8.7k · May 2017
Enigmatically Imperfect
Temporal Fugue May 2017

Nope, don't do it
show me mountains I can't climb

Don't, dare a darer
and tell me, it won't rhyme

Can't be a place on earth
I can't go, examine, or explore

Holding, or finding the keys
I'll open each, and every door

Willingly not an option
dropping thoughts or words, into my mind

Questing for perplexing
if it can't be prosed, a way, is what I'll find

What if something doesn't have a poem?
how can it exist, if everything is art?
and a picture, is more than a 1000 words

Thanks to everyone for reading and making this a daily poem, I'm honored :)
2.1k · Dec 2016
Ahhh, no way ET
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

If aliens were real
and came down from outer-space
picking me up at sunset
from my car, or place

I'd try to be so polite
and chauffeur them the globe
while stressing emphatically
ain't gonna be an anal probe

We could go to diner
go dancing, under strobes
let me stress right now there Yoda
ain't gonna be an anal probe

They may argue all they want
but they're still just xenophobes
and unless they all look, just like Taylor Swift
ain't gonna be an anal probe

Sorry, just went anal there for a moment :D
2.1k · Oct 2016
Superman's cape
Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

You'll never see certain things in the news
Wonder Woman, coming, totally unglued
Superman, tripping on his cloak
Green Lantern, while lighting up a smoke
Ironman, paying out, his Avenger dues
The Hulk wearing spandex, and tiny ballet shoes
Captain America, his shield, being broke
Batman caught, telling a good joke
Wolverine passing gas, asking to excuse
Storm in the bathroom, blushing, as she poos

Storm, get it? Storm in the bathroom! *snicker*
Yes, my inner three year old shines through! :D
1.9k · May 2017
Self Motivation (10w)
Temporal Fugue May 2017

Nothing I can say to motivate
someone, who isn't me

Remember self motivation?
Seems like the younger generations don't know it at all. :/
1.9k · Oct 2016
Joker's creed
Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

Crazy is as crazy does, that doesn't apply to me
I work in vivid's, reds, purples, yellows, it's just my artistry

My mind is my playground, it recreates past history
accessing the irony of images, not a silent plea

Hero's by any name, are fools, explicitly
doing what they do, and doing it, for free

A short taking from a quote the Joker made in a movie.
"If you are good at something, never do it for free"
1.9k · Dec 2016
Poetic Engineer
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

He's coming down the tracks, grinding all the gears
The cold steel rails he runs, inflexible, no fears

Engine whines and steam combines, so screams, and disappears
Down the highway of conviction, the past, now in arrears

More coal, more oil, into the furnace, as boiler glows, it seems
All of what he has, he is, is poured into his dreams

I've made some punctuation changes to this one, the third line is one I have always been proud of.
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

There once was a warrior Princess, named Zena
no cares for the glitz and patina
she never ran from a fight
although she now might
as she didn't like, the subpoena

Hehe Hercules was a fool ;D
1.6k · Nov 2016
Lost DNA
Temporal Fugue Nov 2016

Whoa! I lost it!
Did you see where it went?
Is it on the table, maybe in the tent?

It's not like it's RNA
Or simple stomach acid
It's not easily subdued, by using an antacid

Dropping cells everyday
In every way and place
Depositing myself, in the human race

Fear not that you may be collected
And your DNA then filed
Used for experiments, unsanctioned and so vile

DOH! Fingernails, boogers, skin, hair, poo, etc etc etc.......
Somewhere in Mississippi, is a guy with a DNA sequencer making a giant human alligator hybrid Ewwww. (you know it's true:D)
Temporal Fugue Oct 2017

What will happen
what will be
is something, that's quite new to me
Every given outcome
calculated, analyzed
actions, as my mind, is now, paralyzed
Simple mathematical
adding ones, and twos
a simple something, that I just can't do
Standing face to face
perplexed and overwrought
caught in eyes so gray
all answers to all questions
as now all of them
I've got

Yup, sometimes they are green too ;D
1.5k · Sep 2016
Super Heroines my Villainess
Temporal Fugue Sep 2016

Batman in his belfry
Robin at the all you can eat buffet
Batgirl in my bedroom
things going, all my way

Riddler plying his prose
Gordon on patrol
Catwoman in my trousers
happily, loosing all control

Joker playing the saboteur
Penguin relaxing at the shore
Harley-quinn in my shower
as golly gee and will-a-curs
I can't ask for nothing more

