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Your Love shine bright like a diamond
Whose herds with milk
whose fields with bread
with the sight of Your light that
shines so bright
Your Love shines across the
The Mediterranean Sea with summers breeze
the moon glistens over the sea
I choose to be happy and that is when
I found you in June
with you in my life, I am on high
You and I this Love will always shine
We're like diamonds in the midnight sky
flying on high for others too see
what true Love brings
to see we are running free
The knowledge I see in your eyes is an ample
Your Love holds me keeps me clean
You're a shooting star of ecstasy
that runs right into me
you are that star that my heart needs
When you hold me
my world starts to come alive
for the first time
You have given me a reason to keep on living
We're like diamonds in the sky
sing our Love on high
in that big beautiful sky
Your Love to me is like one of a kind
You light my heart like a burning star
beaming from far right to my heart
in the night sky, we will fly
Your Love is like a dream
A dream that came true
In times of my Life, it was hard to find
Mr. Right
Your Life
your love takes me places I never been
I never have seen or been only in dreams
Your Love is the applause to my heart
I knew that we'd become one
right from the start
I felt the energy of your words
lite of my soul like the sun rays
I saw my life changing
when you came in it
inside your eyes, I have seen me
The knowledge You have given me
given me the strength to believe in Love
  Your Love shot a spark right in my heart
like a blaze that hit so deep within me
This Love is beautiful
It's like diamonds in the sky
Singing love song on high
just for you and I
You are the noble one of my heart
I was froze lost at sea but you saved me.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2012
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
I had been put to the test
I truly fought the fight
to do what was right
time after time
I found myself
in another dream
I couldn't rewind a thing
when it comes to darkening dreams
Oh, how Dark Angel makes me scream
I look into the future
in a mirror of my room
I could see Dark Angels eyes
looking back at me
beyond his eyes are a ***** side
of another kind
A place I haven't seen before
where Life is so unfair
I see the poor everywhere
hungry eyes in a place of death
Oh, how this pain took my breath
dry air everywhere
Don't cry a voice out of the night
telling me it will all be alright
just keep your faith
this is the way
you are being tested
you are being broken
but in the end
you will kiss the pains away
so hold on to your faith
that is when I open my eyes
to a brighter day.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1982
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
Kindness holds blessedness
where Love, peace
will be with thee
when you find yourself
overpowered in darkness
open your eyes to what it is
you truly miss  
go out and touch someone
with kindness and love
speak to them with hope
let the light shine into your night
Hatting on people
is a dark state of mind
it is like a stone upon your throne
the sickness that made way to your soul
a darkness that has taken control

Poetic Judy Emery © 1982
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
I cried with so many tears in my eyes
when I sleep I have darkened dreams
that make me scream
I hold on to love with all my might
I will not let go or take flight
I worried always for the lost
hoping that one day they will see
at times I felt so alone
but I know God Jehovah will never overload
I walk alone in a world so cold
I could never call this place a home
I have seen so much madness
holding on to the sadness
in the eyes of the innocence
I see the lies that stand before me
the suffering of hate and greed
make my heart bleed like the red sea
Why can't the cold world see
the teardrops that fall from heaven we call rain
oh broken hearts that hold on to pain
let it go and let your tears flow into the rain of pain
let go of darkness that runs into the souls
don't let your hearts run cold like snow
if you are in pain call out Jehovah and Jesus name
and let God and our Lord wash away the pain.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1982
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
It's so cold in this darkened world
Silence is a big part of my life
Oh, I don't want to cry
I can't handle any more pain
I'm homeless standing in the rain
feeling so ashamed
while all eyes look my way
keeping the hateful pressures
that gives me so much stress
what a Big mess my life is in
I'm Hurt so why doesn't anyone give a dame?
My heart is on Empty
I had seen plenty
to make the light go dim
I remember when others would say
while they walked my way
Life will soon get better
but all things got for me is bitter
I tell myself I must pull myself together
But this darkness just keeps hanging over me
I'm always trying to find the light
that once had shined in my eyes
But that's when thing are the hardest
leaving me more broken hearted
I pick my mind over and over with time
I have no more energy to fight
But I keep looking for what is right
I'm drowning in this pain
that my old past gave
everyone always tells me to look at the future
That's when I started to cry
another time in my life
asking what Future
when all I see is the black and white
I can still remember all those hurtful words
that play's in my mind
this is too much for me to take all at once
I wish this madness would end
and let my life began
I've tried so hard to make means with my past
But they keep coming back
I know some calls it a reality
of just being human
I cry so loud ''Why Lie To Me''
this isn't the way my life should be
Empty is all I have
Empty is all I will ever be
Empty yet not free
from what is killing me
I once knew I was good enough
But, that's when everyone loved to judge me
saying hurtful things to bring me down
Oh, how they loved to see me bleed
I've just had too much of their jealousy
going around putting blames on me
I'm drowning in this old sorrow
I don't know if I will see another tomorrow
I'm cut deep within me
I'm feeling so Empty
I'm too scared to face what Life has to offer me
I prayed that one day I could erase
all those hurtful memories
because life was never easy on me
I lived life with no family
because they are the ones that made me
feel so Empty
that is why I left them in my past
But somehow they keep fighting me back
their hurtful words played over time in my mind
that left me in a world of darkness.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1985
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
Don't judge anyone
unless you want to be judged,
never lock down on someone
unless you are going to help them up,
Don't judge a soul
just to make their heart turn cold,
Just because one's looks different than you
they still bleed the same,
Don't judge someone's choices they made in Life
without understanding their reasons.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1982
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
More abuse and lies to manipulate
just to see if he could get things to go his way
he will go an say whatever he needs to control
he used the love tactics to lure his victim in!
but I know all the games he play's
Dark Angel took a chair next to mine
saying what he feels is genuine
then he then  started looking at me
then asking me if I believed him
I told him I will never believe anything he has to say
Now he is trying to find more ways to manipulate me
that's when he got up from his chair and said
he needed another bottle of champagne
would I like to have some with him
I told him no thanks
again he would say champagne with me, my love?
That's when I didn't answer back
because he was ready to attack
I can tell that angered him but he tried not to show it
then he poured two glasses  and he would say
no need to be shy, drink I won't bite
Oh, the lies started just pouring from his mouth
his old words are becoming  smoother
Come on he would say, take and drink with me
when I would say no thanks again
his started verbal abusing me
by calling me hateful names then shame blaming me
telling me why he could never trust me
he would downgrade me in many different ways
then he would tell me to drink the glass I poured you,
it will dull your pain that is cutting through your soul right now
so I started to sip on my glass and that's when he would say
good girl Moonlight, I knew you didn't want me to get upset
Oh, how that put a smile on his face
then he started walking  behind me playing with my hair,
telling me how much he truly loves me
that he would do anything for me
then he walked around just to see my face
my eyes and watch my tears flow
he would drink another sip shoving his cold finger in my face
Moonlight what do you feel for me
I took a sip and never said a word
that's when he kicked my chair and reached over to slap me
now tell me what you feel for me
I said I have no feeling for him and I will never
then he kissed me then bit my lips until they started to bleed
I felt that pain I started crying out saying you are insane
then he would tell me -
your the blame for me to act this away
he could see in my eyes I am getting angry just as he
but I kept my silence while he calls me a heartless queen
that's when I stood up with a smile on my face
Oh, I would say, I thought you like me this away
that's when I walked away without another word.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1982
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
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