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Jul 7 · 75
See you around
A breakup
Is this what you want
Nothing more

Once upon a time
I was your knight
Why'd you leave too soon
When our love is yet to bloom

You once said you're my moon
And I am the stars
Even at noon
You still make that glowing spark
You outshine the sun
Even though I'm rough and poor
You treat me like I have it all

You said this love
is just enough
That no matter what
You'd be the lightening to my thunder
That our mutuality will never go asunder

But those stuffs...
seem to matter no more
Now I'm nothing more than a despicable boy
Now all that's left is pain and hurt

Sweetheart, why the sudden change?
Why are you fill with rage?
Hell, I am the cause of all this pain
I take the blame

Even if you don't feel the same
For me, nothing 's change
I still love you the same
But if this is where our love is bound
I'll see you around
May 24 · 152
Corona Warfare II
Corona Warfare II
This corona war
is breeding a lot of stuff
Like increasing the figure
of those filthily poor,
breaking jaw,
degrading thoughts
and causing mental clutch
for those who can't afford
to fill their store
with necessary stuff
to survive this war

and those political guys
Who only abides
with rules that thrive
in destroying our lives
by feeding our mind
with lots of lie
from News headline
That infects our mind
with mental genocide

and other stuff
like internet curse
Cybercrime plus fraud
Cyber bullying and more
So, what are you gonna do
You've got to break through
amidst the war and lies to quarantine you
Coz even as the time goes tik-tok; they're cashing out too
Apr 24 · 116
Under the moonlight
Sometimes at night
Under the moonlight
I just sit outside
And feast my eyes
On the fairly blue sky
Thinking ' bout my life
The downs and high
Probably that's where I find
Some peace of mind
It was a pleasant vibe
As I fixed my eyes to the sky
Counting the stars
My vibe flows
Like these words flow
And imagine how cute it is
Imagine the beautiful scene
Of stars marching in your dreams
If at least
I could add on more thing
The sound of a flowing sea
And a breeze of air from trees
Filled with beautiful green leaves
****! The scene would've been totally complete
Apr 24 · 53
My development
My developments of course
have come
From a lot of stuff
From the family feud
To them hustling hood
+ been lonely too
And the number two
Has been some dude
Who doesn't run from truth
And number three
Has being all the things I've seen
From being a teen
With Basketballing dream
And being in teams
Seen on TV screens
And number four
Is all those dawgs
Who still show me love
Even knowing I'm not enough
I had many dreams
That doesn't make the scene
But such dreams went
As I became a gent
Who find solace in writing poems
Apr 24 · 90
My wife
My wife
She pushed me to the wall
Where I slipped and fall
She is building a career for herself
While crushing me to hell
And tearing me down
One after one
She has become the husband and I am the wife
She is now the detriment of my life
This is not how it should be
This is not how I was I'm programmed to live
My birth was ordained
My future was foreseen
Before I was born
I was destined to be a god
My path was bright
Like stars of halogen
And my focus was sharp
More sanctifying than Halloween
But here I be
At the devil's inn
About to sacrifice my integrity
At the feet of an usher from hell
For a piece of
She took away my goal
And replace it with a goal of her own
Now I am the subject of her dream
The shadow of her being
Bounded by her spell
Now where?.....
Should I go from here
There's nowhere left
Than this inn of hell
And if this is how things end
Wish me well
Apr 24 · 301
Use your head
So, they said;
You want a better country?; pay your tax
You wanna make heaven?; pay your tithes

You wanna be rich?; you should work hard
You want a better life?; fill-in your gaps

You wanna stay safe?; be quarantined
If you don't wanna die hungry; go outside

Sometimes you've got to use your head
Not what the preacher said
Or lies that the government tell
Apr 24 · 91
You'd find love
Love has different meaning
To different reasoning
With factors and different reason
Love changes too; just like season
Climate change
Could cause damages
To love sacrilege

Love doesn't care
About your fame and wealth
Your pain and tear
Doesn't make love tear

Those that love for reason
Tends to be miserable
When the reason is no more reasonable
Such love ended up treasonable

I love you for
What you've got
And I love you more
For what you're not

Yea, that's true love

I love your style
Your everlasting smile
The way your beauty shine
Could you, please forever be mine

Well, that too
is true love dude

Though true love is scarce,
But saying "no love" is trash
So, I do insist
That true love, really exist
And so does lies and deceit
So, keep exploring
Till you find someone who adore thee

Sometimes you'd love
And won't be loved in return
Sometimes you'd feel loved
Only to find out you're not really loved
Don't give up
It takes some wrong
Some twist and turns
To get to the right point
At the end, you'd find love
Feb 3 · 254

Ehy Damsel
See, if I have you,
I'll win all your battles
So let me feast in your chapel
You Know my eyes needs an apple

Feb 3 · 363
Your Hi
every time you pass by
makes my heart fast
Feb 3 · 63
I'm Afraid
I’m afraid of been ignored
I’m afraid of been judged
I’m afraid of the tongue
Of the people of this world

I’m afraid of falling down
And never getting back up again
I’m afraid of waiting around
Hoping for better days

I’m afraid of awful greetings
Afraid of public speaking
Afraid of getting beaten
By the words of hateful critique

I’m afraid of dying alone
And I’m afraid of true love
I’m afraid of staying at home
And hanging out at street club

I’m afraid of been harass
I’m afraid of been bossed
I’m afraid of been rough-
handled by hood thugs
Nov 2019 · 67
These days I guess I don't deserve to live
I felt disheartening
Hard to live; happily
Hurt and pain is all I could feel
Work ain't going fine
Life?; "not treating right"

Everyone telling me how bad I be
Trashing me
When parent blasphemy
Like I don't deserve to be
In this fa-mily
Friends don't wanna hang with me
On their Nike clique
Coz my dressing style is seeing
As lowlify thing
Girlfriend telling me
What a non-caring freak I be
For I'm just heartlessly being
Like a robot machine
People stare from afar
Trow me words of slap
Call me this and that
Coz of my fairy glare
Am I scaring them
With my hairy head
Eh! most of the thing they said
Doesn't ring a bell
In my nonemotional head

