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Everybody GOT
what they did, or didn't want
Bran the broken, no iron throne
to rule six kingdoms, all alone

Tyrion once more the hand
Sansa the Queen in northern lands
the wall once more for Jon Snow
I guess that's just, the way things go

The Unsullied back to whence they came
the Dothraki, who can say?
Arya to western shores
Dani to exist, no more

Drogon mourns, of this I'm sure
he may not live, or long endure
last dragon, no friends or family claim
That's GOT to be
the greatest
Kinda anti-climactic IMO, although I'm sure all the dog people who complained about Jon not petting the Dire wolf in parting were happy for the final scenes of this last episode. ;D
Wow, can she manipulate
the buttons in my skull
pushing them incessantly
a little boy, at school

No, I'm not thinner
my hairline does recede
not gonna start a business
I don't always need
to feed

No, the motorcycle
hasn't killed me yet
I'm taking all my vitamins
I don't gamble, and/or bet

I don't require constant praise
I'm over the age of ten
knowing you just don't see me now
but picture me, back then
I love my Mom to death, but the repetitiveness and unwillingness to understand "I'M AN ADULT", drives me crazy. :\
His thoughts, way too obtuse
like a circle, or a hangman's noose
no way or how triangulate
he's too slow to circumnavigate

A square by any other name
acute the angle some would blame
an octagon with sharpened sides
on his illogical reasoning ride

At apogee his arc unwise
he's passionate, and ****, he tries
it's just a measure of degrees
in geocentric isosceles

He'll never fathom parallel
or what it means in rational
ratio to rhombus, unequal lines
I'm so afraid I've lost
my mind
It's all mathematical ;D~
When personal freedoms are legislated
all freedom
is already lost
Still the political/religious minority dictating to the majority, what's best for all of us, even if, it isn't...
May 17 · 84
An unaddressed problem
Such are beliefs
they ******* what's right
chaining up women
not smart, and not bright

Making more children
though unwanted and forced
***** and/or incestuous
no adoptions enforced?

As par for the course
progeny in need
more unwanted children
open mouths
left too feed

I guess I wouldn't
be bothered so much
if these legislators, religions
would take in all such

They'll grow up angry
they'll grow up confused
they don't have a choice
as puppets, abused

Politicians and churches
coffers, locked tight
survival the fittest
not moral, or right
A definite bastardization of separation of church and state.
I'm not seeing any bills to address how these unwanted children are to be cared for. I guess we'll just do it like we do the impoverished portion of our current society, pull them down to the pits, make them dependent on social programs, and leave them to constantly repeat a horrible cycle of pain. D:

Yup, that's government and religion's answer to everything, too stand on a purported high ground, and  pontificate morals they don't subscribe too, while the children suffer. Welcome to America ....
May 15 · 168
Sweetest (Sorry Dr Hook)
Still I wander those memories
my mind it pauses, then stalls
holding your body beside me
greatest and sweetest of all

So, I'll just keep remembering
and picture your hand, in mine
keeping alive, this feeling
for now, and throughout all time

Still the sweetest of all, babe
still the sweetest of all

Alive, today and tomorrow
sweetest and greatest

May 13 · 674
Floundering (10w)
Only a minute
to be lost
to be
Never lose sight of your friends ;)
May 13 · 361
I'll not drag you down with me
but discourage you, to follow
no future, that I can see
just a bitter pill, to swallow

Each and every path I grasp
no fortune to smile or favor
my heart until my last gasp
nothing to taste, or savor

With my final breath and sigh
I'll not wish to find you there
no life or soul or tears un-cried
nothing equal and/or spared

Live your life beyond this field
the blood the fire and the screams
never give up, or yield
or compromise
your dreams
Time moves in only one direction
May 8 · 1.1k
Avoiding the shadows
Rise up!
conquer your ****
believe in yourself
make yourself well
fight the urges to cut
and abuse of your mind
no if and or but
love, you may find
the will and the power
been granted to all
each leaf and flower
to rise and not fall
if there's no light
make one of your own
stay in the fight
cuz in all truth
you're not
May 7 · 628
Living Cathartic
I've heard it often said
"that which doesn't **** you
makes you strong"

