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Sep 2021 · 650
Adventures In Wondaland
TIZZOP Sep 2021
64 hours passed by in a flash, sister
are you tryin' to sing and ****** me?
my hebrew sillables are all-black as bmf
sunset over wondaland, the magic city

residing at excelsior hotel, flowerfull mouth
french rap intro playin' me like harimah
sending me nudes from dubai to wondaland
shaped like a statue, willing, please, pleasure

booked dat ticket, let's go for it, babe
harima is on her way, in the meantime this cleaning lady is flirtatious like crazy, yeeeah her colleague a.k.a. boyfriend ain't working

last night, she gave me an intense glimpse
and her dude was in the same room, yup
so it's time for punishment, seldom signs
alrighty, passing babylon-thru, thruuuuhhh

wondaland keeps me trapped, i can't leave
you gonna see #trance24/7 on most walls
fiends dwell on pathways or they begging
beatdowns, runners, packs, rubix cubies

but on a hill, there is a house and in this
house, there are gangstapoetz, hihaho
in an iris, you might spot our place
simply take note of the... reflections
Aug 2021 · 1.2k
TIZZOP Aug 2021
splinter of existence creepin' thru skin
when judgement day is scarin' ya guys
temples beatin' 888 beats per minute
as dreams of shelter be passin' by

remember merciless bob, the hyena?
used to shoot bullets like rashid stoogie
always mind da project's family tree, b
watts to frankfurt via lima, diz how we be

brothaz, almans, multihood, escalade in chrome
osmans *** some, naber abi, bana parayi ver
you won't survive the massacre of greed
palms grow inside frankfurt's wildlife

dey be too fierce for dem knocko boys
no jammin', silver colts in montenegro
special forces, dejan, heroine, grenades

choki predicted da richness, we be floatin'
ari goldman tower, sandstone, platinum coke
yugos, habibis, moruks, almans, pashto
marokks, habeshas, albans and kurds

man bites dog, anti-traitor, snares
lacerated cable, flashdeath in red and blue
palermo, cosa nostra, secret shipment
da antagonist be chained 'gainst ya brain, bro

we tear up pavements since we rule da planet
massacres, new age, 36ers, crenshaw, headrush
day of vendetta bros, senait forgot how to *** back
street dust be what ya smellin' in da projectz

bent body, similar to deceased city doves
her soul be glintin' among da 5-0 sirens
large scale operation, silverblack corpses
black dots in front of ya eyes, sista

harlem river houses, homeshadows, dough
the ghetto raises fierce and bloodthirsty men
2 for 60, flip it into 90 and mind the cut, kwame
ya peeps gotta eat, and don't forget youse momz

let's build towers from all dem stacks, luv bellywood
our camouflage be immaculate like 90% pure
rides on champagne in times of evil blood
we light up the night and rightfully keep turf

our home be 36 souls away, slums and the hamptons
in the kitchen, da fiend's addiction is boiling
e guitar sounds, we overrun ya people
and don't ya fear jail, we reign institutionz
TIZZOP Jul 2021
take a close look at daniel blue: thievin'
tommy's wallet floats thru his garden
camouflage of a secretive spirit, bricks
and daniel does it all for loads of blow

milly meantime desperate since
her square drawings grow into strife
but that's how she acts out, love ya girl
yayo, tho, remains the white magic...

catch my thoughts, old friend, come over
yesterday's enemy, now platin mutants
lay down, relax, breathe deeply, 16 seconds
eagerly governing are kingpins & eagles

feel me in the midst of purple mist
among dusk, dawn, and dusk, 108 hours
insomnia, trance, return, greed, insights
months vanish like hours, but still here

you get me? this is much appreciated
this is a highly desired lifestyle, kiddo
especially when the mouth ironly hurts
and you spot the shadows of memories
Jul 2021 · 558
The Addict II
TIZZOP Jul 2021
fear and sweat, flashin' gear
writin' rapz in hectic, but: yeaaah!
detached paramedics, but: yeeeah!
tizz alive, he and me, didn't die

who am i? will i be a version of me
free from dat ******* of abuse, b?
who would tell you the truth? me?
dunno, demons inside wear masks

they hide, whisper, mouth odor like gas
i'm behind, they passed by, they see,
know and feel dat i'm blind -- what is real?
and what's not? i know diz be god

"good" and "god" are like moon and sun
but if i use, then i run, will forget wise men
and it's bleeding through my eyes when
i'm unable to arise and sling like five men

codes from the land of oblivion
demons sending messages: dey fo'
da trashcan, you may be from aspen,
or a child of da bronx: good remains good

wrongs remain wrongs, stuck in-between
writing songs like cage fighters, man bites
dog, my weapon may be a pen or a glock:
if i do, use, take or abuse drugs: i'll fail

the loft, the jail, the yacht, the hate
hell ain't a snake pit but a desperate living,
shivering, lonely, no homeys, suffering
ignorant and angry, indifferent, cranky

still: a flickering, glimmering, somewhen

rock bottom, i hit it, my addict: i'm wit him
he within' me, steely and sneaky, peace
of ****, b, chasin' the thrill just to **** me
i will be dyin', will be fightin', skies brighten

no bullshittin, johnny weeks, so high,
delusional: "i'm a viking", drugs are unusual
why do i used dem as much dat i felt like
jim carrey as "truman" -- observed, being

followed; diz a good state to be in?
ya know da answer, my friend, shake
your own hand, accept ya name
leave da climate of coldness

diz requires boldness, but ya know what?
the addicted demons hate us like themselves
do not let 'em do dat
lock em in an inner shelf, wit a key

call it as you like, dear friend, i call it
"SELF-LOVE", ooooh boy: what a word,
what a term, your stomach may rage now:
fierce, furious demons being in flames

heaven yeah, let em burn, it's your turn,
put your life into god's hands, soft hands
clean yourself, wash ya hands, the
end of this poem must not be ours

**********      **

Jul 2021 · 102
The Haggard Ones
TIZZOP Jul 2021
i am hauling the ruins of war
the haggard ones passing by
fat wrinkles under the chin
they never were, but will be

the haggard ones will be
without having existed, on paper
leaden faces shining silverly
they don't know about existence

from the bazaars of being, they
steal the fruit of red dreams
sometimes they come to us,
walking around in cities, strayed

multiple faces, unrecognizable
a teint, hidden under cornmeal
they are hauling the ruins of war
heads hanging down to the ground
Jul 2021 · 1.0k
Creation 96
TIZZOP Jul 2021
Wondaland, a.k.a. The Magic Metropolis
June 13th, 2021

Esteemed Readers and Writers, Gangstapoets and Hangarounds,

Gangstapoetry proudly declares that CREATION 96 is now the second unit of our Global Movement.