Maybe they're too blind to see
Maybe truly, I don't deserve to live
Where other people be
It's hard to love
When everybody talk
That I'm not worthy of
Love 'nd joy
Hatred piling up
Why am I been judged
For things I know nothing of
Why can't they just let me walk
Through this disheartening world
Nov 2019 · 95
Write what inspire
Poetry is not about how many words you write
Or how many like you've gat
It's about how right you pen-wised
Who your rhymes inspire
Does it toucheth heart
Does it changeth mind
Of those whose life
Are filled with trial

Does it make em smile
Or at times makes em cry
It's wise to cry; at times

Does it make em fly
And give em vibe
To take another try

Does it make em cope
After a heck of sorrow
Does it give em hope
Of better tomorrow

If you write
Use insight
Write about life
Governmental lies
Societal cry
Their surviving style

And them useless dudes
Who quickly get loose
When they see them proustite
Getting ****

About them use-less youth
Who're striving hard
To make  some dime
About those disrespectful child
And non-caring dad
Who always make mummy sad

Write about things that affects our life
Things that'd levitate our vibe
And elevate our mind
To the future time
When you write
Write what inspire
Nov 2019 · 113
Let me be
Friends wants me to be a sailor
But I don't wanna go beyond the shore
They cut me off

Father wants me to be a doctor
But I'd faint at the sight of blood
He left me to rot

Mother wants me to be an engineer
****! I don't wanna be such
"She says; You're too weak my son"

My brother wants me to be a soldier
Nah! I just wanna be raw
"Okay; but don't end up joining thugs"

Girlfriend want me to be a pilot
But height scare me too much

Everybody wants me to be something
But I want to be none

Neighbours want me to be a professor
But I careth not

They labelled me as "Not-serious"
They called me names
"Boy without dream"
"Living without aim"
"He's content with living in ****"
"He never want to improve"
"Don't you have something to prove"
"Ohw; seems he has nothing to lose"
"He wants to survive only"
"He's used to been lonely"

I'm tired of been judge

There they sit
With their pen and ink
Painting me weak
And they thought me mean
But I just wanna be me
I just want to live
And leave peacefully
Without a heck of unlikely dreams
That's my philosophy
And if it doesn't go well with thee
Call me what you see
Words you speak
Don't move me a inch
I'll forever be who I want to be
Nov 2019 · 62
How do they know
How do they know
That you’re not real
When all they see
Is a low-level thee

And how will they know
That you’re a master of the ink and
You’re a great thinker
Who doesn’t get sink by
They eye of those I call blinkers

And how do they know
When they only see a side of you
When they don’t believe you could
When they even reject you
Your hard work bloom

And how do they think they knew
How to make you feel blue
Is it by the criticizes they do
Oops; that doesn’t seem to move
Do they think they’ve broken you
I really don't know
Can someone give me a clue

And how do they (ladies) know
When a man got the cash
I guess they're sniffer dogs
In a field full of hash

And why don't they (ladies) know
When a man is a dog
Can't they tell by his breath
When they're having a snog

And why don’t they (ladies) know
That men who could give everything he gets
To get their dress flinged at the leg of the bed
Only wants to ***
Then, the next is
Go to hell’ *****

And why don't we (guys) know
Which woman to love
Because some of them uhn;
Don't fit like a glove

And why don't we (guys) know
When a woman looks great
It's highly unlikely that
She wants a soulmate

And why don't we (guys) know
That a woman who shows
Too much of her body
Is simply a ‘**’e

And why don't they know
That years down the line
Most men want a woman
Whose body's still fine

And how do they know
When you're looking at them
It's them that you're after
Not one of their friends

And what makes them think
That when you've had a drink
It's okay for them
To tease you with a wink  
And what makes them feel
If their man's not obsessive
The love he proclaims
Just cannot be real

And why can't they see
That their love for money
Will never allow their soul to be free

And why do they try
To always imply
That relationships fail because of the guy

And who is the fool
That said it was cool
To trust everything you’re taught in your school
Or those counselling messages shared in them WhatsApp groups
Or quotes wrote by that psychological dudes
Or some videos you came across on YouTube

And why is it
That after things go wrong in a relationship
That’s when she suddenly develops hips like a ship
Uhn, I got that drip
Thumbs up! b*tch
But not everyone could get ****
By your seductive tricks

And what's with these kids
Who games like PS3
Or some kind of YouTube skit
Is more real
To them than reality is

And why do I feel
Like these questions I’m asking
Can't possibly stop
Young people from blasting gun
Or sniffing puff
And those hacking-thugs
From throwing cyber punch
To innocent head; home and abroad
And them all-night mistress
Whose goods for business
Is kept under their less-rag dress
And them young hood girls
From walking the street with naked ***
Or hanging out with top-labelled dawgs

So what's in a lie
Why not tell the truth
Why do people cry
Why do people do
Things that makes me feel confuse
Why do people die
And when all's said and done
What's up with my mind
Why do I consistently ask why
And oh!
What's with this prose
Called what do we know
Nov 2019 · 92
The way some mates
Most times use their brain
Helps to ease my pain
Whenever I feel deranged

Their poetical way
Could be describe as sane

People like B_ViRGE
Who keeps me inspired
Every time I feel mentally tired

Or great minds like Muhsin
And the quote-master HMC
And my StreetPoetry cliques
Who doesn't seem
To need a war machine
To rescue or ****

No protective barbed-wire
Or an heavy gunfire
To fight an empire

Cos' their style of war;
Is lyrically pure
Their battling style;
Is well designed;
In poetic lines

Their artistic rhyme;
Could help invert;
The hate-filled mind;
To the rightful path;
Of love and light

And touch the lives
Of those whose life
Are filled with strife

To help ordain
The lost and strayed;
To find their way;
To the rightful place;
they're destined to reign

Their thoughts are gold
The type not-sold

Their words could bring joy
And sometimes a sword
To conquer war
Or break the jaw
Of those whose talk
Are filled with bluff

They're masters of words
Whose art will ever soar
Till forever exhaust
Nov 2019 · 422
Wish me well
I tried my best to be a better man
I do the best I can
But here I am
Hurting everyone around

I try with all my might
To love with all my heart
But they said I'm doing otherwise
That my art is never right

I walk the path of the wise
Write scripts that truly inspire
But all I get is just great torment
Harvested from their hate-comment

I work hard, never disabled
To fend and put food on table
But still I get criticised
And was tagged as "lazy ***"

I try to improve my  profile
Be a better and less-rough guy
But life never permits
Instead; my trial emits afflict'