1.4k · Jan 2017
I was never good at tests
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

I was never good at tests
spending hours sitting in a chair
pretending to take notes, doodling and scribbling
daydreaming of places, places just not there

I was never good at tests
dodging bullies in the classroom, and halls
carrying books in a belt, my locker never worked
good at sports, basket and racquetball

I was never good at tests
lettering in architecture, wood and metal shop
not quite a geek, but definitely a nerd
boozing on school trips, and every resting stop

I was never good at tests
in retrospect I realize, the girls used to flirt
those were the days of my introvert
trying to stay unscathed and unhurt
I was never good, at tests

In those days I was wallpaper paste, I never realized Nicki Hatch knew I was alive :D
Temporal Fugue Feb 2017

You mind if I smoke?
You mind, if I fart?

Which is worse?
Not sure if this has been done before, butt, it's new to my mind :D
1.4k · Oct 2016
Not on Earth
Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

Air is getting thicker, not with oxygen ya know
People dying quicker, going with the global flow

Oceans full of carbon tubes, global warming the norm
Political tools, and boobs, fueling a worldly storm

Wars raging rampant, blood, at every door
Famine abundant, no food, for the poor

If there were an open berth, for Mars would I be bound
So, if you're also leaving earth, in that line, I can be found

1.4k · Jan 2017
Mmmmm Meat!
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

I've had mountain oyster, and pigs feet, in stew
tasted chocolate bugs, and was that cheese, or glue?
I may have had cat, and dog, in a Mexican venue
frog legs, goat and snake, just to name a few

If it walks or crawls, or makes a nest or den
you can rest assured, it's only where, and when
God made animals of meat, as is every single hen
captured, cleaned, BBQ'd, eaten by women, children, men

Omnivores, world's best, eating every way, and thing
food up in the larder, of bread and wine, to sing
don't have to tell me what it is, if it has legs, or wings
just put it on the table, tasting all, that nature brings

What do vegetarians dream of? Textured vegetable protein, that tastes like meat :D
1.3k · Oct 2016
Prose and Drought
Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

Flurries of enlightenment, following
blizzards without dreams

Sprinklings of epiphanies, accompanied by
deluges of rambling screams

Gentle winds of understanding, conjoined
sand storms of despair

Clear ponds of insight, in the wake
tsunamis of nightmares

No clear or concise light
not without the glare

Thoughts snatched from eyes of hurricanes
not common, but so rare

Does it ever seem like, screaming underwater?
1.3k · Feb 2017
The Devil, is a lawyer
Temporal Fugue Feb 2017

The lawyers walk along the street
thousand dollar shoes upon their feet
Housed in buildings, tenth floor with views
office not a cube, paying out club dues

Banging the legal secretary, on the ottoman
her bonus not a surprise, to each and everyone
The kids put up, at greater boarding schools
home they'll be for the holidays, thinkin dad's a tool

The Benz is in the shop, the BMW second choice
wife's harping, just won't stop, grating is the voice
The boss wants the briefs by noon, you better get them in
he'll have your nuts over a fire, and that's, just to begin

If my boss were the Devil, a few things I would do
like bring him morning coffee, and a pastry, one or two
There's no winning in the end, to hell you will be bound
after all of your summations, Devil still, will drag you down

Yup, and his brother too! :D
1.3k · Nov 2016
Congrats? <scratches head>
Temporal Fugue Nov 2016

Well, I guess that'll show us
getting just what we deserve
A presidential childlike wonder
nothing held back, in reserve
When in inauguration
you can bet your two red cents
America has collected
on a promised, Trump-up-Pence

I'm wondering if the whole "solidarity" thing is gonna work.
A word play with "come-up-pence:" :D
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

Nothing like, a cat soiree
Dancing cats, it's their forte'
If you're ever in thoughtful doubt
Need to smile, but can only pout
Find the cats, at their hangout
As they sing and dance about
Doing jigs and Rumba ques
Square dancing, a happy view
Tapping out to follow thru
Catty moves, line dancing too
Here Merengue, there is jive
Frolicking free, fully alive
No better joy, of feline scenes
Kittens cavort, like dancing fiends

Another dusted off oldy fresh from the vaults, reworded and extended, resplendently amended:D
1.3k · Dec 2016
Impractically worthless
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

Couldn't do college, didn't work for me
what passed for current knowledge, a paid for type degree

Obsolete information passed off as recent fare
professors and administrators, apathy beyond compare