We are welcoming our new members. You are now a part of us. Much Love.





*  MOTH  *  DR. ****  *  KOBA COBRATONGUE 




Jul 2021 · 59
The Movement
TIZZOP Jul 2021
mighty children of wondaland:

blessed be metropolis, blessed be you
we are witnessing a day of change
sunrays shine on addicts and pushers
dawn dissolves into dust and trance

the streets are flooded by disciples
in packs, they are chasing rainbows
moon man, thco, fabienne male dog
ghosts of the past glow in their eyes

none of 'em will you find, they find you
mob of shadow faces, untraceable
the scent of humans betrays them
round corners, pink hoes, fat **** frank

just call da man who knows his uncle
relate to tizz, all best to his family
but don't watch him carefully, kin
isn't always what ya expect, tho'

i burned holes in my skin to taste god
meanwhile, rotten kids killed rich kids
the income gap matters, my old friend
may the esteemed reader decide at night

24/7 trance and insomnia, you feel me?
regardless of your background & race
regardless of your ****** identity & age
the movement is booming and global
TIZZOP Jul 2021
glimpse of repressed desires, in rain
as i met dominique northstar on a platform
life trains passing by in slow motion
and we are smiling at each other

end of existence's hectic, silver heaven
leaves flying around her head, swooshing
two hours later, her sounds, my *******
and we talk endlessly, films, food, songs

the following weeks are waves in our souls
we don't sleep with each other, but laugh
in times of hunger are we gathering greed
a massage here, a soft embrace there

northstar starts to glow more often
one day, she wears a darkyellow blouse
telling me about it, throwing tender codes
and i catch them, and we get closer

sleeping with you is wordless, dominique
last night i dreamt, you would write to me...
Jul 2021 · 60
Wondaland Verses
TIZZOP Jul 2021
wondaland verses, 3 am, sliding thru fog
don't judge me, us, dem goons, eazy legs
mikey, coba cobrahead, **** 13.8, trisha
young are our martyrs, hyped my moves

burning shoes, raging thoughts, mad luv
veni, vidi, vici, viciously beatin em down
brothas and sistas, thank you all for coming
dusk creates nights of lambos and revenge

hihaho, the drumset drowns in dark water
monica matadora, deal, trance disciple
as glossywhite as onyxblack are the rocks
and gems in the voltgreen bottega bag

wondaland verses from the gp heritage
roots and boost of gangsta poetry, yeeeah
Jul 2021 · 706
TIZZOP Jul 2021
stuck between pride and ****** mood
lurid lights, laughter, ladies, lively lips
we are 96 souls away from the magic
and we nevah wake up or get up, nope

i swear on my momma's grave and pray
may she rest in peace with good ghosts
wise man told me to wear a black suit
me, tho', forgot if i did so, can't help it

was i trippin from dawn to dusk again
probably but ya gotta triple that time
and consider the weirdness of my speech
dem words stumble other words upon

meanwhile me and milly made luv to luv
luv laid back like rasta villages, jah songs
she's spreading her legs and licking
13.8, worship the fountain, that's basic

gangsta poetess & burglar, membah 108
while meetin milly, i imagine her naked
64 minutes later, lolling on silver satin
the lips such big perfect matches

by the end of the day we float over glaciers
our months vanish within a few days
hihaho, tickling trip, totally toony, truly
milly and tizzy equals eccentric & woozy

steering dreams, mysterious mixtures
golden goblets, served on light tables
we falling into the floor, a voltgreen maze
wondaland's gardens, we reach 'em

frozen loops of yummy yearning, yeeeah
all dem blankets and pillows, hundreds
in a bed spacious like a football field
a quarter of milly's back is my tattoo

parking lot at 4:16 am, 24 k bracelet
gotta look at it under the light of the sun
reminds one of eazy legs & adorable greg
we come, observe, read, blast and leave

stuck with mental blankness, in limbo
block party of creation 96, 2056 souls
oh my, sweaty forehead, i'm so cold
burning bloodshed, beasting bloodbath

marriage of mystery and skyline tales
sparkling are the eyes of yayo vampires
8 days awake, bangin in sky dunes
schmock, dinosaur, sole talker
Jun 2021 · 91
Keys And The Underworld
TIZZOP Jun 2021
sugar hill, broken glass on the ground
splinters of daily folks, corners and tails
keys to the underworld, raise or fall
banging sounds in a goon's cough

fences, sirens, polish bus stop, rush hour
lol and jacob move **** crakov-frankfurt
three shops across, dem nador traders
rif mountains, morocco, global tons

meetings in melilla, jet sky armies
measuring waves in zipped packs
smuggling route barcelona, merchers
hashtag hyena minds, transformations

the key to peace is chained against rocks
blank buildings occupied by crack units
the day of dead idols, dusk till dusk
insomnia becomes a habit, well put

glaciers, paste, the andes: toxic faces
silver layer on the skin of the chosen few
96 hours are over, fifty for hundred racks
counting on the law of silence, omertà

graffiti, street art, scratchings and markers
freeze the second of youth, look back
eagerly talking are those who rule corners
doves witness gospel choirs and thorns

underworld's keys buried in sand
beach elevators take you into the past
they only go downwards, among stones
murals of sicilian ancestors on the walls

look, the last trains are leaving for good
you will never see this light again
saw, final destination, impaled yuppy
arms, intestines, flesh and bones, now

the underworld is key to bearded ones
no understanding of fear, officer
razor blades will open your mouth
bloodred letters from the ancestors
TIZZOP Jun 2021
tizzy looped his past: he had looped it and then looped it howevah, whoop to diz
gangstapoetry boosted its duties newly
we simply gs, whose duties include

