Dressed in night fabric, in the evening of day
I look into the mirror rehearsing what I’ll say
I tie my tie artistically, as I look into my eyes
I see us at tonight’s Streetlight School Dance
And wonder if it will be as good as I imagine it
I fold my collar and button up my spotted vest
& with a butterfly stomach, I float to my jacket
Like a robot with jerky arms, I stop & put it on
“Okay, I’m ready to go pick up, Santita”
I say to the limo chauffeur at my door
I take her corsage and get into the limo
And then, he takes me to her front door
With nervous skin, butterflies & whispers
I knock for her, in front of the chauffeur
and, his limo that’s parked by the curve

A knock on the front door; my heart flutters knowing that it’s time
Cyprian is here dressed in his suit & tie looking so sublime
I effortlessly glide down the stairs in my long crimson dress
Flashing him a shy smile when our eyes connect & fluoresce
For a brief moment the entire world stops; it is just him & I
When I am pulled in the shimmering current of his stunning eyes
Where glowing stardust from the cosmos guides me to where he stands
Waiting for me to start our night with a lovely corsage in hand
If this is a dream, or a beautiful mirage I will gladly stay asleep
Because this perfect moment is a rare treasure that I will forever keep

Thank you, Santita!!!
Working with you is always amazing.

A flower can shrivel up
     Lose it’s color
         Fade away
            Petals fall
The meaning behind it
        Keeps it alive
           Showing its colors
              To those who believe
                   In the Power of Love

A dandelion’s caress
Lures memories
Of love’s tender passions
Sorrow burns
For what is no more

Kelly Rose
© January 13, 2018

Take my hand
I'll lead you away

to a place beneath stars
where leaves gently sway

we'll move with the rhythm
our hearts beating strong

your hands on my hips
tight in my arms

dance with me slowly
let's take our time

hold me so close
forever be mine.

We still share
I hold mine dear
I wish I'd never
Crossed you there
Still, in the end
You were never
Really mine
Except for these
You left behind

Traveler Tim

the one thing I can actually do
and of course it doesn’t seem to fit in the flashing headline of “my future”
the one thing I enjoy
and of course they tell me I’m going to have come back down to reality
for they say poetry doesn’t bring a job
a future
they tell me stop now
plan now
plan realistic
plan 10 years ahead
but just they wait
they’ll see what poetry can do

stop laughing at me;
you ridicule me so much
i feel really worthless

17.1.18  /  15.19  /  you know the educational system is fucked up when all teachers do is make you feel like shit


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