Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

Let us! (pause) No, those words belong to another era, another president, another way.

Instead "We Will!"
We Will.... build bridges
We Will.... overcome
We Will.... strive to be greater than we have ever been
We Will.... fight when we have too
We Will.... proffer the olive branch in victory
We Will.... be the ideal we need to be for our children and our children's children
We Will.... stand united and chase corruption and tyranny wherever we find them
We Will.... push evil into the abyss
We Will.... banish  hate, racism, and greed
We Will.... live in peace as we move forward into equality for all
We Will.... surpass ourselves
for WE.....
are Americans!

Short and sweet IMO.
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

The factory closed it's doors, the demand, just wasn't there
people just not wanting more, not here, or anywhere

Populations of small towns, around the work that's there
hard to get up, when down, it's never easy, and, or fair

Things that made our country great, our people, ethics, and cares
business no longer honest, or strait, profit margins, for millionaires

Workers replaced by automation, cheaper than humanity
unemployment across the nation, a new type, of insanity

Corporate the way of things, bean counters keep all stats
money, and all that brings, just a ship, with all it's rats

We are no longer a Republic, we are Capitalists, in the most evil, vile, and inhumane way imaginable.
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

I once knew an old man from Dubuque
who every so often, would puke
his weak constitution
that had no solution
so, he always carried a toque

Ewwww :D
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

I've had mountain oyster, and pigs feet, in stew
tasted chocolate bugs, and was that cheese, or glue?
I may have had cat, and dog, in a Mexican venue
frog legs, goat and snake, just to name a few

If it walks or crawls, or makes a nest or den
you can rest assured, it's only where, and when
God made animals of meat, as is every single hen
captured, cleaned, BBQ'd, eaten by women, children, men

Omnivores, world's best, eating every way, and thing
food up in the larder, of bread and wine, to sing
don't have to tell me what it is, if it has legs, or wings
just put it on the table, tasting all, that nature brings

What do vegetarians dream of? Textured vegetable protein, that tastes like meat :D
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

A thought a word or deed
paid forward, or from behind
You get what you give
a portent, of the times

Kindness so much rarer
than in days long past
Tokens passed by the bearer
redeemed by heart, recast

Darkness stays to long
although, light refuses yield
clear, the tune and song
giving back, as love, unsealed

It doesn't really take all that much
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

Ahhh, sweet beauty of relief
farting in the halls
The odor of gas, released
warming up my balls

I do it every chance I get
maybe meds, or dietary choice
Everyone knows the happy feeling
a silent, bung-hole type of voice

The twisted faces and features
of my coworkers, and boss
Priceless as gems, with the knowledge
of their olfactory loss

They think they know the culprit
but they never will accost
Reeling like gut punched fighters
from the fruits, of my exhaust

Had to redo this one :D
Body related jokes are always funny. even if you're no longer a juvenile (well in body, that is) ;D~
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

Predatory natures, illicit predatory things
prowling for dinner, ready with claws to spring

Blood the taste of iron, running down the chin
a sating of the need, eating flesh, bone, and skin

Who can gauge, the dreams of greater beasts
what they search and find, and ultimately feast

Running through the verdant fields of grass
no cares, desires, or needs
looking down the road
to where the hunger leads

Would love to be a bear, Grizzly ;D
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