slowmoflow like snoop, or p, ain't no thang
i create slang in the hate center, last trip i flew thru loops, break dancers and readers
want answers, so we give straight answers

lyrics of fame bangers, one rhyme for eight
don't take chances, tizz stylobate, sunrise
poems born from crime, give it some time
gotta come right, sell it all at one price

my blood cries in rough nights, plagued by
enough of tough stuff, but me ain't a fluff
i bluff and take what's rightfully mine
tizz is frightfully nice, he neva comes twice

coco loco, monica matadora tending
first song jeezy's "poppin" pimpin pimpz
red-blodded hamza comin ova to test me
subtly intimidating, i just call him "habibi"

ice breaker, you feel me, we good, truly
check out jammed jay, pushin designer
hamza on the toilet, yayo, his girl, bunny
snugglin wit jammed jay for real by now

close to my dj area, rubbin *** gainst ****
tina staring camly into her secret intention
i expect something vaguely, forget it, tho
as hamza al-mighty gets back, explodes

he beats up jay, promptly breakin' his nose
jay looks at the blood; pulls out a cudgel
bashin hamza's skull, flesh splinters
hamza strikes back wit em bludgeons

wondaland's red light, serving proudly 24/7
hamza's pack, yousif, said, wassim and mo
ready to battle the enemy of the enemy
lego goon, antwone, bobby butchah, juan
Jun 2021 · 583
TIZZOP Jun 2021
back in the days, tales from lauderdale...

yakuzzi gang from oakland park, 308
nightly waves flowin' thru brain channels
the traitor of my memories will judge me
no other day, 38ers, toni der assi, stoogie

two existences, eager brothers at arms
shake em the shake, rip and run, zippas
platin zippos, trip-apache, brave bear
the tents of the past remain as debris

as long as doom's grace feeds us lust
struggle on, lights out, turn me on, baby
shivering is the silver sun at dusk here
and gangsta poets speedin' thru alleys

fat **** frank oversees all oceans, inc.
friends at the thames, partners in crime
the green shining, ultra fresh scent, yeah
bodegas are useful for distribution

nevah, tho', enter these places at night
brooklyn heights, floor 64, 65 & 66 locked
merciless fred, sumptuous leather jacket
cuban necklace jeezy boostah, spiderman

dead blueline pitbulls, ****** cages,
rageful is the age of ours, my friends
sunday's dawn opposes my design
in the corner of my room, hidden
        *** 48 SOULS ***
    ***  CREATION 96  ***
Jun 2021 · 814
Wordless Poem I
TIZZOP Jun 2021
walking thru the valley of words
speechless are our soldiers in war
times of creative breaks, shootings
the sounds of slugs overpower rivals

gangstapoets stand tall in gory hoods
we dunno what fear is, bloodhoundz
as we only need 8 minutes to gather 80
0 traitors, giving bread to hungry ones

one tower, one pit, one block, 1LOVE
feel me rushing over sparklin' glaciers
south florida, 64th floor, ocean fiends
snake charmer in crime, 20 to 55, flip

kobacobraface scammed one of us
unknown were the ties among tizz and gp
in the background, jeezy and assi-toni...

"still on it", "the realest", "kommenzi"
the beats merge in gangstapoet's minds
dominique northstar's silky skin on mine
tissop, the war zones, fallen gangsta poets

dead baby mommas, vamoosing bullets
stop! tizzop is yelling, falling on his knees

and branko, tizzop's red horse approaches
juicy our promises, as sweet as fulfillments
olives, red wine, m2 tec bluetooth babe
red light district, wondaland's lost avenue

in the corner of agony and mania, dey fail
gangstapoets gradually winning turf

to be continued...
                      ***  48 SOULS  *** 


***  EDEN & NICHOLAS  ***         




TIZZOP Jun 2021
1.) tizzop introduced gangsta poetry february 2021
     no man ever before created a poetry genre alike
     gangsta poetry, robust melting *** of languages
     and ethnicities, as it reflects the united states

2.) the idols of gangsta poetry are rooted in the
      underworld, blacks, hispanics, italo- and irish-
      americans, asians, arabs, germans, kurds,
      yugos, albanians, afghans, northern-africans...

3.) multilingual are the core, heart and soul of
     a gangsta poem: glockz, rubix cubies, 31er
     salam, jebeš igru, habibis, brüder, fo' sho':
     rapid months, frozen silverfruit, whole ones

4.) every letter of gangsta poetry becomes the
     side effects of our brand's real-life greed and fury
      mourning the end of beloved baby mommas
      deaths caused by strayed bullets that vamoose

5.) gangsta poetry aims to be published among
      all ethnic communities of the 50 united states
      deadline 08/16/21 stresses american willpower
      gangsta poetry scandalously hits us's curriculas

6.) each of the 194 remaining countries is urged
     to promote and govern gangsta poetry for
     the neglected, weighted with glacial contempt
     these males and females discover their kind in us

7.) tizzop established a saying: "treat every being  
     with an open mind, but fight back, baby, if anyone
     disrespects you, the gps, or our hangarounds"
     at war, we remember our families before we blast

8.) bar none, each gangsta poet is free to connect
      affiliate and distribute with and for the gp's
      brothas and sistas -- gps create examples of
      social diversity and historical dimensions

9.) female gangsta poets are a quarter of us
      some keep it gal, united sisterhood, astute flow
      in memory of leery leyla, chalondra, kateyy,
      mountainbird, ivanka cociç, ashima abraham

10.) genderfree, gangsta poets are chosen
        undertakings composed by thugs & artists
        the spirit of a few meets strife of hood speech
        gp evolved from a movement to an own identity

11.) restrictions do not apply for written creation
        strategic outgrowth and unshaken cash flow
        gp embraces brainy ones, and our soldiers
        narrators in conspiracy, art nouveau trips

12.) gangsta poetry admires the following people:
        jeezy, killa cam, toni der assi, iron sal, dmx
        anton chigurh, sigmund freud, rashid stoogie
        larry hoover, elliot york hp, kevin of allpoetry

13.) taktloss, luis fonsi, blockmonsta, all bolivian
        and peruvian farmers, te amamos, our brothers
        187 strassenbande, senion mogilevich, nirvana
        john murphy, dem dudes alpha hotel frankfurt