Family labelled me hellish
Friends tagged me selfish
Haters wish I perish
Neighbours gossips and blemish

I will overcome I guess
But If I ended up diced to pieces instead
By this sharp knife edge
Just be aware; I tried me best
Wish me well
Oct 2019 · 163
Use less

I know I'd probably get hate comment
But your words cannot create torment
It's just like the way people these days stare at my hair
And I won't even care; as if it doesn't ring a bell
You know; sometimes I wonder if it's possible for someone's brain to be paralysed
That's what I feel anyway; about those who call themselves sarakites
Sometimes I wonder if some youths' mind has been contaminated with the society mayhem
Maybe their master has brainwashed and re-brain-feed them
The so-called buharist too; makes me sick
With their overhyped appraisal for a political freak
they sees their master as saint; and anybody who don't support
's gotto be corrupt
The whole concept of this district makes me weak
It's just a different story of a blind man and his stick
But this time; the white-cane controls the blind man's brain
Just like the white folks controls black man's aim
The sheep now controls the shepherd
The goat rule over the leopard
How do you expect me to praise someone who's got nothing to offer
I'd rather be an orphan
Than being a ripen fruit of a corrupt family tree
Never a slave; I was born to live free
I'm not a puppet of a political faction
I can only lease fraction1/2 support of a political action
Because unlike them clueless fool
I am not a useless youth
Who will abandon his roots and fruits
And start praising some political occult
I am not a political tool
Who engages in spreading counterfeited news
About how the president is a fascist
I'm not an agent of hate-speech
How can I support leaders
with zero point agenda
When poverty is the only completed government project
When political opponents poke-nose in civil servant protest
Why will I vote when I know my vote do not count
Corruption, our newly designed flag
Poverty is our special kind of rain
Our skin covered with grey and black paints (instead of green and white paints)
Pain, pain all over and over again
Now; let us pray
Oh Lord; please do not forsake
Please intervene
Do not let our country stray
To the youth with lighten sane
Receive brain in Almighty's name
Oct 2019 · 120
My heart is pierced by cupid
An angelic maid of Rome
There ain't nothing that can console me
But my jolly sailor boat

Alone in my room
Staring up on the roof
There came this gem of sailors
Who interrupted my moody mood

We set out on a sail
To the Atlantis depth unknown
Praying we live to tell the tale
Of our trip to yo-**-**

Heave **, all hands,
hoist the colors high.
Now we dive; far from land
Where we never shall die.

We dive through the storm
In cold and thunderous rain
There ain't nothing that make we stop
Even though we may never return again

We hoist the colours high
Not for some useless glittering gold
We're pirates of higher rank
We only dine for yo-**-**

Freedom is yo-**-** to me
I'm ah slave to land no more
It isn't gold that call me to the sea
But the freedom to do what I love

From the sea of thousands ghommids
To the ocean of ice and cold
We roam, high and low
Hoping we'll soon get to dine at home.

We danced on the deck
While the music is playing
and the breeze has the helm
Of the fine lady swaying

We dreamed of been kissed
By the beautiful maid of calipso
We had nightmares of abandon-ship
Crushed by the horn of Davy-Jones

If this ship has to sink
I'll be there to watch it crash in slow motion
I'll hold the anchor at the hip
As I get drowned beneath the ocean

So forget not how we rise
to the tide of sea and river
We are the Atlantic knight
For we are not a sinner
Oct 2019 · 47
I 've being compressing my feelings though
An unexpressed feeling that's never allowed to show;
It grows and glows till it explode out like a capping-snow
Coz now I only see your face everywhere I go
My only pair;
The one who got my soul repaired
She breaths life back to my heart
She cleanse setbacks on my path
She’s the God-agent(angel) that guides me when I go astray
And where there’s darkness all around' she’s my guarding-ray
My darling; the one with which my heart engage
The one who ‘d cuddle me in warm embrace
And no one would ever separate
Not even when our allies hate
You gat me go lyrical
our heartbeat beats so rhythmical
So rhyming' perfect syllable
She’s my attacheth from the sky; a blessing + a miracle
We 're two arteries; so inseparable;
No aliens invited; to be apart is unacceptable
Like a modshit; she breaths life back-to-me
Being apart will make me go blasphemy
The only precious treasure that I could have
The one with the breath that melted my cold heart
Two loving heart that beats together; breaths together
Let's whine; our smile shines like the sunrise up the north
I feel a new relief; when my eyes divert to yours
the only one who cares about me.
She’s always there to help' when I need.
The one I can rely on, when no one is around to care
No matter how far we are; I still feel you around me near
A star so out of reach; She fell into my life and heal my weakest bone
I would spend every moment of my life with her alone.
Oct 2019 · 49
So much pain; I 'm stain with the dirt of the rain
If I keep doing my things like this' I 'll miss that **** that I 'm suppose to gain
But if I don't do this rap again; I 'll probably go insane
I just want to spit what's in my ******* brain
Like a pregnant woman that's relieved from a labor pain
just wanted to do my things outside my neighbour lane; and I think that that's the main
So you can keep your fame' I just want my pics out that ******* frame
You trynna poison my mood like you did to my hood' and you make me take the blame
I hate dwarf gees with a glowing chain' with a cat in their ampit and a rag kit with a poking cane
If yall ****** wanna stop growing tail; you better stop smoking hurricane
My skill will overweigh your scale; coz I 've been a veteran before you came
I put your whole hood in chaotic shame' immediately you hear my name
I gat beats that 'll destroy your ear-drum; so louder than a paired gun
You 'll be a dumb-dumb; coz this will surely lead to death' Seldom!
My action is unsecured like 2010 waec
Too much sparkling' that I have to put on my spec
So I lock the aim inside the brain with 86 words password
A chapter in a textbook titled the anchor sword' a book wrote with a dragon blood
I kept those bars inside till it starts leaking
I rewinded the sands of time' n tell the clock' stop ticking!
I 'm gon keep hurting your tongue till you stop speaking
And make you rush it like its hot' I mean' *** picking
You trynna trick me into **** like it's peter pan
Just to see you to the end; I 'll do the best I can
You just a dismantled being
I gat some raw back-up on my recycle-bin
I 'm really leaving this devilish sphere; there ain't no specialist here
I gat my aliens brother waiting at the planet's border; I 'll live the rest of my life on solomon's chair
It is my town now; and I run the street here
I 'll leave your *** paralyze on a wheel chair
That's how I 'll ****** your career before it starts
Coz in this jungle; I 'm the Jaguar to all you cats

