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Tomaz Dean Sep 2015
Have nothing,
sitting in the room,
many thought comes,
felt real love,
never want to love again,
Afraid that She will fall again.
I pull her ,she push me back,
I fall to sea without a sun,no light
It's never stop,It's dont want to.
Let her walk,
Cause I'm nothing.
If can choose at that time.
Friend, That should be enough.
because I saw your friend ,
make you laugh,
I make you cry.
I wish can choose again
2 sept
Tomaz Dean Aug 2015
When the first time i fell in love,
When the first time  i went to school,
When the first time i plays soccer,
When the first time i smoking,
I cough
When the first time i fight,
I win
I proud with my bruises all over the body
It was first time i saw my mother cry
She cried,
She not mad,
"It was the first time i see my boy turn to man"
"You grown up and it was fast"
I cry.
#mother  #first time
Tomaz Dean Aug 2015
Regrets is left is behind,
funny,so funny,
I thought I gonna make it,
It's coming,It's coming,
4 months later ,
She called me,
Bad news or good news,
It's both,
"Honey,Im pregnant"
I laugh,she cried
Is it my fault or she?
That day,Those Weeks
"Im 18 honey",So with me,
Funny,so funny
That **** plastic wont work,
Funny,so funny
my"Honey" family,
Turn to Poison,
Just because my religion,
They Rejected me,
Funny,so funny,
The Gift is Died,
I wonder what He would likes,
Careful people,It's can Burst
1 Sept
Tomaz Dean Aug 2015
Wake up,wake up
It's Still dark,still dark
Wake up,wake up
Keep dreaming and keep snoring
For somehow the feeling was gone,
Four Friend is wake up,
Doing same thing,same thing
everyday in the morning,
left  the soul,left it
just a body that going to class
Wake up,wake up
but Already wake up
Souls is still sleeping at bedrooms
1 Sept

— The End —