She is more
than what meets the eye,

She is a pending rainbow
that's hiding behind the clouds
in the sky.

She is a warm pocket
in a cold, deep ocean,

She is a virtual art form,
She is poetry in motion.

She is thunder and lightning
in a perfect blue horizon,

She is a delicate wildflower
growing in a plush green field,
one that is mesmerising.

She is an unexpected smile
on a lonely day,

She is instant relief
when things aren't going
your way.

She is a suprising hint of sweetness
when you are expecting
something sour,

She is a timeless friend,
She is an immortal flower.

She is more
than what meets the eye,

She is a breath of fresh mountain air, causing one to exhale a relieving sigh.

She is full of substance,
empathy, wisdom and kindness,

She contains infinite layers
of universes beneath her skin,
all of which are unrecognisable
to the naked eyes that suffer from "metaphorical" blindness.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

Dedicated to my daughter, Amanda. F XXX

If you were my sheets, and at my beck and call
fulfilling all my fantasies, into you, I would fall.
You'd cradle me so gently, and massage me everywhere
releasing all my juices, and all my  stress, and cares.

In splendor we'd heat up the room, and I'd crinkle every sheet
and when we were apart, I'd rejoice, every time we meet.
Pillows would cradling my face and head, where jasmine scented rests
blending of our fluids as our bodies, orgasmically attest.

We'd fall asleep together, and spoon throughout the night
and in the morning waking, to unimaginable delights.
Your hands of silken sheets caressing, exciting every nerve
giving me all the pleasures, and climaxes, in you, I am immersed!

TF actually wrote this and I changed a few words to fit an artist statement to go with the painting that is posted as my cover. He graciously allowed my to post as a collaboration. Thank you TF.

Policemen on horses
Casually trotting on by
A rare occasion

Working with ny son today in London and its where I used to live and was in awe to see policeman on horses :)

Everywhere I go, I hear --
the voices sound so close,
so clear.  
They haunt me by night
and torment by day.
Reminding me of the Law
I fail to obey.
I pray to my Father and to His Son
to forgive me
for all the sin that I've done.
Yet still, I wander blind and in chains
wondering if anything
worthy remains.

An old poem

Pretty faces, engaged in races,
trying to become a star....
leaving traces of the places
they've been but not where they are....
for even they don't know, carry on with the show,
committing every sin....
absorbing blow after blow, spirit so low,
slowly decaying from within....
youth exchanged, lives rearranged,
eventually left to rot along life's highway....
no one explained, celebrity is deranged,
outer beauty fades then stardom slips away....
Girls with big eyes, don't you cry,
do not fall for a photographer's pitch....
listen to the wise, your dignity is prized,
live, love, laugh and be forever rich.

William Lacey Turnbull 7-20-17

Written for those losing themselves in a journey to attain celebrity.

take me on a journey there
and tell me what you see
I see trees of falling bark around
and shores of golden sea

I will take you on a journey here
through the hills of my Vermont
where the crystal waters
run so clear
and my ancestors still haunt

I see mountains tall and proud shimmering in a blue
I see fields of rolling shade
and some sleeping kangaroo

I see moths- the rarest kinds
and these birds of many feather
I see mountains verdant green
and this gorgeous summer weather

I fly with noisy lorikeet
and swim in coral reef
and walk 'twixt ancient eucalypt
to view the sandy beach

I land with Peregrine Falcon
and I soar with red tail hawk
I drift in summer breezes here
and with the animals
I talk

I walk through shady leafy glens
and I tread the reddened Earth
while I listen as the lybirds sing
to state my futile worth

I dream of sweet tomorrow's near
in the clouds of purest white
I hike in ferny glens here too
and fly a homemade kite

I stand beneath the winter here
in the clearest skies above
and I trace the stars my future now
in hopes I find true love

I stand in brilliant honey rays
in days of solstice long
I sing to love ~ oh far away
that he too hear my song

and hear I do,
a song from you
that skipped across the stars
your day-
my night,
we must take flight
beyond the Sun,
the moon and stars

out to the Milky Way
I'll come along with you
our maiden flight
in love and light
to find a love that's true

David Hewitt & Ma Cherie
© July 2017

Hi y'all! Decided to collaborate again- David started the first verse a bit ago- life getting in both our way- I finally finished it tho. This is about two poets two dreamers - different worlds different realities different galaxies even? Both looking for their souls counterpart Always nice to write with David so sweet thoughtful, talented, kind, etc etc lol. Hope you all find something to love about it.  And anyone I've let down on doing a collaboration please let me know and I will try! I get scattered sometimes lol love you all- Muah x - Ma Cherie and David

/   \
/      \
in a time
of pain &
□there is□
hope, there is a way
there's a place to go
in hardship□there's
a space for us today
Jesus stands as our¤
High Tower□He has
been there all along
□if you but ask He'll
let you enter□a fortress built
so high and strong □ on the □
mountain□in the valley□when
the pushing comes to shove□we
are safe forevermore□□□within
the Tower of Your Love/how can
we when troubles find us□keep
our hope□in patience wait?□
when all mortal strength has
left us□we will rest in walls
so great□help us, Lord, and
be our shelter□we'll find□□
□quiet in the storm □let the
sturdy Rock around us keep
us safe from all alarm□could
we ever find this peace? How
should we ever find this vale?
could we ever find this joy□□
□if the Tower won't prevail?
□may it ever be that we □□□
in faithfulness now tried and
true□□□find with gratitude so
deep□□the High Tower that is
You□ we will e'r find victory□
□□□the might that's sent from
heaven above□we'll stand□□□
within God's mighty Fortress

The High Tower of Your Love

(C) 4/6/2013

This is something I wrote a while back. I just wanted to create concrete poetry from this particular piece. Thanks for reading!

It’s been a long time
Looks like it’s been a very very long time
It’s haunting me
Wanting to break free

I always leave
Then comes back
Sometimes it’s the other way around
(What’s the difference?)

I always stop
Then starts again
Sometimes it’s the other way around
(What’s the difference?)

It’s the tide, the high and low
Washes what’s on the shore
Then returns what I thought I already lost
-memories, emotions, words

I comeback then leaves, I start then stops
I am coming back, again and again
To free the emotions, the words
To meet the shore, where I always belong

It’s the waves of poetry
That brings me back, always
To my first love

I always come back, but always not for good..

How I miss reading and writing. Sorry for the poor poem, it's my first write after what seems a very long time!

Our hearts weigh more
when they are broken,

Our minds expand
when they are awoken.

Our souls can be felt
when they are shattered,

Our hearts, minds,
and souls are fragile
when they've been battered.

They can be mended
with love and care,

With strength and faith
and with some valuable prayer.

We can learn
from all of our pain,

With our lessons
we can stand tall again.

Showing ourselves
some needed compassion,
patience, and love,

Seeking salvation
from God above.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

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