Sitting in the classrooms, watching movies on TV
of how it should be done, and hidden meanings see

I learned more in High School, from bullies and from fights
it's not the might of fists, but knowing wrong from right

No greater disappointment, on graduation day
paying rubies for wisdom, best got another way

How many of our college grads will be paying for their worthless degree for decades? D:
Temporal Fugue May 2017

She's smooth as cream and silk
on her skin and in her mind
her touch and movements epic
ever sensual, and perfectly refined

I can still feel her gaze
when I close my weary eyes
exciting every single nerve
she doesn't even, have to try

Sliding in her deepest pool
playing with her moans and sighs
breaking every warning and rule
nibbling, at her breast and thighs

Gentle nibbles, not too much
and fingers moving higher
Tongue and lips in playful touch
stirring our desire

Skin aglow in heated flush
hair wrapped in your fingers
sighs and breaths in gasping rush
a teasing kiss that lingers

Awakening a mutual ache
whispered needs in muted tones
Each in turn to give and take
as words give way to sated moans

As her sweet salty skin
Lay bared to breath
Her bumps of fleshly excitement
Erupting on the scene

Touches, quivering
Vulnerability behold
Let lose your key
Open your soul

A ripple on my skin
and wetness down below
our eyes searching deep within
as we become one in our soul

A touch of burning desire
so warm, melting down my walls
each kiss, closer to the edge
exhilarating, intoxicating, as I fall

A flame of rapt emotion
explosions of such power
a volcano already in motion
oh god, I scream out louder!

A 4 way ;D~
Cné, Liz, Moi and Traveler, in alphabetical order.

The order of the stanzas is NOT in Alphabetical order ya have to guess, who did what!
Temporal Fugue Feb 2017

Using liberal theory
in reality
to totally, fuck up traffic

Have ya seen these new intersections, where everybody goes WTF? :D
1.2k · Dec 2016
Tis The Clock Eyed Skull
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

The clock eyed skull cannot see
marking till it's time of death
A wandering both wild and free
like imbibing, too much meth

An avatar by any name
is still just a mask to hide
who and what lies beneath
that will never coincide

Pouring words to page
an effort to reconcile
left for a latter age
to judge it's form and style

Always in the background
hopes and fears for humanity
disappearing without a sound

I chose this avatar, because, when I searched for images of "Temporal Fugue" this one struck me as most apropos.
There is no greater movement in time, than splitting, or fusing an atom.:D
1.2k · Oct 2016
Mightier than the Sword
Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

It has an edge unparalleled, it's accuracy is keen
the implement is unexcelled, all lines and curves are clean

No markings mar the hilt or blade, no runes upon it's length
by Godly hands this tool is made, it yields a Godly strength

Of masters, few may claim it, of betters, there are none
ware the hand this tool will fit, beware the things it's done

The pen/quill has killed and saved more lives than any sword ever did, or will.
1.2k · Dec 2016
What if?
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

If chickens could talk
"can I eat all your kids?"
"and make fun, of how you squawk?"

If cows would communicate
"got anything else but corn?"
"wow, wouldn't that be great?"

If tomatoes had vocal cords
"why are all of us so red?"
"and ketchup, our reward?"

If cats, did more than purr
"why am I trapped in here?"
"slave, now lick my fur"

The ifs and buts and may have beens
stacked tightly in the hall
Humanity treated as is nature
wouldn't nature, have a ball?

I'm no vegan or PETA fanatic, but I wonder :D
"Soylent Green is peeeooopppllleee!" Charlton Heston
Temporal Fugue Nov 2016

The emptiness a reminder
of what once, was there
not really ever gone
just another, empty chair

In the wake is left a grey
and hollow space
with hopes to share again
another time and place

No way to fill the void
without a single trace
the places we avoid
trying, to save grace

When grace is what we hope to find
and on becoming disillusioned
the choice to leave it all behind
sometimes seems the only solution

Holding up the memories
those no longer at our side
it's not that they aren't with us
ghostly mirroring, our strides

The spirit's essence lingers on
no longer here, yet never gone
as is the sunrise to the dawn
an eternal tune, a never-ending song

Though we grieve that they should leave our presence far too soon
our memories hold melodies of their poetic tune
so remember, the loss and pain, gleaned upon the road
it's but a simple reminder, of the poet's code

Winn's inspiration from her Poem "grey² II"
All the good lines, are hers ;)
1.1k · Jun 2017
A broken 4th
Temporal Fugue Jun 2017