14.) much love to all global units, poets, thieves
        traffic architects, hackers, true skippos
        german bakeries, all-black betting shops
        jews from brighton beach, hispanic halos

15.) benny da bandit, tony tarantula, gambino, brate
        hamza al-mighty, fat **** frank, jens, das brain
        fred merciless, familia escorpio, ruben and levi
        ali firefists, kimbo slice, scarface, oleksiy, dejan

16.) daim, loomit, dns 1up, **** my **** crew
        berlin kreuzberg 36ers, playboys hannover
        yard bird 1955, taki 183 n.y.c., basquiat, level
        dbl ffm-skychildren, bomber, city mission
17.) gangsta poetry overwhelmingly shaped by
       our ancestors who boosted the poetry of ages
       train bombers, rappers, trappers, taggers, cutters
       we descent from them, honor their names

18.) gangsta poets die for poems that struck
        gps, fans and critics in a possessive way
        limits of real talk and boasting are in flux
        trance batters the face of reason, at dusk


Once upon a time at March 22nd, 2021
Kreuzberg SO 36, Berlin, Germany...
Dedicated to all Gangsta Poets Worldwide

Heaven and hell yeah, disciples outpace seconds
Greetings from Wondaland, a.k.a. The Magic City
                      ***  48 SOULS  *** 


***  EDEN & NICHOLAS  ***         




Feb 2021 · 92
TIZZOP Feb 2021
every time i close my eyes, i stop existing
my existence consists of pregnant word shells
the eight sisters of forgetfulness remind me
the eight brothers of memories are forgetting me

in unity, they are driving the engine of myself
they are rooted somewhere in the unconscious
my will is made of soft wool and heavy iron
the contours of my existence form it daily

impregnated words are yelling at the real me
the silence of the morning created a wish
the longing to drift through reality like a river
but then i look into the eyes of my children

in them i recognize the value of human existence
they are beings who can laugh with their eyes  
my daughter's babbling is full of curiosness
in my son's curiosity i discover his quest

i open my eyes and i start to exist; i am
Feb 2021 · 669
Under The Core Of Time
TIZZOP Feb 2021
under the core of time, there's the beach of dreams
bathed by the water of wishes, attachments and fear
nothing can you bring to this place, it's all there
guarded by ancient creatures, made of clay and stone

everything a being knows will be forgotten there
all abilities and skills will be unlearned for good
misunderstandings will be solved, time stops ticking
the word "why" loses its function under the core of time

pearls of rain fall on the ground to stroke people
to redeem them from the arrogance of living on earth
and a mist of gold and light belts the sleeping ones
under the core of time, space becomes infinite and clear

a kingdom, where love shall be king and law, peaceful
Feb 2021 · 535
The Red Wolf Of Isolation
TIZZOP Feb 2021
isolation is a redly glowing wolf
it is too close to me, get away
how can i believe in myself?
the night swallows self-confidence

i am waiting for an angel sent by
the tall and wise heralds of my fate
they are riding the train of future
i don't know how to hop on, no clue

eden's sounds are distracting me
but in her eyes i can see where my train
is supposed to stop and to arrive
ancient existences are floodding her pupil

they stem from a place called nirvana
it is the deep core of a human being's soul
light suffuses their shape, goldly shining
they fight against the demons of our world

and as the years passing by, they become
our nostalgic memories and our sentiment
i want to be there for eden, protecting her
the red wolf will not come between us
Jan 2021 · 1.3k
Ashima's Wishes
TIZZOP Jan 2021
in the middle of nirvana, ashima wakes up
she doesn't know how she reached this sphere
full of silver lights and black silhouettes
everyone she knows seems to be present

greyly shimmering leaflets are floating
through the air, gently, like mist
and red fireflies are clapping their wings
the crowd of shadows is starting to sing:

"ashima, you have come a long way to us
we are the voices of nirvana, listen
nirvana is the deep core of your soul
the land of your most secret wishes

sometimes, in your dreams, you reach out
when you are waiting for a train and the
rays of the sun are reflecting your thoughts
you never find us but we know where you are

you may call us your wishes, we belong to you
as ****, as branko and your mom do
are you the imitation of your dreams, ashima?
or do your dreams imitate you, our girl?

certainly, you will become the thing you dread
we know that you took revenge recently
when you were slashing the *******'s throat
as his blood was slowly flowing into the sheets"

in the middle of her apartment, ashima wakes up
she becomes aware of a crinkled and dark leaflet
it is more than twenty years old, informing about
something that ashima can not read anymore

the letters on the leaflet have become dust
ashima is taking a deep breath and sighs
her pitbull branko is strolling towards her
his wet tongue, ashima thinks, feels cute
Jan 2021 · 403
States Of A Dream II
TIZZOP Jan 2021
**** the river, **** the river of oblivion
past lives are drifting beneath its surface
they are singing a hymn, in kids voices
this hymn was written by the thoughts of ancestors

a human being has more than 60.000 thoughts a day
the psychiatrist who told me that is chinese
i like her appearance, she's my type, sweetly dark
the memory of my poems is implanted into her brain

when the night becomes day, the sun swallows every word
its rays burn down all the letters of the past
and the past is nothing but the last word written
i want to take a bath in the ideal of love

this ideal is tattooed on a person special to me
i have to think of what alejandro said in sicario
a movie is never a movie but a collection of memories
no story will ever be written without experience

the observations of birds make up for a pool of poems
if these creatures could write, yet they sing their stories
every soul which existed on earth, comes back to it
sooner or later, gökhan, reyka, ama and alexander

i would have liked to meet my uncle but he died of an overdose
a man who hated him gave him poison and alex injected it
as a child, i would often look at his picture:
eyes wide open, wildly glowing, as if he was in a waking dream
Jan 2021 · 1.3k
A Migrant's Tale
TIZZOP Jan 2021
tizz is love it or hate it, nuttin' in between
addicted to yayo like sheen, 500 bpm heartbeat
don't do it anymore, but remain psychotic
and hunt down idiotics like a carnivore

from florida to berlin, from tropic to toxic
deep in da game, da grimy streetz know my name
it'z tizzop, 14.8 inchez of hip-hop