Oct 2019 · 48
What Now
If there 's darkness all around; I can live without the light
If I 'm doing it wrong; your love will guide me right
If loving you was an abomination; I could live with all the shame
No matter how bad you hurt me; I could take-on all the blame
If my poetry could please you; I would spend days and nights writing
Straight from the heart; I 'll start rhyming
That's always my feelings and I keep believing
I never knew that you will deceive me
I couldn't believe; so I keep re-winding it
The scars of your love keeps reminding me
How much I valued you more than the treasure stone
I thought you see my heart as your precious throne
I thought it 'll be forever enthusiastic
You 've being compressing my mind; its now elastic
How will you handle my heart incase its plastic
You rip it out of my chest and threw it at me
I wish it never happen; like it was a dream
How unreal it seems, I felt emptiness like phone without a sim
My insecurities led me to make a vow
How? What am I gonna do? WHAT NOW!
All I see is darkness; a black paint on my white frame
The final whistle is blown' in this life game
I 'll be forever hurt and will leave with all the pain
And all the same; I 'll admit all the shame
Oct 2019 · 43
The Truth
He is coming again
He will strike like never before
He stings more like a scorpion
He is despise by many
Even his people love him not
He has been around for long
But nobody seems to welcome him
He is coming again...
Everybody running helter-skelter
The market is nothing but scurry
Like a war zone,
No one wants to be affected
With the strong weapon he wields
Many people at large at his sight
He is coming again...
No one can withstand his wrath
The noblest is not sure
The wealthy is scared
The dumb speak more about him
The deaf hear him clearer
The blind see him often
The poor live not by it
He is coming again...
Our Pastors shy, our Imams timid
Our politicians make no friend with him
Our judges visit him not often
Our police know not his house
Our families are searching for what is not lost
Our Children are not familiar with him
He is coming again...
No place is safe to hide
For he strikes like thunder
No one to turn to
For everyone is not pure
No darkness can cover him
For he sees even in the dark
His shadow covers everywhere
He is coming again...
He has paid his dues
his journey is far away wonder land
But, he has boarded a vehicle that will arrive
Sooner or later he will arrive
Tell the black widow
Caution the wealthy
Let the powerful be aware
Wake the heart of the feeble
The TRUTH is coming again.
Oct 2019 · 312
We lied
We lied we need change
When all we feel is rage
For the government we create
Who don’t feel shake if the economical price inflate

We lied we are happy
When we hide in the bathroom; crying
We lied we are living
When we are striving for surviving

We lied we are grown
When we are yet to be birth
We lied we are strong
And here we are; paralysed

We lied we are in traffic
When we’re still on our bed dreaming
We lied we are set
When with default setting; we’re breathing

We lied we want about-move
From politics of Jong-Un
From government of John Bull
And parliaments filled with masters of Kungfu

We lied we are in love
When the only thing we feel is lust
We lied we are loved
When the only feeling we procure is hurt

We lied we are loyal
When we lust only after the royal one
We lied we are loyal
And when the ox is gored; we run

We lied we are in paradise
When in filthiness we dine
Stuck in a big mess
Living in hell; but not minding our business

We lied we are responsible
When at the sight of challenge; we flee
We lied we are smart
Whereas we are trickening; coz at the sight of themisticoles; we flee

We lied we are beautiful
When our heart is filled with greed and hate
We lied we are pretty
When the pancaked look on our face is manmade

We lied we are the future
Saying we are the leaders of tomorrow
We lied; saying we are injured
Whereas we’re completely trapped in hollow

We lied we’re from the hood
So no one else to talk to
Coz our lifestyle is not good
And that leaves us in bad mood

We lied we are good
When at the depth of our heart; we’re bad
We lied we are confuse
When we’re stuck and which way? We cant conclude
We lied to survive the tide
And from the real part of life; we hide
Tell the truth’ man; be freed inside
Oct 2019 · 276
I was dialoging with this dawg named Paul
And he enumerate to me his school of thought
His adventure and the things he saw
When he was schooling abroad

How some white folks ‘d gather
Holding brown black banner
With the label; “black life matter”
And few time after; they’re all out; wildcatter; like Spartan; screaming “**** black panthers”

I don’t understand their style of prototyping
Stop stereotyping; you decolourized race of white ape dolomiting
I don’t know how being me; being Muslim, being poor or being black dude
Has to do with been shrewd; can’t you just be you instead of been rude

We’re all supposed to be on the same team
With the theme “Self-esteem”
At least in my head
But some people are close minded; and want to see some of our life-mates dead

Here’s something Big_Virge,
A young black man said
“I’m just like you; a human; red blood
With emotions; a moving figure
Why should you treat me; like I’m about to pull the trigger”

Over the centuries blacks have been discriminated
Because of the colour of their skin; we’re getting intimidated
Causing a whole population of human to become sadder
But at the end of the day we all bleed the same colour
So why should what’s on the outside even matter?

Being black, that automatically means you deal drugs
And all the homies you hangout with, they’re just a bunch of thugs
Who play with guns; and are thieves
Who gets chicks knocked up; with their baby and then just leave

Black people are the ones who walk around with sagging pants
The ones who get bullied by the police over suspected suspicion and not remaining a proper stance
If they walk around in the wrong neighborhood it gives that scared white woman a good reason to dial
But really it’s just a good opportunity to flash the blue lights and racial profile.

