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  Jan 2017 Dorothy
you never know how much i cared
you never even cared how much i did
it hurts, though i never asked for more
i still loved you anyway

but the countless nights end
when all sweet legendary tales closed
a hymn to wave sweet farewell then
i closed my eyes in breeze of pain

you are free; you are now
go and fly
be happy, and promise me
to never come back
ever again
just a lil favor on my side.
you gave up, you just did. what else can i do? you're not holding anymore.
  Jan 2017 Dorothy
i'm letting you go
i realize now
sometimes two people
who used to be together
just change
and sometimes
they don't fit anymore

i'm letting you go
it doesn't mean
that i will erase
your existence
it doesn't mean
that i will curse
you and your
new girlfriend

i'm letting you go
but i will still remember
what it was like
with you by my side
and i will cherish it

you were my muse
you were my inspiration
you are a chapter in my life
and i'm moving to the next
  Jan 2017 Dorothy
this is the last time
i will not write about you
anymore good bye
Dorothy Dec 2015
let me tell you about this girl
short, nice body ,black hair,soft eyes,pretty eyes
she not like these others
dont like the drama stay out of trouble
she do her own thing stick to herself thing
she dont follow the crowd she walk away from it
she real shy real fly

— The End —