But in my experience
one of the few
I know, that's completely wrong

A broke heart mightn't make you dead
there are far worse things
I'm sure

Like the pain and loneliness
that just makes you wish
you were
Limping through the motions
bleeding from all pores
wondering just how long
and can I suffer

Sorry folks! No need for alarm, not really a poem about me as about the condition of pain worse than death. :)
May 3 · 392
Slipping into Summer
Winter gone
as Spring rains down
ushering in a change
in pouring of water, drown
snow now in exchange

Flowers bloom
in April's moon
bright and scented plumes
June awaits at Spring's green gates
the heat of Summer all

Giving way
there will come a day
when leaves no longer green
and Fall will decorate it's crown
with color, sunset themed

Full circle
Winter rushes in
a pirouette, on ice
northern winds soon begin
it all goes round
Time flies by me faster, as I get older :(
In the end an Iron Man died
worthy or not, what will be
heading down the path he strived
that only Strange, could see

Glitterati and old cliche
like chaff before a storm
souls surrendered, come what may
and bodies not cold, still warm

Many many many lives
and many more it seems
seeing just what will/can survive
Avenging brighter dreams

Here at the end, of everything
what can we say matters most
the stones of infinity arrayed
staying true too soul stone
Black Widow, was not properly mourned IMO :(
Yes, saw the movie today, poignant :)
May 1 · 186
Royal Courts
Oh my brother
riddle me this
was it the knife
maybe the twist?

Sacrifice made
blood that was earned
one of us fade
the other too burn

Garnering royal
as jewels on a crown
blood not that thick
when spilled on
the ground

The court just a place
watching your back
blades in the crowd
a pending
I'm so glad I'm not royalty ;D
May 1 · 105
No pain, no gain (10w)
No broken bones were ever earned
waiting on the sidelines
Ouch ;D
Apr 29 · 2.4k
Beyond the precipice
The fields don't miss the rain
not as much as I miss you
the world still turns it seems
at least I know, that's true

Sun to moon, and back again
one day, it's going to end
but for all the times we had
my heart will never mend

Into the dark that will ensue
carrying your light with me
past the life, departed skin
you and I will
always be
Another snippet :D
Once more the road that's south
treading the line, the miles
sounding out the words by mouth
my Ipod for awhile

Onward through the morning hour
too much time within my mind
searching for salve, a cure
not deaf, or dumb, but blind

It bleeds as would a cut
deep, painful, not yet scarred
all doors and windows, hammered shut
behind my mental
prison bars
I think, I think, too much ;D
Apr 23 · 162
Cash up front (Limerick)
Yes a young lady from west of north France
learned from the night how to get quick into pants
her talents she honed
the best when at bones
but she took her payments, advanced
;D hehehe
Apr 23 · 409
Notre Dammmmmmn!
Ok it burned
on a seven or so million dollar renovation
but since the press and high demands
they reached out, to every single nation

The Government owns the place
so no wonder it burnt down
but now the coffers overflow
a billion or so came round

It just makes me wonder
conspiracies that might be
arson in cathedrals old
so much more money
Yeah, it's the conspiracy theorist in me that sprinkles a little salt on the goody two shoes feeling of everybody coming together to make the french government rich, after all seven million turned into one billion, looks like a **** of an investment to me :/
Apr 23 · 93
Trolly unwholesome
The troll's return
the presence burns
it's not like they understand
pushing thumbs, pretty dumb
always sad, and down

Eliot in absentsia
wonder if he's here
lost controls
given to trolls
thumbing all

It's always said
ya make your bed
****** can't be fixed
trolls abound
that whining sound
nothing but twits
and *****
Well, noticing a trend again
targeted and vile
trolls attack, no fighting back
cuz Eliots gone
I looked through my telescope
and saw the seas of Mars
I gazed at the rings on Saturn
and various and sundry stars

If we're alone, or so unique
the universe so large
expanding at the speed of light
why aren't we the ones in charge?