People say brown kids were born to end war between the two races
But people who are racist at heart, won’t stop their cruel ways
Just because they see more brown faces

I don’t experience racism?
That’s what they think
But i’ve gotten pointed at coz my skin isn’t like milk
It’s kinda like a mixed drink

And being on a low-end? Nope that’s a sin
God forbid us to have what we wanted
But little did they know love always wins

You can’t judge someone because of who they identify as or who they love
If it’s not affecting your life, it’s not something you should be concerned of

Now, Muslims.
I guess we’re all terrorists; huh?
But I guess we judge an entire nation of people
Based off of a few unfortunate attacks and call out the whole religion; duh

If you’re wearing a Burqa, Hijab or Niqob
You get judged
And looked at because you’re an assumed terrorist
Yes 9/11 was a tragic day but we can’t blame all Muslims because of it

People will criticize no matter what
But I can tell you what one of society’s errors is
I am a black and I am a muslim
But I am NOT A ******* TERRORIST
Oct 2019 · 44
They were here yesterday
They were here yesterday
Acting like they wouldn’t fade
All over the place
Showcasing their beautiful face
Their 6pack on display
The only thing they can’t devour is age
Now there they lay
In an everlasting grave
In ah non-stopping pain
Rust and decay

They were here yesterday
Powerful and filthy rich
Looking twenty-five when they’re fifty-six
Coz they’re dully fit
Balling at the peak
Immortality is the only thing
They couldn’t reach
Coz their kryptonit kit
Wouldn’t keep them till a hundred and fifity-six
What a meteoric hit this freak is in

They were here yesterday
Beautiful black woman looking blonde
Balenciaga is the only thing they rock
And when they talk
The autumn leaves start to fall
They only ball with handsome boys
Celebrities and hoodies thugs
Now they’re really shove
They’re 42 but they look 64
No; I’m not talking Celin Dion

They were here yesterday
Fighters; warlords; boxers and wrestlers
Knights of A-tactical
their fist was a face damager
teeth scavenger
damage ya; cerebrovascular
they belong to clique of great caliber
they’re stars of nebula
like space manager
but now they’re bodybag in that rectangular box
layed in an ambulace bus

They were here yesterday
But where are they today
Where are they now?
They’re layed down
Six feet graveyard
No more summer at texas
Not even wildlife safari in Capetown
Zero Gucci and Louis-Vuitton
And when they’re judged
By the creator; there’d be nowhere to run
Their deed is the only they get in turn
Either to be blessed or forever burn
So stop living a life of ****
For tomorrow when you’ll be no more
Is soon to come
Oct 2019 · 55
My fatherland
My fatherland
"I am blessed"; says our fatherland
"I am the giant of Africa"; remarks our fatherland
“We will curb every corrupt personnel”; lied our corrupt leaders
"No place like home"; opines our elders
"Great people, great nation"; merits our media stations
"Blessed with natural resources"; proclaims our teachers
"All is well"; prophesizes our men of God
"Invest home"; idea our business men
"It will be better"; endures our youth
"I will bring change"; promises our snail-like president
“Next level”; campaign our level-0 party
"Vote for me"; begs our politicians.
“We are your friends”; lied the policemen
“We will find you”; exclaim EFCC
“We will put things in order”; pledged our disorganized representatives
“We will pass positive bills”; fakes our kungfu-senate
“To serve our fatherland”; recites our selfish civil-servant
“We will fight for our rights”; yearn our revolution group
“We can’t accept this”; brags our powerless youth
“We are the leaders of tomorrow”; sings our generation
“I’m tired of this country”; cries our fed-up graduate
“Remember the child of who you are” warns our parents
“Promoting the rule of law” proclaim our lawyers
Yet! The **** ****, the dog bark,
The cat meow, the snake hiss,
The sun shine, the water flow,
Everything being equal.
My father's land changes not!
I cry for our generation,
I weep for what to come,
I pray we wake up from our slumbers.
Oct 2019 · 127
Dude from the hood
To some
He’s born
On the wrong
part of the world

To others he’s above
Prime amidst the odds
Intelligencial murr
Diamond in the ruff
A young god
Or more

To some
He’s nut
Who knows not
What is right and what is wrong
Opposite wise;  probably curse
By the gods

To others he’s just a dude
From the hood
Who walk around with fade blue hat
On stitch rag and sewed bag
Striving; even with his bruised heart
Trying to rebuild his confused path

To some
He’s a dawg
Who dresses poor
Whose sense is bore
Whose thought needs cure
A piece of junk
Lilly-knight of the lost

To others he’s tore
Been through a lot
Take a trip to his world
Through his sea and shore
You wont make it back bros

To some he’s dumb
Somewhat numb
Paralysically not
Senserable to hurt
But for real; he’s just a boy
Who doesn’t need to be judge
For what he is or not
Can’t you see his strug'
He’s just a boy from the slum
Trying to make it to the top
Aug 2019 · 170
Though my heart is wide and huge

It could only accommodate you
Aug 2019 · 47
Because I'm on level zero
I can't find a girl; coz they're all chasing hero
Aug 2019 · 53
With you by my side; Mate
We can move mountains out-of our way
Aug 2019 · 72
Having the chance to be your boo
I don't want anyone else
As long as you don't want to too
Aug 2019 · 48
I walk the street
Of the town labelled "Iroko hill"
I found this tree beautifully lined
The seeds and fruits dully aligned
Like a burning smile
On a sunny sky
The branch and leaves
Looks gorgeously green
Like a flowery beam
A sirius; it seems
The trunk and branch; tall and inclined
The flower glows
I wish she was mine
But I got the answer No
I picked a seed from a ***** branch
To give me hope
I plant this seed into the ground
I hope it grows
That after some years; if I'm still around
It'd yield a rose
But here I am
Stuck with this zombie plant
Although the leaves are bright too
But it doesn't outshine you
It's ego dare not near your might
It's just a subset of your light
So until the sun and moon collide
To eclipse my darkened sky
I won't give up the search
I'd hold on to this very path
Hoping you'd change your mind
And please be mine
Jul 2019 · 93
I’ve always been at fault
Since I was born
Sometimes it feel like curse
Like I am stuck
And I lost the liver
The confidence to deliver
My body somewhat shiver
It’s hard to summon the courage
To spit what my heart coverage
Pain; sorrow
Vain; hollow
Lost hope for tomorrow
Misery; fear
Seasoning tear
Shattered beyond repair
Days with bad feeling
Nights counting ceiling
Same word; same ceiling
With nothing but same feeling
Empty and pale
Feeling of fail
Beaten and bullied as a child
Hurt and left out in the wild
Raised without anything
Struggling for everything
Adopted though not-orphaned
Accepting anything life offer
Problems and tragedy
Tucked-in silently
Used and molested
Left broken hearted
Close folks deserted
Love ones deceased
From life-threatening disease
Those are the threads that I weave
To form this poetic fabrics
But see; when situation broke me bad
Rhythmic poems stitch me back
With their words encrypt in my heart
And rhymes laced in my intestine
Poetry gave me a new soul
With her glowing light; I feel whole
I find it easy to express my stress
My state of mind and how I felt
In words
Than in talks
My speech delivery is whack; maybe
But with my pen; words never failed me
And all those circumstances that I’d dealt
Are the ink to my pen
Jul 2019 · 160
Pretending to be blind
Is what I’m good at
Acting like I lack insight
Is what I’m better at
But loving you
Is my best act
Now tell me lies
Tell me I’m the only bae
I would see through the game you play
Make me your profile pics
Ohw! Do I bear the same name as him
Tell me those romantic words
Tell me that I rule your world
Tell me I’m the only one
Tell me! I’m listening ma’am
All those stories tell
Doesn’t ring a bell
Coz there’s no better heck
Than this hell I felt
You play along and fake it
To see if we would make it
And I was writing love songs
About how we’re more strong
Than the hardest metal
Not knowing I’m just a petal
See; I love you
More than life itself
The way I wish to please you
Is dismantling my mental health
Coz nothing hurts more
Than finding out that the one you does love
Is holding on to past
You know how it’d break one’s heart
When you think you’ve found your perfect match
And you discovered that you’re just a backup plan
Or probably in a competition to win her heart over your counterpart
You want to cast her out
But you know how worst you’d become
If she should be gone
And you know I can’t let you go
I am a nincompoop; it’s true
I am a mindless animal with you
I may not be able to give you wings to fly
But at most; I would try
Until my death; I will try
Even if it’s killing me
But maybe someday I will win
Jul 2019 · 90
Hear me
without you right here
my dreams are nightmared
Jul 2019 · 369
Beautiful Brilliance
Beautiful brilliance
The type that ignites
A weak heart
The type that surpass
The compass
Of this earth

