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  Sep 2019 Tacopie5244
Jude Quinn
Do you remember your dream?
The one where you finally felt
emotionally complex,
the one where you looked in the mirror
and were able to call yourself
"A real human being"?

These days I wake-up
every cold morning
and have some trouble remembering it.
I look around and see
many have the same problem as me.

the key is to realize
we are not alone.

We are all a little lost.
  Sep 2019 Tacopie5244
I see you running to the bathroom
Young boy
I want your youth
I can see you're glad I noticed you
Maybe not for being me
You could need just the attention
That look in your eyes
I could say I had it before
But time goes by as the waves
Maybe quicker and somehow
  Sep 2019 Tacopie5244
Cameron W
I cannot lie and say it will not break my heart,
To loose you even more, to be so far apart,
And I know the way I am, sorry it will be farewell,
For id rather stay silent, a truth too hard to tell,
I can make an empty promise, say we'll keep in touch,
But to put myself through such misery will truly be too much,
So I’m waiting for the day you no longer rule my dreams,
I see your face less clearly when I close my eyes it seems,
Blurring out the last few good parts of me,
Until like you they become just a memory.
Tacopie5244 Aug 2019
Color me purple
Fill me with those reds and blues
Paint over me
with those gentle lavender hues
draw me like one of those sunsets
that makes you cry
color me purple
color me whole
color me a picture-perfect painting
my love, i beg you
color me.
its been a while hasnt it ?
purple is just one of those colors that just soaks into me i guess ? idk im painting my room and its bringing back some memories i guess :/oof
  Aug 2019 Tacopie5244
Kyle Dedalus
I think this is what it feels like
to be even somewhat a normal person?

Is that what it feels like
to be stable?
Not sad?
Not manic?
No some god-awful mixture
of both at the same time?

I don't have much to say.
I only write poems when I'm sad.
Or manic.
Or mixed.
And I'm not.

I'm really not.
Tacopie5244 Jul 2019
fill me up
with your worries
so you dont overflow
its okay if i spill
no really
it is

i have too many cracks already
im bound to break anyways
  Apr 2019 Tacopie5244
Stained Glass
"we all eat lies when our hearts are hungry."
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