They'll not be forgotten
just moved along by the cops
they'll mumble and shuffle
avoiding a scuffle
as the guillotine, finally drops

Fighting for freedom
commendations they earned and deserve
discarding their souls
in deeper foxholes
and always doing what's needed, to serve

The days come and gone
Veterans now left out on their own
as damaged and broken
the politics spoken
but leaving them cold, and alone

We'll bang the drum slowly
and march to manicured graves
we'll sing all the songs
righting all wrongs
here, in the land of the free
and the brave

It's shameful and horrible how our veterans are discarded like worthless flesh by our military system, and the VA is the epitome of indifference and antithesis of compassion that delivers the final dagger to their backs. :|
1.1k · May 2017
Elevated Exaltation
Temporal Fugue May 2017

She's the type, to take away your soul
bury you in forever, taking, full control
She won't, she can't, let you heal, or rest
saving her best for last, a woman, girl, possessed

There's not going to be a break, or lull
she's on fire, insatiable, never tired, or full
Driving, striving, to reach peaks and plateaus
bringing you along, in her afterglow

Never spent or run down, kisses that entice
always moving forward, using all, and every vice
Ride the ride while you can, as imagination flows
she'll inspire all and everything, laughing, as she goes

I can imagine :D
and, I can imagine a lot LOL
1.1k · May 2017
Just call me Kohler
Temporal Fugue May 2017

Moist upon your skin
warm, wet, wild, and free
calling me your shower
and no, not urine and/or pee

Kisses fall as rain
gentle, massaging drops
removing sweat and pain
hoping the water, never stops

Use me as you're wanton
five settings with a click
vibrating is the best
a hand held, orgasmic trip

And yes, I definitely felt it necessary to say it's NOT a "golden shower"! x)
1.1k · Apr 2017
Rings, true
Temporal Fugue Apr 2017

It was a simple thing
throwing out the trash
cleaning out reminders
the embers, and the ash

When it fell into my hand
memories, long now forgot
resurfacing again, to pain
the ring, that I had bought

Take care when remembering
don't linger, on the chaff
the tinniest, and little things
will kick you, in the ass

Like stumbling over a paperclip, that used to hold a picture, long forgotten. :)
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

It's a possibility, you know me, but a probability, that you don't
possible you'll see me, but probable, that you won't

A possible connection, the kind that ever sings
but probable, no music, no contributions bring

Where it's a probable rejection, that cuts into my soul
or a possible exception, losing all controls

Everything in life, is possible, like songs within the wind
not all things are probable, and so, here I go again

I follow behind you, where probability is ever thin
instead of beside you, where possibilities, never end

I've teased this one over the years, the enigma of what is probable vs what is possible has always intrigued me. :D
1.1k · May 2017
Monkey Wrenching
Temporal Fugue May 2017

The universe confounding, plans of mice, and men
it's not confined to where, just events, of how, and when

Fate throws a monkey wrench, into all cogs, and gears
destroying the machinery, confirming doubts, and fears

Murphy was an optimist, I've hear that said before
offered up the obstacles, blocking all, and any open doors

The wreckage and destruction, will never be forgot
plans that yielded nothing, amount too, diddly-squat

Yup, just when ya thought it was done, or fixed, or repaired, or planned BOOM! :\
1.1k · Oct 2016
Nobody likes the goblins
Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

The trolls don't like the orcs
the orcs don't like the elves
the elves don't like the goblins
the goblins, don't like themselves

Fairies can be such snobs
on this, each and all agree
whether alone, or in mobs
each, proud of pedigree

The singular exception
and it makes sense to me
a need of complete contraception
eradicating, the goblin family tree

1.0k · May 2017
Until, again
Temporal Fugue May 2017

She stands upon the cliffs
eyes fixed upon the waves
she knows he will return
so, she's trying to be brave

The portals and paths, now open
lip to lip and skin to skin
slipping over peaks and tips
always, the ecstasy, within

As sea to ocean, and ocean to sea
wandering, on the shores
sharing the view, and memories
opening, and closing, doors

And there, ya have it :D
1.0k · May 2017
Recollected Rhyme
Temporal Fugue May 2017

Return with me
come back in time
to an older memory

Reading words
that everyone can see

Your first
but not your last
it may be raw or bad

Perusing older prose
hurt feelings
love, happy, sad, or mad

Wondering the past
why a word got turned
choices made so carefully

Poetry, so learned

I think everybody goes back and reads their old stuff from time to time
kinda a perspective of back then, vs here and now.
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

