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R Oct 23
I am a prisoner
In a cell
Of my own doing
The chains binding me are too strong
R Oct 23
For I

Am Afraid
To be afraid
In front of many different people

And I

Am afraid
That my vulnerability
Will only give them more

I have too many secrets
R Oct 23
He travels

With no specific place
In mind

He is not lost
Nor does he want to be
R Apr 19
The blood in my veins is
To get out
Snip snip
R Apr 19
The blade feels smooth
As it glides trough paper
Cutting it neatly
My skin wants to feel it too.
It's only 8 am and I already stained my sheets
R Apr 19
you are my moon
all shining
and bright
lighting up
my darkest night


however bright
your light may be
you're still the moon
and I'm just me.
Secretly pining for someone I can't have.
R Apr 19
Chapped lips kiss
Spit starts to mix

Tongue to tongue
Cheek to cheek

Open up your soul
Let me take a peek
I still think about you.
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