Beautiful brilliance
Wonderfully scribed
Painting the skies
Bright and wild
With its glittering smile

Beautiful brilliance
indescribably beautiful
Far beyond physical
That makes dying flowers bloom
And make the world feel brand new

Beautiful brilliance
That makes the grass seem greener
Beauty; so brilliantly made
Makes the stars look beautifully gray
Makes me suffer in an amazing way

Beautiful brilliance
See; my head and my heart
Are tearing me apart
Your wisdom they crave
Your prettiness they chase

The way that she shines
Makes me want to reach out to the sky
Not to touch the stars
But to whisper to the moon
How beautifully brilliant are you

Beautiful brilliance
You're my heart, my soul and my world
For the lack of better words
I can feel your brilliance from afar
I want to capture your beauty in a jar

The way her beauty glows
Even the sun can't lay it low
The brilliance she's bestowed
Gives my heartbeat a rhythm flow
And ohw; I wish you'd know
How much I love you so
Jun 2019 · 1.1k
Dear me
Dear me
Forget about the words
Of the people of this world
It's just an act of disdain
Trying to make you stray
From the right-fill way
That leads to that pearly gate
To some you're genius; to others you're dull
To some you're religious; to some you're worse
To some your approach
Is rude and cold
Some thought you're bestowed
A gentle soul
To some you're a hero; to some you're a curse
To some you're a ******; so they tag you with cult
To some you're slow; so you're not their kind
And to some folk; your pace is so **** fast
To some you're moody; to some you're nice
When some will read and mock your art
And some will glance and 'd be like wow!
To some you're less-ambitious at times
To some you're too serious for their like
Some thought you're brilliant; to some you're quack
To some you're humble; to some you're proud
To some you're good; to others you're bad
They'll say you're this; and say you're that
But your true definition lies; inside your heart
Jun 2019 · 141
What you think of me; matters small

What I think of me; matters more
Jun 2019 · 71
I fell in love
Striving to get back up
Struggling to get away
But ****! I never stand again

She fell in love
Loss the remote control
To her heart and soul
Unable to feel whole alone

We fell in love
Tried hard to avoid the void
Brilliantly paralyzed; beautifully disordered
Falling parallel towards each other

All those time
I try
To dust myself off and stand
But it seems I’m forever strand

All my life I’ve never been this
Addict to someone’s bliss
You’ve got that something that I believe
I’ve been craving for centuries

You amplify my heartbeat
You magnify my sight; now I can see
You give relief to my racing heart
You’d the greatest treasure I’d ever hath
Even when the sky isn’t bright
Her smile provides the light
I need to rise
Through unpleasant time

They told me that the word
To express this thought
That I feel is love
But I think there’s more

They told me that the thing
To juxtapose this feeling is
To believe this love is real
And embrace and nurture its seed

And after a brilliantly beautiful thought
She rise in love
Accepting the butterfly to shelter in its bud
Losing herself in his world

I rise in love
Happy that my stress finally yield
Never imagine that my wound ‘d finally heal
That you and I will finally be