Time will pass
and evolution may prevail
or maybe we're just all alone
another biologic fail

Science and chaos
neutrinos and ion quarks
just some more amoebas
staring up into
the dark
Who's to say that maybe, they are just as intelligent, as us :D
(maybe more so)
Apr 21 · 97
Wondering (10w)
Wonder what donkey jerky tastes like?
Probably tastes like ***.
;D~ Snicker
Juvenile I know, still funny :D
Apr 21 · 143
After Mass (10w)
Funny, how botherly love
doesn't extend into the parking lot.
Hhehe religion, go figure ;D
Apr 20 · 306
Reminiscence (10w)
Where did we go wrong
poem, prose, word
or song?
There have to be tracks from the place where we erred :\
Apr 20 · 90
Another Target
The death rattle, hum and sway
rising from the dirt, and ashes
the storm now closer, every day
as thunder, lightning, flashes

Tie the lashings snug my dear
and bind your leathers tight
rising above the pain and fear
at morning, noon, and night

No release and no anger
it's business every time
inconsequential weather
just rhythm and it's rhyme

You hold the reins in grasp
always have and always will
you're the locks on your own clasps
going for the win
the ****
Nother snippet expanded :)
Apr 18 · 102
Conspiracy Theory
Not a sharp stick to be found
not on film, or upon the ground
Hollywood black balled I'm sure
weapons outlawed, deterred
flipping the proverbial bird

They're hiding from the undead
no words no actions unsaid
no sticks no crowbars no swords
nothing around but harsh words
everyone ending up dead

Last time I watched and endured
zombie movies outrageous, absurd
no common sense it would seem
going far to extremes
and thinking like idiots, turds

They portray us as fools and as dolts
too ****** to understand bolts
when the apocalypse comes
we'll all come undone
it's simply a zombie
Ever notice, nobody even attempts to have a weapon, nobody seems to comprehend "hit em in the head", and to make it all worse, everybody stares in fascination as the formerly live human becomes a zombie and chases their ***** all the way to **** :|
Apr 17 · 345
Attaining Electric Blue
It's a fire that she can't, won't deny
no matter how hard, she wants or she tries
eyes that connect, in low lighted rooms
a spark gone dynamic, it burns, it consumes
her body betrays her, betraying him too
a ****** tango, electric
and blue

They dance every dance, a fiery romance
his feel on her leg, her scent on his pants
eyes that sparkle and twinkle in heat
maybe chance fleeting, the odds have been beat
she'll take him to places, they've both never been
electric, and blue
again and
Yup, minds there this morn, again LOL
Apr 17 · 485
In praise of the Vagina
She's warm and smooth
moist, creamy, juicy too
my bestest friend
so words to pen
singing every praise

A quivered ****
without, within
rising to my tongue, or hand
there to be for her, by me
on any given whim

So raise a glass
yes, close to ***
let her know you care

that soon she'll be
in ecstasy

anyplace or any
;D You get the gist LOL
Apr 17 · 542
Aspiring (10w)
Upon a time
I was more
than what
I am
The things we may never attain, or, left behind
Apr 17 · 226
Ghosted waves
Did ya cry
did ya feel it
did the tune make you wish that you were there

Did you know
did ya care
was it real yet
or was it just someplace that wasn't here

Does it haunt ya in the morning
or maybe just before ya lay your head
what mighta, coulda, shoulda
like an un-guaranteed sure bet

Or maybe a wish
a wish that made your think that you could care

Drifting the waves, the currents
and pray that she'll still find you there
beyond the seas, beyond the oceans
after all, your soul laid bare