hangin' at rashid'z, shisha ready, cuban necklace
three men in da back but ya don't know who it iz
all of 'em are dark-skinned, all of 'em are bearded
most important of all: all of 'em are fearless

we don't know what it meanz to be scared
just some migrantz who will now be heard
da territory split up: kurdz, arabz and turkz
we got our own law, like omerta, like da cosa

one apartment here, and one block' there
like bushido did, back in da dayz wit fler
sonny black carlo, godfatherz, yeeeah

power is about makin it and takin it, unlike nine said
unlike any other guy said, and if ya don't wanna buy it
find ya eyez in da wine-red, da choppaz are wild catz
ya can use them for da furiouz, some become notoriouz

otherz don't and die, but dey will be honored:
watch da muralz; urban networkz, also in da rural,
and five-o just remainz neutral; it is crucial to be brutal
as it iz to remain truthful; lyricistz can't deal wit diz
g-boy attitude of tizz: letz celebrate diversity
and ante up on google, i write barz and do diz
i'm a little too youthful for these oldskoolish
Jan 2021 · 506
Of Longing And Greed II
TIZZOP Jan 2021
on the route of longing, i met you
don't know where you are now; where are you?
my hands are covered with silver sweat
and i am looking for a soul mate

how long will we overlook each other?
at which day will we unite like halves
that become an entirely new creature?
in the moment of sweet oblivion...

the streets are overfilled with ***** beings
are you one of them? are we two of them?
i'm looking for unreal love, you know
just for an idea, maybe for a mate

the difference is located in our greed
the golden lion with the twinkling mane
was roaring me into the land of dreams
is this a correct sentence in english?

can you help me to find you? how?
it's unbearable to be lonely
isolation is a grey, howling wolf
an animal, too close to me, go away

of longing and greed is this poem
its first part revolved about drugs
the second part is about you, babe
if i could only spot you in the masses

will we arrive together at the beach?
you know, in this old hut, close to the waves
it's always warm there, baby, every day
a nice place for kids; an arrival's place
Jan 2021 · 688
To The Mysterious Lady
TIZZOP Jan 2021
your camouflage is spotless, babe
i want to reveal your inner
it's difficult to find you, babe
you revealed my inner last night

we are apart from each other
although we're sharing the same dreams
green ideas, arrival's smile
real laughter and toxic strangers

how can i find you between 'em?
how will i know that it's you then?
in the middle of my middle
eight syllables, i count on you

you're my lady but you're hidden
among buildings, streets and people
between the glimpses of despair
somewhen, never, always somewhere

the rouge of your bloodstream enchants
my wishes, longing, desire
in the moment of the key-night
we'll stand before our door, baby

maybe i've found you already
maybe you are my wife, baby
maybe you are my wife, baby
maybe i've found you already
Jan 2021 · 370
Fog In The Head
TIZZOP Jan 2021
decisions are based on forgetfulness
the agony of the sick child inside of me
i can't walk any further, i can't stay here
don't want to jump in front of an express train

the image of my little daughter is present
the way she utters the words "papa" and "hi"
papa is daddy in german, i want to live on
i want to die, i don't want to die in pity

dying an old man is better than suicide
the strings of despair are the strings of hope
route 36 / bolivia / white frost / toxic faces
glaciers of doubts / silverred bloodstream

my heart is beating on 888 beats per minute
battlerapping is a good weapon against depression
been writing against the opponent called myself
it is never about the others but about inner struggle

in long-term rehab, there are many psychologists,
speeding through the aisles of responsibility
around us are deep and darkgreen forests and hills
we are isolated from human civilization to heal

i fear the day of my return into the city of money and sins
the innocence of my two children is tattooed on my body
how could i **** their images by taking my own life?
right now, i am listening to the strings of despair and hope

by the end of the day, each letter will have become dust
a golden lion with a twinkling mane is protecting me
he is a disciple of god and thinks he is just a toy
god's power is greater than every single human act

nothingness was before him and he created nothingness
TIZZOP Jan 2021
in the land of golem, shades reign
identities spread all over the ground
they consist of ice-covered letters
names, written in the font of memories

in the land of golem, glimmering reigns
names spread all over the ground
sparkling fireflies hover over words
written in the font of forgiveness

golemland consists of shadows
golemland is a place of lights
guarded by a ward who is on high alert
his name is golem, a wise, weary creature

golem owns a diary with a bluewhite binder
each era is a time of reflection for him
golem walks up a steep mountain track
precisely at 8 o'clock, it's the year 1945

the mountaintop lined with shades, lights
they are transcending into each other
golem takes breath, 76 years passed by
since he started from the bottom

golem is sitting down among creation
it's the moment of a long awaited return
glimmering turns into a glare, relaxation
shades become shadows, tension

golem is looking at a blackwhite sky
his attachments whirring in the clouds
the sounds of the sea blowing upwards
golem closes his eyes, awaiting to die

then, golem is falling asleep and rests
Dec 2020 · 465
Organized Crime
TIZZOP Dec 2020
sweaty forehead, a gory past
wildly glowing eyes of oblivion
shivering hands, sirens, bars
freedom, imprisonment, razor blades

peru, coca farmers, chemicals
smuggler channels, route 36
franklin's face on crumpled-up paper
rattling coins, benjamins, stacks

gotta make it or take it
gotta sell or abuse it
flashing louis, abundant future
sweaty forehead, ****** present

biker chapters, brothers, funerals
tommy hauled jim's coffin
rick carried tommy to his grave
cut-offs, gats, one call: ******

despair, hatred, vengeance, omerta
mortals remain silent, angels don't
rain of blood, a puddle of codes
turf, plots, streets, blocks, gangs

cults **** cultures, weapons replace
shelter in a group home; the stabbing
"shaun got heart, he a furious one --
can use dat dude, pay him up"

black, white, african-american, chechens
territories of unspoken laws
intimidated witnesses, gay mobsters
lured teenagers, deadly magic of power

the old ones impress the new ones
newbies will turn into soldiers
**** or get killed; headshots of fear
numbers on the forehead, blueish

unwritten are the rules of some
bribed politicians, skippers, knockos
the one who wets, will be wetted
others prefer the clarity of faith

organized crime, rats and kingpins
multilevel marketing, elevators
glass towers, late and secret meetings
route 36, the white magic of death

it's all in the game

"The only thing that burns in hell is the part of you that won't let go of your life.
Your memories, your attachments, they burn 'em all away. But they're not punishing you, they say. They freeing yourself.