We rise in love
Mated like thunder and lightning
Bulldozing every obstacles that try ti tear us apart
We shine and make the darkness hide
Jun 2019 · 451
Chess with the devil
And so I walk in
Into the devil’s inn
And Aye! I found the devil sitting on his usual chair
In that dark room filled with smoky air
Still seated facing his golden chess
Thinking who’s next he’d trick to hell
Knock! Knock! Is anybody in
He already knew it’s me
He pull his metallic door stylishly
Raising his hand Hi-ing me
Ehy man; here you are again
Tell me; this time, what’s your aim
Tell me; without me; what have you attain
After all; you understand my style of game
He offered me a place
To sit dimensionally face to face
Dear devil, after striving for a while
I’ve come to understand your style
Though I’m yet to realise
Why you choose this path
What has mankind done to ya
That you affiliate yourself to all his wants
Money, power, fame, skyscraper, empire
Even knowledge and earthy desire
Tell me; what’s your sole goal
I’ve seen folks
Sold their sole
For fame and gold
Cash, diamond, glittering things
And all other worldly things
I pinch a pawn
By its head and sets it down
The devil winces as if he knows my next move
Dear devil; what would you do
He reflect my move
By a pawn of his own too
This I’ve learn
That human are so greedy
They yearn for much interest
Than what they invest
They intend to gain huge
Than what they ought to
Celebrities thirst for fame
Louder; like china made
Politicians hungers for power
Even if it’d reduce their glass hour
The poor want to make it big
Survivers want to live
The wealthy want to get more rich
They force their way to top the cliff
I slide another pawn towards
his territories and slightly move it forward
As I always tell you man
God and I exist in different clan
With different plan
For you mankind
I am bestowed every glittering things in this life
Ambitions, dreams, power, desires
You want to live for eternity
I can give you immortality
You want that diamond ring
That bling and bling
Wealth and health remixed
Long life elixir
Geniusity; polymatheism
Supreme intelligence
Woman of perfect form
I can help you divert their thought
And they’d pass their love
To you alone
Mention any worldly luxury
Then my hand is in all of it
Let me give you a hint
Once you start craving for more than you worked for
Just know that I’m involved
The devil match past my pawn
I bouncingly count out squares
Then move my knight to a pawn neighbouring near
He quickly move another pawn forward
Oh devil; this time you’ve run
Into a concrete wall
See; I still have my soul
And I am sure will achieve my goal
Without you been in role
I move forward another knight
But yet the devil doesn’t feel fright
Now, dear devil
Why do you choose to be a rebel
Against human being
And the clan of jinn
And the devil reply
See; what happened between God and I
That got me demonise
Is man’s polymath
See; before the creation of man
I was once loyal; I live at the apex
I dwelt amidst angels
Worshipped God day and night
I walked in the path of light
But the interference of your kind
Turn me to this revengeful type
The fact that I was locked out of heaven’s gate
Filled me with rage and hate
For every offspring
Of Adam and Eve
He angrily slide his bishop between two pawns
Preparing for an attack
No matter what you do
I will not grant you my soul
Your attempts are futile
I don’t have a thing to sacrifice
I twirl my finger around the tip top
And advances another pawn
He take out my pawn with a knight
Intentionally opening a destruction path for my bishop
Oh; devil, this time I won’t give up
Though your intellect is far superior to mine
But this game will rather end up a tie
It’s too late
Man; you’ve fallen a bait
Right now; you can’t deflate
At this point you can’t walk away
From this game
The devil further takes out my knight with his bishop
Then suddenly, I screamed ‘Stop!’
He noticed my ****** expression
Filled with total frustration
I feel hesitant to move my pieces
The devil knew he'd ****** me
I move another pawn, though I know it will be killed
Dear devil; I am been careful with my piece
Don’t want to run into any deal
Dear devil; I can’t continue this game
I’d be back in few days
Until then; let me be
I won’t sign any deal
The devil laughed and somewhat grinned
But still baffled with the fact that he hasn’t win
Salvation devil chess
May 2019 · 58
The woman I love
The woman I love
Feast amidst the star
Jealoused by the beauty god
The star wish they shine as her

The woman I love
Bask in the morning light
Wrong is not a word in her world
Everything she does is right

The woman I love
Is poetically romantic
Her words were the rhythmic rhyme
That make my heart beat a thousand times

The woman I love
Makes my heart beat back and forth
And she possess the torch
That guides me home when I’m lost

The woman I love
Gorgeous and mightily blessed
**** even in ah hijabi dress
Not the sexiness that cause temptiness

The woman I love
Is ah hybrid of brilliance and beauty
No beauty plus; she’s endowed with wisdom + (plus)
She’s the only rib that suits me

The woman I love
Has the sunlight on her face
She possess that awakening touch
That resurrect a bruised and shattered heart; and her cuteness never fade

The woman I love
Possess immortality; thus she never age
Dream, nightmare; weak and fear
None of that outrage

The woman I love
Possess what none other has
She holds perfection at her hand
Even perfection is not as perfect as her

The woman I love
Probably doesn’t want me back
Maybe there’s someone else she does
Maybe someone else possess her heart

Dear Woman I love
Even though; you don’t as much
I just want to let you know
That I love you so

So, woman I love
If at all; there’s a world after this
I’ll be there; waiting at the heaven’s gate
Where we’ll be forever mate
May 2019 · 255
NO (1)
NO (1)
I am a warrior
My art is superior
I fight with words
My pen hurts than sword

I bask in the light
I chose only the path that’s right
God almighty is my guide
He remote-control my path

I am bolder
Even than the soldier
I say No to terrorism
Cybercrime and cultism

To evil-doers and corrupt government
Mismanagement of civil property
I say No to pop/rap art
Whose rhymes corrupt young mind
May 2019 · 86
To the buddy staring at me on the wall
This is an appraisal to keep you up
Wow; it’s been long you’ve been on this work
It’s been Nine years since you sat upon the rock
Sitting there taking stock; of things of this world
And things of the next.
In form of written text
At first into music
But never make it; even with deuces
You’ve got a poet’s heart since you were young
A brilliant brain with a musical tongue
A god with the words
Whose wordplay is the sword that fights against his odd?
You’re exceptional among every men
The written word delivered by your pen
Lives on forever in the heart
Of those who've read; to never part.
You ran the race with no disgrace
Inspired others to take their place
They are meant to lead their race
You hype their morale to the core
Assuring them they’d make it to the shore
As long as they d’ believe; to heck with the red sea
And so you fill the hearts of all you’ve see.
Every day we try to stay
Not to stray from this path we follow
But someone dear died today
And someone else would die tomorrow
That someone; might be me
That someone could be you
It might be the person reading this
Or that buddy standing next to you
It might be someone in my fam
Or someone in yours
You might; on your way to the farm
Or maybe on your way to the mosque
You might; while driving in your car
Or pro’ly while drinking in the bar
Infact! Keep calm, stay gently on your bed
Death will still find you there
Your soul to another atmosphere
Where you will forever dine
Waiting for that day to come
The day we’ll all be judged
For what we did and what we see
For what we hear and what we think
Do something with your life
Or the devil will do something to you
You know Allah; but you don’t obey him
You know paradise; but you don’t seek it
You heard his words; but you don’t heed it
You know there’s hell; yet you don’t think real
You see a tunnel of fire opened by the devil; yet you don’t quench it
You know that there’s death and you don’t prepare for it
You buried the dead and you don’t learn from it
You’re busy talking about other people’s fault
Yet you ignore yours
In hard times; you scream ‘Ya’Allah’
When you’re relieved; you forgot your Lord
Do something now; man; before you fade
Remember, you can’t rewind once you are in grave
You are to live for your Lord
Not this world
Do something now; there’s no halftime
Be reminded; there’s hereafter
Apr 2019 · 115
With you my heart is home
With which brilliance and beauty roam
Where dream is filled with fulfilling hope

Without you I’m broken, leaked, deceased
Call the doctor, plumber, the priest
No amount of troubleshooting can get me fix

With you I’m strong and powerful
With you by my side; I cannot fail
Coz you’re the fuse to light my veins

