limbs that twitch
and the torso convulses.

These hands that trace shoulders and arms, a body clean from these inside scars.

The fingers like daggers wished for seem, to distract from this nightmarish dream.

But beneath this frame that trembles and shakes, there is a boy with hopes unseen.

A man perhaps trapped through habit and fear.

A person whose body though battered and bruised, scarred and used, wishes
to be just like you.
Sometimes I forget what my body can't do. Sometimes I wish I could forget what it can
Tasman Suitor Aug 2017
You see the ink of this pen was pain, it was all there was to feel.
Bringing shade and hues to a painting that was being lived in black and white.

I said you were my muse and yet the ink ran out:
I had no sorrow to write about.

I didn't need prose or couplets or stanzas, just the knowledge that when I'd wake up you'd be there too.

For life may make beautiful art and writing, but it's the living it that makes it so inspiring.

Yet now this salty ink flows again, but I don't wish it in you too my friend.

Because the love that I felt too, means I only want the happy best for you.
So much to say but not words to say it. This garbage work will have to do
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