(Quote from the film "Jacob's Ladder")
Dec 2020 · 576
Creation & Self-Love
TIZZOP Dec 2020
god created the sun
god created rain
rain and sun slept together
a rainbow evolved

every being has a double, somewhen
i'm half gipsy and jewish
bleedin' blueish
wise man told me lies about trueness

smell the fragrance of ghosts
relax, feel, love yourself
i will be praying for you
in rainbows
TIZZOP Dec 2020
today, sir, is the day to say thank you
and my way to do so, ermh --
is to write you a poem
i don't know about your past but your

knowledge of mine is vast
you knew me better than my parents
and you spotted the real me during our therapy never said my "father" that he

was proud of me -- but you did, you revealed in me the true kid because you have the gift to lead people to the place where their truth is; most people join the rat race, but you always kept the same pace and you

made it to erase my shame, healing people is what you're here for, reliable and faithful, and regardless of any writer's fame: YOU HAVE A NAME... an inner flame of kindness glows in your soul, you released me from my

blindness, and you helped me dealing with my tormenter: cole, i never felt that you played a role, i sensed you are whole, may god bless your four daughters, and i wished YOU had been my father, but thats fine: cause you

became a father figure, and soon i figured that your goodness makes you richer than a person owning millions, i do thank you a billion times for being
a mirror who is speaking, at our first session i

shivered, but hid it, you opened me, and noted nothing down, you just listened and saved me from drowning
each letter is for you, each word proves my gratitude how can you have this attitude? how do you do this?

im not idealizing, yet, you're my idol, cause you taught me bout my anger, that as a child, i never had a man as a rival, i had lost my destination and you were my arrival

Fakhri Khalik, you were my arrival.
You stopped my denial.
You are a huge part of my survival.

You are my arrival, I am your disciple.

Forever Yours.

Dec 2020 · 366
The Tribe Of Suicidals
TIZZOP Dec 2020
god flew through my coffee this morning;
an intellectual crow entered my apartment,
and it guzzled a sip of the holy brew
me? i didn't take notice, just took notes

a blind writer who seeks the extraordinary,
distracted by a strayed quest for himself
left eye red, the right one black, wolfishly
a tribe of suicidals shattered my eye sight

they were dancing in trance
they were singing in kid's voices:

"we forgotten who we are; our skins crumbling
we don't want to live inside your body; no!
we won't be your voice anymore; we be leaving

golemland is our destination, shelter of letters"
then, the tribe of suicidals left, depriving me of words
Dec 2020 · 404
Keep A Sense Of Human
TIZZOP Dec 2020
the cold light of day reigns:
concrete, metal, glass, towers
the "system" turns humans into numbers
new york city is full of giant rats

pregnant with the outflow of frustration
in the moonlight, their teeth twinkle
bloodred maws, spiky fur, darkgrey
i don't want to become a rat

"you gotta keep a sense of human"
a quote by earl simmons, a.k.a. dmx
lord, gimme shelter, gimme strength
bornheim, germany, yonckers, usa

regardless where we are; who we be
this line hugs my son nicholas,
and i do love eden, my daughter

i'm max, and i'm not trapped in placelessness
gotta stay clean, will meet my kids again
trance is not life, it's the aberration of escape
my weakness is my strength, i got it in me

like a greenly glowing marble of hope  
drugs don't change the world, but you
as i was laying in a puddle of sweat,
i prayed to god: "pleeeease let me live"

couldn't breathe for a moment, fear of death
the addiction for the trance brought me there
i gotta keep a sense of human; for myself
i gotta keep a sense of human; for my kids
Dec 2020 · 453
TIZZOP Dec 2020
dwelling in a bathtub full of ember
skin, transparent like a plastic raincoat
max' core is a cage, his mouth like a cave
tags are scratched into his hands

he is walking over liquid letters, since
doctors replaced his blood with milk
cats are drinking from his open wounds
max is asking the mirror:

who could i be?
who do i want to be?
what will i become?
who am i now?

his memories are windows
the head is mutating, it will explode
thoughts are gobbling thoughts
wishes **** other wishes

the young max longed to be old
the old max wants to be young
a life, hidden in a purple casket
secrets drive each of his moves

addicted to the white magic of death
self-destructive, not trustworthy
he exchanged his kids against trance
sirens are singing songs of oblivion

take him away from this journey
trapped is he in placelessness
he became the thing he dreaded
nightmares are haunting his dignity

will his actions turn into an epitaph?
a funeral, under the heaven of his skin
TIZZOP Nov 2020
"Should any harm befall me on my journey, you may open this letter."

my crutch
what i want to say 
i build on you 
i believe in you
i need you like nothing else in this world  
when i'm lonesome, freezing and scared 
when my soil is occupied by demons 
when i fall and being plagued by evil

you give me strength and shelter 
how often did you save me 
you winged and carried me 
what i want to say  

i build on you 
i believe in you 
i need you like nothing else in this world  
what i want  to say 

i believe in you 
i trust in you 
i build on you 
lord, you are the rock 

my heart is happy and i want to thank you with my song 
for all mercy and all peace and the luck that you have been revealing to me 
for the castle that you are and the shelter that only you can give me 

for the love, the prospect, the insight, freedom, hope and strength 
all i want to say is i build on you 
i believe in you and i need you like nothing else in this world

i believe in you 
i trust in you 
i build on you 

lord, you are the rock
TIZZOP Nov 2020
"Should any harm befall me on my journey, you may open this letter."