The injunctions haven't helped, isn't any cure
He's been infected, trapped upon your stalker tour

Forced yourself upon him, claiming him your own
demanding without notice, not leaving him alone

Surprising him at every turn, stalking his house and home
driving him to dire extremes, nowhere that he can roam

Peaking from behind his curtains, knowing, your out there somewhere
the cops tell him, you're harmless, they don't really seem to care

He knows one day he'll waken, find you beneath his sheets
aghast as he's taken, with no time, left to tweet

I have a friend that had a stalker, he married her, they now have two kids, and divorced after 12 yrs, go figure! :D
962 · Oct 2016
Damn kids!
Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

Pumpkin pumpkin, I spent alot of time
Carving you a fancy face
Removing all the rind, and slime

Pumpkin pumpkin, sittin on my stoop
I'm hoping in the morning
You'll not be filled with poop

955 · Oct 2016
Overly sensitive
Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

When and where did it happen
the shaming from the few
incensed at any notion
not a choice, for me and you

The media mere shills
for propagating hate
too many fools upset
offended, and irate

Don't sell those clown masks
they might give us a fright
after all, you and I, my friend
are really not that bright

Protected from everything
and from everything denied
it may hurt or harm you
you can be damn sure, they won't let you decide

Not really sure who they are, but I know it can't be good :D
Temporal Fugue Apr 2017

I've been here before, and probably, will again
my actions open doors, matters of, where and when

I've often wandered, and drifted down the lane
my mind freshly laundered, a now forgotten bane

I've made my philosophical bed, and slept there every day
fuzzy memories of things I've said, and things, I didn't say

History delivers no breaks, as at each and every turn
doomed to repeat the same mistakes, and to never really, learn

Looks like history is not the only thing, with a short memory :)
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

The suit is made by Giorgio, no, not Calvin Kline
a poetic impresario, every word, and every line

The briefcase Salvatore Ferragamo, filled with great prose and rhyme
bold, like John Wayne at the Alamo, when he, was in his prime

A Suited up stick figure, appearing to float, and climb
perusing the things he wrote, commending them, to time

Hey, it's called poetic license!
To Traveler, even if you are in Michigan, and a Lion's fan ;D
951 · Apr 2017
Little green eyed monster
Temporal Fugue Apr 2017

I believe in words
whether long, or short
whether or not, absurd
I'm just that type, or sort

I don't sail the seven seas
I do just as I want
no, I'm not a tease
or on a wordy jaunt

Jealousy for lesser beings
no envy to portray
I'm not into possessions
at least, not people, anyway

I do just as I please
it's simply how I roll
and I'm not upon my knees
to any type, of any troll

Envy is kinda pointless IMO :)
Temporal Fugue Mar 2017

Don't marry the first one, that you take to bed
don't let victories and ego, over inflate your head
Stick to your books, and keep your mind free, and clear
try not to worry so much, and contain, each and every fear
Never take the top bunk, or a chair with back, to door
eat well in the morning, and never eat food, off of the floor
Don't overindulge in anything, or even, anyone
wear your sunscreen, but don't, stay out of the sun
Live life to the fullest, keep your heart young, and pure
If you do this my friend, of many things you can be sure
Like living to an old age, and keeping up your health
seeing your gran-kids, maybe acquiring a little wealth
But most importantly, I would be remiss
keep secrets to yourself, please, remember this

keeping confidence means more that being brash, or a loud mouth :)
Temporal Fugue Feb 2017

I don't want to name it
it shall remain just so

Totally, completely optional
that's the way to go

No meaning and no purpose
as it's just another tag

I don't like applying labels
I'm not a tabloid rag

So keep on looking
and use all of your wits

Of a moniker or such
one that's clever, and will fit

Nothing catchy, or descriptive
not from me, to you

Titles are so damn cliche'
don't you think, that's true?