Not a matter of what's been afore it
a love held close
and rare
She's right there before me
the best what I can be
the reason, and the rhyme
each and every time
as all but me
Apr 11 · 152
Can you feel it?
Not simple or really all complex
what we would, or wouldn't do
all the boxes x'd and checked
we would or not, go through

Calculated outcomes
grasping all the straws
knowing the tally, and the sums
both dark, and cold, and raw

We'll not come back from this abyss
but then again, we knew from start
achieving far more than simply this
we're a small but vital

Kinda sums up, what it really means
too be human
Where do the bumbles bumble?
where they laughed and played, and tumbled
why have they left the lawns and parks?
bumbling and tumbling way after dark
what made them leave, why did they go?
where they frolicked too, and fro
do they wish, that we should know?
just where they went, above, below?
clueless and wonderment remain
for we'll not see their like, again
no one left to search for bumbles
innocent and free and oh so
Whimsical nonsense :D
Apr 9 · 185
Contritum (10w)
If I were god
I would start all over
At what point do we become nonredeemable?
I think it's been awhile :\
Apr 9 · 218
Superman broken
Invincible, not me
even though my bones won't break
but my heart can't say the same
not something I can fake

Superhuman strength and sight
I know much, and many things
into the fray, into the fight
snapped and cut, heart strings

Flying higher
no oxygen required
without her, almost to die
walking through flames
through fires

Molten cores
airless peaks and moons
survival and nothing more
immortally, too soon

I'll carry on
and protect just what I can
but in the end
without her, my heart
I'm just a
George Reeves got lost
on his way to Krypton prime
he couldn't afford the cost
he ran out of heart
and time
Apr 8 · 524
I've found a groove
not calloused, smooth

but still it rings of song
a pasture quiet yet serene

not far, not dead, not gone

It's where we live
no take, but give

voices that we share
raised as one, mellifluous

showing that
we care
We are poets/poetess'
I could critique and abuse
nothing to lose
but still, I'll not light that fuse

Nothing to gain
if spreading hate, and pain
the site so battered
so bruised

It's easy to pick
at scabs and at scars freshly made
braver the soul
not losing control
mercy and love
are the
Hate is far too easy
love is far too hard
mercy lives, the touch, that gives
the peace and the giving
of doves
Where were we
when we remembered
we were once
I can't actually recall.....
Let us wander whimsical
unknown the beasts and wilds
a scattering of love and unicorns
remaining virgins, for a wile

Riding dragons, griffons
too high and years away
living in clouds and dew
how far? no one can say

Leave not the dreams of youth behind
bring them with you as you grow
mystical and ever green
imagination and
It seems far to hard to bring them back, once they're gone :)
Apr 7 · 305
Bindings grand
Once upon a time
I used to believe
no simple matter
for nothing I'd grieve

But a heart that's been bound
with silver and lace
what goes around
secured and in place

She knew me to well
and understood much
that I'd go too ****
for the beg of

Her touch
Like a caress, found on the road
nothing greater too miss
like giants
we strode
in need of
a smile and
a kiss
Once more I'll try
and once more I'll give in
to the places and thoughts
the ship, I captain

No simple trench
no easy way to attain
purpose and duty
through trials, and through pains

Clenched are my teeth
through bitter storms and the rain
bow to the lee, fighting the grain

**** hath no fury
and can't rise to the bind
so willing of glory
the things left
Clean are the waters
born from the clouds
washing the fury
down gullies
bowing to gods
never knowing
their names
The song doesn't need me
the melody knows where to flow
free and wild, what will be
just where and how, it goes

Resounding in heart and soul
rhythm rhyme and harmony
the joy of rock, and roll
forever wild and free

Spirits rise, and fall
but not today my friend
wails and cries, with no deny
music won't bow, or break
or bend