when darkness is befalling me
when it won't stop raining
i'm skidding, stumbling, and
be spiraling downwards

then, you're my balustrades and my light
on all my ways
my stilt, my rod and my staff
my soil
TIZZOP Nov 2020
Me, me, me: I'm just up for dem purple notez like dat purple cow from dat commercial: a Milka spot, no tiramisu, me i got a really black leather jacket, originally stolen by my brate in da name of da hood: we robbed a rich family in my city 

dem apartment was closed, but my brate kicked dat door in wit his bosnian feet; 79 inches, balkan handz, workin wit a digga he be carryin dem lockerz; me tellin my brate: we got all dat yayo, so just do it

and now we be eatin cevape and börek, while dem cops are lookin for two of these yugo-haircutz; bluelightz all over da place, sirenz and carz, me carryin da bag no ****** around wit home depot

dear god, just help me dat time: i need me a benz wit dem mega-rimz
now come on and see it, and take it like quick: da yugo-cheater, i'll be rippin off dat cash
TIZZOP Nov 2020
We eat shawarma and we share da pizza
afterwards partying, never alone on dat gig
meet a *** just to bang her wit my homez
me salutin' to carlos, yep, it's like dat:

he be spending some time behind bars now
ain't no biggie, we rely on da boyz
neva had nuttin' but now we ******' top-modelz
as maxwell argued: "open your mouth, i'm gonna ***"

watch, how we double our profitz...
da hottest gang under da sun
once bonez said:" man, we be stars quite soon!"
and each memba represented his part

he told me: "sit down and write barz"
cause dem gangsterrappaz mostly be phony
we no lelleks, i got men behind me
187 street gang, sampler number four
Check out the original version:
Nov 2020 · 425
To The Desirable Singer
TIZZOP Nov 2020
desire is something we can't grasp
we feel it, we experience it, and we cry
we smile, we laugh, and we hope
when you sang for me, i froze the moment

now i'm carrying your voice with me, in the
valleys of my heart, dem heavens of my soul
i'm crawling through the palms of god's hands
while it's raining easy money and faith

the gentleness of your pitch is one of a kind
i want to know more about you and i'm dreaming:
embracing you, holding you, the most precious
what does it depend on? an airline ticket?

heaven yeah! let's go for it and let's unite
it's just a matter of time, a matter of life...

much love, faithfully yours:
max a.k.a. mikey
For you, my girl.
Nov 2020 · 285
Cigarettes and Vossy
TIZZOP Nov 2020
in times of destruction, you need fierce force
in times of hunger, you need absurd appetite
glowin ******* have been encircling you
try to scream, but your vocal chords rupture

multi-armed street military, covid-19 deniers
9-to-9, 24/7, armies made of plastic angels
everything improvised and effective like:

TIZZOP doesn't always write, swallow dat link
as hate and anger overwhelm, GOD forces me to act
at age 13, they called me "***** Splash", so
i had to install 888 children who now my soldiers

in times of destruction, only family remains
in times of appetite, simply loyalty protects ya
Esteemed Allies,

you learned that we are temporarily in a period of treaty. Every soldier is ordered to relax and listen to this:
Nov 2020 · 436
No Breaks
TIZZOP Nov 2020
tizz is an uncle, bro and dem richez
i was born viciouz, but always had visionz
a young boy used to build bridgez
between black and white, peace and fight

dreamy adolescence, i spit out whole heavenz
wit my divine essence, all dem "lyricis" be jealouz
but dey just "so called", cause dey so old
tizz grew cold, so not any of dem amateurs won't grow old

i'm so cold, i freeze, **** and stay, then i eaze among dem geez
we live in codez like secret service, dealin' wit burnaz
quick learnaz, sick and sane, our skin is thick,
we don't feel pain, black lion's mane, heaven yeah

no expression can illustrate tizzopish aggression
pay attention! watch out for dat other direction
receive my blessin', kneein' between me and the destined
it's battle rappin', it's slappin' againzt all of ya actin'

friendship versuz rush, some peepz start to blush
when you remind them of valuez, like some bad newz
i'm the man whose bad moodz be legendary, like a legionary
dealin' wit whatz necessary, cause i was born predatory

find tizz shinin' in the mornin' glory and rhymin' a story
readin' diz is mandatory, just anotha category,
stolen from the laboratory, ****, am i now swollen,
and all-in like all-night, alright, feed em just a small bite
The Global Family.
Nov 2020 · 294
The Family
TIZZOP Nov 2020
want a new addiction, want to fall victim
explain to me: why do dem females have similar names?
i was blacklisted and then i got promoted

all my poems were burned by me
and i destroyed all my novels, dramas and stories
blog entries, essays and term paperz...

and every time i closed my eyes, i stopped existing
the creature of the night, ******* of da city
fundamental, livin' under mental conditionz
chanukka and christmaz, gimme me three minutez:

imma be, stay and i'll have claimed my spot in it
no matter where ya at, anthony and antwone,
italo-africanz, meet dem boyz, cry, run, but die
no room for da shy, da law of the chosen few

8000 family memberz, nationwide and global
and don't they dare to fukk around -- we alwayz local
We act and we live worldwide. Watch my Swedish brotha Ecco2k:
Oct 2020 · 788
Fear Of Love
TIZZOP Oct 2020
to love a person, is a risk
rejecting this risk, means to
reject love -- what does this mean?

i love a girl called milly
she likes her cousin and
sometimes, i'm scared

imagining her soft skin
these hands, touchin
anotha dude; FUCKK!

but i be good, my friendz
cause i called popz
his old voice calmed me

my popz has become a real
friend by now; he's experienced
listen to dem old ones

you be good, too..
Fo' Life
Oct 2020 · 812
TIZZOP Oct 2020
i trust in you and you love me
forever protected, the umbrella
maybe i'm scared, here and there
i, then, close my eyes and speak to you

you, then, answer me and calm me
we don't need any poetry, God
it's you and me, it's you and me...
YOUR SON, Mikey, Tizzop, Max

protect my mom and my dad,
my brothers and sisters
Elias, Christoph, Katharina, Chris,
Alin and Valerie, Andreas, Dennis

Nicholas, Eden, Beza, Milly, Janet,
Albin, Richard, Robin, Davis, Gisi

i do thank you from the bottom of
my heart and my soul.
forever yours, Mikey, Tizzop, Max
Oct 2020 · 452
TIZZOP Oct 2020
winter holidays and you become snow
between glaciers and silver towers
among apes, wizards and goons
you become snow in the winter

as you turn into what you dread
as you turn into this being
a viking, werewolf, you name it
may the games begin, you may die

beneath the surface of your dreams
beneath red heavens and families
in times of hunger, you stay focussed
you become snow in the winter

as you turn into another, an: other
snow is flooding the news flash
sinners, brothers and sisters
burning sandstorms, playful twisters

elijah's path is covered with thorns
roses **** the innocent and they cry
wild roses turn into winter snow
raise your head, watchin' them grow

clocks, the same time, worldwide
remember the oaths of the old ones
remember them praying in the snow

