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Mathew P Nangolo Apr 2019
If you can understand
the power of perception
you can understand
why it's important
to have right perception
Mathew P Nangolo Apr 2019
I took a moment
and then take a seat
do a survey around me

People are trying to find
someone good
but they're not trying
to be good to someone

So here i'm, i can give you
so that you can give me
because giving
is a two way street
#give   #receive  #fair   #life
Mathew P Nangolo Apr 2019
I live at work
and visit home sometimes
Mathew P Nangolo Mar 2019
Fool me once
shame on you
fool me twice
shame on me
#once is enough
Mathew P Nangolo Mar 2019
Never stop doing what you started
Because there are good reasons why you started
If it's getting out of hand
Design another plan
To finish what you have started
quiting is not an option
  Mar 2019 Mathew P Nangolo
Carmen Jane
My brains says,” go earlier to sleep tonight, hard day tomorrow!”
My heart says: “Stay here where you are and read and write poems, like there's no tomorrow!”
Mathew P Nangolo Jan 2019
If you sow bean don't expect them
To germinate into coconut
#it you wants coconut
#sow coconut
#not bean
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