Raise up your heart
grasp what cannot be held
do what you can, playing your part
fight being dragged off
too ****
I don't know where I would be without music :)
Apr 4 · 278
Limitations (10w)
No chains left upon me
but still humanity
We all have such, it's just a matter of realization :) or denial..
Apr 4 · 4.6k
What can I say
but, I love you
a small touch
just a world away
but, I love you

We've had our time
in poetry, rhyme
but, I still love you

Memory won't fail
our hearts setting sail
cuz, I love you

A simple remind
forever in time
because I love you

Don't look behind
there's nothing too find
I will always
love you
Somethings can never be broken :)
So it comes, so it goes
that's just how it is
maybe a mistake but still we have to live
I was always wondering, something that I missed
your mouth wide open

Why was it open?
Gave as much, as I could ever give
still more I gave, giving me a rash
you gave me a rash, yes you did
I can only cough up, as much as ask
'cause what you don't comprehend is...

I'd watch a parade for ya
I'd drink lemonade for ya
play a hard game of spades, for ya
anything, but no pain, for ya

I'd throw my hand in the air for ya
I'd jump outta a cake for ya
wash my car in the rain, for ya
you know I'd do almost nothing
it's true, I wouldn't sing
the toilet my only ring

Oh whoa oh
I would go through all that ****
hold my nose at your rancid smell
yes, I would, maybe, for you baby
but you wouldn't do the same

Oh no no no
Kinda took this in another direction ;D
Apr 1 · 1.5k
Cut and Heal
I've made the cut so many times
and through the darkness rise above
the scars are long and treacherous
all the way to here and then, thereof

A cut that defines the pain
the flesh a mere and minor skin
spiderwebs and meshings fine
pure, but then again, unclean

Stronger and bolder I'll return
to bleed on edges and on stones
but you know that I'll be back
more notches in
my bones
I've known many, and have cried for each drop of blood
I've been to the darkest edge, where such have passed
alone :(

By request:
Mar 30 · 200
Wolf Sing
Well holy SOB and MFG
I'll never write the song
of all the possibilities
what may be write, or wrong

I'll swear it's true
not red, or blue
political, or correct
whata shame, just who's ta blame
to what kind or dour effect

So ride the rails
success or fail
the end is coming soon
doing all too rise or fall
in a waxing, waning
Melodious machinations of canine calamities ;D
Best way to **** up a neighborhood?
Home Owners Association....
My shed was approved, I paid for it, it's been city approved, and now, the "Architectural Board" IE: Developer Dictator, says no. **** that, they asked for it, I'm gonna give it to em! PURE ****!
Mar 30 · 690
Demon Mirror
I saw it today
it hid, it ran, it screamed
I chased it, paced it, faced it
it fumed, it raged, it steamed

I cried, I lied, and then I died
holding it close in arms
it burrowed deep, awake, asleep
tripping all alarms

It fought, it clawed
it bit and gnawed
scratched and sought my eyes
I chained and maimed
called out it's name
oh yes I did, said
My own worst enemy :)
Inspired by :
Mar 25 · 584
Pity for the road
The plastic bag flowers in trees
drifting along highway miles
aluminum cans by the sides
the scenery, broken, defiled

Styrofoam cups in the ditch
wrappers on barbed wire fence
confirming along the way
humanity shallow, yet so dense

The trail maybe long, and yet short
to the destinations that we choose
but I wonder and contemplate fools
too the end of this road
we all lose
Sad that even in Texas, which has one of the most marked success stories in clean highways ("Don't Mess with Texas") that there is still more than a few places where the trash congregates D:

Cruising to Az this week!
Under the skin
and past the flab
there's a set of
six pack abs

Scars and deformities
just cosmetic things
past that there's wit and class
the spirit, soul, has wings

The surface just a prelude too
a beauty that's unseen
personality, and humor
not drab, but perhaps
but just a touch
:D Hey, we all shine underneath! ;D
I think ****, starts, at the bones.
Nothing good comes from
debris ninety MPH
from dump trucks
Rocks can ruin your day :D
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