...and turn into this being
Oct 2020 · 384
Inside The Bar II
TIZZOP Oct 2020
orange smoke fills the air, like mist
goons and traitors occupy all tables
a small bar, downtown, silent quarter
whole ones and racks, bagged, airtight

the zippers of the bottega shine golden
24 k, 24/7, creatures of the night who
are made of struggle, gore and greed
deception and loyalty: the brotherhood

hour of the thieves, year of white marble
350 million a year, a neeeedy enterprise
sick profit, blank sheets floating loosely
shark collar and tattoos, loaded *******

sounds of the past in an air breeze, secretly
old butch is swallowing a paper message
leave no traces, mind dem ears and eyes
wild roses and escalades, the night glows
Oct 2020 · 360
Problems & Love
TIZZOP Oct 2020
no love without problems
no problems without love
our truth sets us free
our truth encourages us

land of shattered memories
listen to the stories of the old ones
accounts of experience and wisdom
after that, we can leave for good

i don't know if you feel me
i hope that you feel me
our journey has just begun
trust is encoded in you and me

digits and letters of warm blood
warm skin, warm tongues
glowin' souls, shinin' eyes
earlier, i was sure of everything

you know, certain of it all, fo' sure
dreams, fear and people taught me:
the very only protection is god, you know?
the lord is our savior in the cold light of day

in the warm light of the night, oh yeah
our bodies become the same, oh yeah
scent of greed, let's take a breath, let's leave
let's go babe, into the warm light of the night
For Milly.
Oct 2020 · 441
Green Journey
TIZZOP Oct 2020
this whole world is like a pit
by your side, i'll find a way

prosperin' in times of sadness
people are loaded with madness
questions in their eyes, a quest
by your side, i'll be blessed

lord, i wanna be good, so good
lord, i wanna die in the hood
baby, take a trip with me, soul dealin'
we were sick, now got feelings of healin'

don't get me wrong, don't tell it everybody
yet i'm not flawless, a human being, a body
lord, i wanna be good, so good
lord, i wanna die in the hood

lead me through the valley of my fear
lead me through the valley of my tears
o lord, holy almighty, you sent me milly
do i deserve her? am i worthy?

ya know me, a friend of forties, a slowie
fan of bowie, jeezy, straight up deezy
i don't respect the "i", but my woman
o lord, holy almighty, you sent me milly

the beginning of a journey, the winning
just the beginning, i'll be fightin' waterfalls
all in all, i'll crush the chinese wall to be
with you girl, not my new girl, but my true girl

funky like a whirlwind, my head is spinning
people waitin: what about him, ain't no sinnin'??
don't have to to do that, cause i am tru dat, so in it
my head is spinnin', lord i wanna be good

i wanna live and die in the hood, maybe in the woods
you sent me milly, this is not to be misunderstood
embers in her eyes, and a nice-hearted smile
lord, do i deserve her? am i worthy?

ya know me, a friend of forties, a blowie
o lord, holy almighty, please bless us...
Sep 2020 · 550
For My Girl
TIZZOP Sep 2020
baby, you make me believe in me
don't you stop being wit me, yeah
shinin' stars are twinkling in your eyes
as your passion, like ember, is seductin' me

so ******', ******' seductive, can't leave you
we were apart for an hour, felt like a day
i am giving you all my strenghth, my warmth
i am giving you all my water, my water

in the moment of the splash, we floatin'
our dreams are on a scale, let's go for em
why are the heavens so orange-purple?
you must be messin' with the tides, babe

a flowful girl, flowerful, powerful, cute
words are without meaning, your eyes are
i will run for miles just to get your taste
alone, i'm no good, wit' you, we'll be prosperin'
For Milly
TIZZOP Sep 2020
you can't go back to dem buildings
let it be, hashtag smorky, snakes
from the face of the heavens it's
a quiet view, this place feels like home

you can't go back there, tribulations
you know the mentality of cockroaches
you know their game and you know mine
you're standing on your own, decide

who could they possibly ask to fight?
energy, loaded brain, muscle flex
bullet holes, wild roses and benzes  
a quiet view, this place feels like home

who could possibly burn the struggle down?
in the voice of the enemy, you hear yourself
too many will fall, too many will collapse
you're standing on your own, my friend
Sep 2020 · 407
So There
TIZZOP Sep 2020
i met a girl and tried to kiss her
but at nighttime, we standing on our own
we be watching old jack, showing off
heavy necklaces, king of gold bracelets

old jack had approcached us like a wizard
and showed her and me his palm lines
she looked at them and guessed: a butcher
old jack smiled, a smile filled with home
Deeply inspired by:  

Sep 2020 · 321
In A Time Lapse
TIZZOP Sep 2020
the joker hid the river's whispering
under a blanket of girls, imprint faces
in a forgotten manner, joker smiled

a joker can put on a thief's smile
iceblue talk, straight from the dead
in a time lapse, joker dealt the cards

underworld creatures were filling the bar
they bowlering, deeply engaged in themselves
in a time lapse, goons ordered whisky

hollerings of massive gold bracelets
a crow, a rack or a bible, choose
in a forgotten manner, they did business
Sep 2020 · 225
The Silver Olive Tree
TIZZOP Sep 2020
the spaciousness of iceblue daylight
you're praying under a frozen olive tree
doubts overpower you: are you good enough?
proving, you scarify your skin with a shard

bourdeaux-red blood mirrors moon fields
the cold drink was frothing like sea spray
you're licking your lips, the sanatorium
snowwhite building, melting windows

if you should go there after prayer
not a question, you're walking right and left
the cold drinks were frothing, you remember?
you forgot it and you remember everything

the silver olive tree includes words
all whispered sticks to it, like dust
if you listen to that tree, you'll hear
hidden is its place among black rocks
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