Not picking on poets/poetess' that don't name their work, just doin something based on the lack of it :D
936 · Jan 2017
Ultimate Destroyer!
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

Sergeant Weeble, stepped up
to the firing line
insuring every soldier
aimed, and took his time

The evil dinosaur rebellion
it just had to be put down
saving every good toy motionless
on the battleground

The Sergeant loudly exclaimed
all is not, as it is claimed
Destroyer released, within the foyer

The fell Destroyer now freed
to deliver killing blows
the rank and file reminder
a laying low, of friend, and foe

It doesn't matter, if you take
all the toy guns away
a tennis ball destroyer
will always, win the day

I remember hours spent lining up my toys, and knocking em down time and time again. Who needs toy guns, when an imaginative weapon, requires only two fingers on my hand, with a hammer thumb? :D
934 · Mar 2017
Judging by your intellect
Temporal Fugue Mar 2017

Hey hey hey boys, no need to use your fists or knives
Settle this like civilized folks, and let Judge Judy drive
Did you bring all your paperwork, all the bills and claims?
Did you give it to the bailiff? no need playing silly games
I really hope your not a fool, or worse, stole your neighbor's cat
The Judge doesn't really like that, and might label you a brat
If you hit his new car, and drove off in an utter tiff
Well more than likely you'll find, with the bill you're stiffed
Her eyes burn holes in carbon, her gaze kills lesser men
I hope and pray for your sake, you're not at fault, my friend
In the after comments, standing out, in the courtroom hall
The interviewing idiot will ask you, "Ya think, that was, the righteous call?"

"Uuuuuhhhh, DUH, no
I should have brought my mom
she was there
she saw it all"

If you ever get a chance to see this show, don't. :D
930 · Aug 2017
Her effect
Temporal Fugue Aug 2017

I can hear you smiling
and picture your embrace
your words so beguiling
a gentle touch, upon my face

Every time and every way
soothing, as you go
removing angst, and anger
your voice, affects me so

Melody and musically
to calm my savage breast
eloquent and beautifully
my mind and heart, at rest

A song I hear, and see
every time, you're near
removing my anxiety
quieting my fears

Every single time!
894 · Nov 2016
Brussel Sprout revenge
Temporal Fugue Nov 2016

Like tiny cabbages, they look
a green and leafy fare
and with butter, cooked
steamed with utter care

Ware not the subtle flavor
or pungency of scent
but you must be prepared
as gaseous, their intent

Roughage but a name
for things passing through
to the bowels, it's all the same
just vegetarian-al glue

Spare your loved ones the attack
retire to the loo
after all my friends
there's nothing else to doo

:D Don't forget steamed buttered cabbage!
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

Temporal Fugue
(Skull with clock eyes)
The darkness is a metaphor, for all we cannot see or know
like a foreboding open door, causing fear to grow

(Suited up stick figure)
When the Poet becomes one with both mind and heart
Such fear shall be reflective within Ones art

Temporal Fugue
Gazing deep into the night, dark abyss, or devil's crack
knowing when to fight, and when to turn your back

It is cold here and my words are merely steam
Turning in to droplets of less than they mean

Temporal Fugue
Ice gathers where it will, it denies all define
a sundering of stone, or vertebrae in spine

Reluctantly we push that stone up an eternal hill of misplaced wells, only to tumble

Temporal Fugue
Picking up all the pieces, assembling it, like new
casting many pennies in, withdrawing, but a few

A collaboration with Traveler
872 · Dec 2016
What if
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

What if

we don't follow orders
what if, we ignore the Pope
what if, there is no punishment
delivered, at the bottom of a rope

What if

we decide not to hurt and kill
what if, we all live in peace
what if, there is real justice
rehabing, criminals and thiefs

What if

we propose a human treaty
what if, it's put up to a vote
what if, it passes referendum
government, no longer bloats and gloats

What if

we treat each other gently
what if, kind words are thoughts are said
what if, you and I my friend
abandon war, embracing love, instead

Is it just me, or does it seem we are racing down the slopes of Armageddon on a run-a-way tobagin to hell? :(
871 · Jan 2017
Peed upon
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

I guess whats scares me most, is not Trump's false report of pee
but that mainstream media, is locked in, urinarily

Counting many stories, from safety, to mental discrepancies
our mainstream media machines, locked totally, on pee

Don't do the Google search, don't look for possibilities
as mainstream media reports, all information, about pee

As OMG, and "your kidding?", that's a disability?
wait for it my friend, it's already, on TV

Seriously? we really need more info (not like we didn't have enough) on pee fetishes? :|
863 · Nov 2016
The pen, once more
Temporal Fugue Nov 2016

As the ink flows, to paper, from pen
manipulating power, knowing where, and when

Swords and greater weapons, never entering the duel
implements of dictators, tyrants, presidents, and fools

Give me this day my words and will, to pour upon the page
not in halls of gallantry, but in hopes, that wars will not be waged

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