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Ian Stern Oct 2015
It's never enough Just to name the annoyance,
You will never be able to completely avoid it.
Fight off the hate with a fist full of flowers.
It's Hard to see past the pain when the going gets sour.

Moments full of fleeting feelings,
Just Emotions devoid of sense and reason.

So hold close the hope inside of your head,
It's a torch in the darkness of fear, doubt, and dread.
Trying cope with the weight of continuous stress,
Under Pressure and trapped in an ominous mess.

All the love that's been lost has turned into hate,
When something's so good and then just goes away.
Lost and alone in the thick grip of thought,
When you're left by your friends your heart starts to rot.
Ian Stern Oct 2015
I know what I need and I need what I know.
I go with what I see until I see which way to go.
Dismal indeed is a dream bearing burdens,
Just As feeble as freedom when it's bound to misfortune.

I scrape against my dull surroundings,
I was lonely when you found me.
I need something new to feed from.
I am trapped by too much freedom.

Surprised by how much was forgotten
Tending to these constant problems.

But chaos breeds creation,
Once confusion becomes clear.
What was weakness now's a weapon,
Tools that free us from our fears.
Ian Stern Oct 2015
Dig in deep,
And **** it up.
Clench the jaw,
Don't give a ****.
Let it flow,
Blood finds its form.
Be careful not to interfere,
The end of this drawing nearer.
Stare hard into the shameful mirror,
Until your soul feels pure and clear.
Now Show yourself to every peer,

I'll stick a ******* knife in the rotting heart of fear
Ian Stern Oct 2015
Vague purpose,
Blurred focus.
Deliberate Accident

We're intrigued.
Intact to me.
To follow,
To believe,
You're bottled up,
No release.

Stagnant Narrow,
Repressed sterile.
Stress breeding pool,
Restless feral.

Getting nowhere,
Getting nowhere,
Lethargy cares,
The calm with despair
Ian Stern Oct 2015
Tender in the way they raised her,
Fundamental preparation.
Vital to her vestal nature,
Then pressured by the force of failure.

Just release it,
Let the sequence,
Lead you through this now.

All this *******,
Can't mislead us,
If we **** it out.

Say what you want,
Know that I and you,
Are no less than we.

So enjoy it,
every weekend,
As a juvenile.

Hold it close but,
Let it breathe cause,
You'll really need it now.

So what are we without each other?
Lonely souls that need another.
A melancholic cast of comfort,
Consumes the globe with lucid slumber.
Ian Stern Oct 2015
Shape your sight with some sounds,
in the sky lies the ground.
Doubt your  faith,
And put faith in doubt.

Sprouting up against the sun
Are hopeful Seeds in earthen homes.
Sad are seeds trees set in stone,
Born to rot in the catacombs.

C'mon, I'll break this lazy,
Your potential is killing you.
When you're aware of ability,
But it's not being put to use.

Stuck in a web of stasis,
Void of valueable stimulation.
ThIs means much more to me than you
I bit off more than I could chew.
Ian Stern Oct 2015
Insight bloats the rotund sun,
Energizing everyone.
In the effort to be different,
We are similar.
Shackled to this broken system,
Still it's prisoner.

It fades as it forms ,
As we're freed,
from our own hands that hold.

It fades as it forms,
As we're freed,
From the storm and reborn

As crooked as its crooked center,
As a symbol of surrender.
Tears that fill a forlorn corner,
I lost so much as I got older

Where i was and,
What I wanted.
How bad it burned, and
How I forgot it.
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