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Tomorrow, the graceful moon will set,
Likewise, the blistering sun will rise.
And in the garden bursting with colour,
My fragile flowers will meet their demise.
The sun was once so soothing,
To my wondering eyes.
Talullah Sep 22
I wish to leave this life behind,
But can I ever forget?
And for all the mistakes that I have made,
Can I cease to regret?

Can I fly free like a bird,
Joyously singing?
Or will I lay deep in the ground,
Weeping and decaying?
Talullah Sep 18
I've been toying with the tears in my eyes;
The glistening of these empty skies.

I tell my eyes to wait some time,
And save the tears for lonely nights.
Only to tell them to wait again,
An endless game that has no end.
Talullah Sep 10
Worries are wrapped up in our hair,
Mine is braided with despair.

Hers is tangled up with fear,
His is entwined with an end that is near.

Loneliness, confusion, and regret,
All of these I wish to forget.

But worries are wrapped up in our hair,
And mine is braided with despair.
Talullah Sep 7
Nothing but a silhouette,
Someone once had known.
The petals of a withered flower,
Which somewhere erst had grown.
Talullah Aug 25
Your voice, so full of laughter and love,
Was your god-given gift from above.
Nowadays, it's so sardonic,
That your voice is cracked with static.
Talullah Aug 16
Dozens of cars on the highway,
All quickly speeding along.
I'm sitting there in my car,
Still trying to turn the engine on.
It ***** when everyone's going faster than you and you can't figure out how to keep up.
Maybe I just have a faulty engine.
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