Without you I'm low on oxygen
Like my life is a leaked cardboard box
Without stars to burn out the void

With you I’m a poet
The whole world knows
For his inspiring quotes

Without you I’m a writer
Struggling to find words
To describe his hoards

With you I’m the moon
Surrounded by sparking stars
Lighting the way through the dark

Without you I’m the sun
Burning with grieve
All that come close would turn liquid

With you I’m a genee
My achievement has no limit
The sky? No
It’s just a stepping stone

Without you I’m stuck
Wandering without home
Lost in the black hole

With you I’m a god
Controlling creatures like joy and rich
All wants and needs are at my reach

Without you I’m a man
Living in a hive
Striving to survive

With you I’m an astronauts
Exploring galaxies
Enjoying life’s fantasies

Without you I’m stranded
Filthy and paralyzed
Tactless and distrategised

With you I’m a blessed soul
Happiness and joy are things I own
Because I’m a star at heart
No obstacles dares cross my path

Without you I’m incomplete
Without you I see nothing
Without you I feel nothing
Without you I’m without me
Apr 2019 · 262
woman of my rib
The woman of my rib
The one that makes me complete
The woman of my dream
My semi; my eve
She’s sleek and black
Fair or partly dark
Tall and slim
Doesn’t need a hill
To bring out the curves of her hips

The woman of my rib
The one that makes me whole
With the heart that gives me home
She ‘d filled my every hole
With the smile that gives me hope
She’s thick and white
Short and fat
Doesn’t need a cream
To bring out the beauty of her skin

The woman of my rib
Is intelligent and wise
Beautiful and kind
Always follows her heart
Doesn’t need a philosophical quote
Before she knows which way to go

The woman of my rib
Is brilliantly tricky
Less like that of Eve
Which led Adam to his doom
She’s a tigress in bedroom
Blessed with ah heavenly womb
She doesn’t need a tattoo
To show that she’s a tycoon

The woman of my rib
Is coy and shy
Lousy and wild
Always putting on a smile
Sometimes wrong; sometimes right
Good and bad
All at the same time

The woman of my rib
Is gentle and calm
But she’s the opposite when I’m around
Always lending a supporting hand
Knows her way around her man

The woman of my rib
Has the most beautiful soul
She always has everything under control
She’s the best in every aspect
Doesn’t try too hard to be perfect
Even perfect wished she was her

Woman of my rib
She’s distinctively pretty
Jealoused by the goddess of beauty
Coz her style ain’t tutee
Not too choosy
That is the kind of woman that suits me
Apr 2019 · 58
Mama, I found a girl
Like you said I would
She shows me every galaxies inside my heart
Like the star does to moon

Even if she wasn’t near
Her image I see everywhere
She’s the only thing I see when I’m dreaming
Her whisper I hear when I’m listening

Thinking of her put my mind at peace
My heart without her love is just a tin
My brain without her memory is just a bin
My life without her is filled with filth

I never had such desires before
I never tried to meet someone this hard
Her beauty is the only thing I sought
Every other thing is blur

She is my addiction; without her I’m unwell
She is my heaven; without her; I’m in hell
She is the cure to my pain
The relief to my sane

She was the torch
That guides me back home when I’m lost
She was the vein
That stitch my heart when it’s crushed

My fondness for her constantly deepens
Every time I see her; my heart starts to weaken
Her shiny beauty make the stars feel jealous
How precious she is; no treasure could measure

When my heart was torn; she was my glue
I was once shattered; but now I’m new
She was my savior; though she never knew
That she was my guardian angel; my phantom hue

She was one in a million
And she was brilliant
I guess she’s called brilliant beauty
The one with the heart that suits me

The day, the sun, the rain and the cloud
The night, the moon as the stars surrounds
You’re more amazing than any of this
Of every natural beauty, she top the list

Thoughts of having you bring to me more hope
Closer enough to discard my telescope
But every time I tried to tell her how I feel
My heart skips its beat

Imagining us together; does a magical wonder
It make my heart beat louder than thunder
And if she can’t be mine in real life
Then I’ll live in this dream forever
Apr 2019 · 86
Boom here
Boom there
Doom; fear
Hummed tear
Kids orphaned
Man sacrificed
Wanderers shoot dead
But who cares

I’m not safe
I need a place
Where there are no guns
Where there are no bombs
Where the land is green
Where the sky ain’t grey
Where movement is free
Where the air ain’t thick

Yes, I’m leaving
Freedom is what I’m seeking
No, I cannot leave
How about my wife and kids

I once had a home
I was once known
For my wordsmithing and prose
I once had dreams and hope
But now, all is soak
I was once famous and rich
Wealth and nutrition are things I had in reach
Now they’ve all turn to trashes
Burn down to ashes

Are we on route or stray
Wait, is it judgment day?
Ohw, we’re in the midst of war
Our vision for peace is blurred
Our street filled with blood
Homeless sleeping on the street floor

Battered path
Broken shelter
Shattered heart
Hectar sketar

But how do we get here
How do our problems build up to stairs?
Like ghommids, our tears remained constant
Our stomach; filled with fake substance
Because of the hatred we had for ourselves
Our once paradisal home now turned to hell
Because our governments are just bandits of theft
And we have no says in things that we get

Businessman lacks patriotism
Different kind of societal atrocity
Corruption and cultism
Religion tribalism
When will all this stop?
When will salvation come?
God; please free us from this curse
Please save us Lord
Apr 2019 · 48

What should I ask from you Lord?
I don’t know how to pray
How do I fall in love?
How will I treat my sane?

Take my bruise and pain away
Take me to a better place
Cleanse my path before I stray
Lord, do not let my dream facade

In the land of the lost, that’s where I roam
Wandering alone looking for greener land
Lord, let me witness the feeling of being at home
Before my heart and soul depart

Love is what my heart is yearning for
Hate is what this earth shows me
Friendship, relations, I don’t need more
But loneliness‘s been my closest hommie

Show me the path to love
Save me from this hateful thought
Force me to change my course
Whether I want it or not

Bless me with your grace
Give direction to my prayers
Take me high; give me brace
You know; I’ve always been a scrapper

My needs and wants; only you can tell
Give me a path to trail
Take a look at me as well
Since I have you; I should not fail

Give me life filled with reason
Give my dream wings to fly
Lord I’m crying and I know you’re listening
Bring my hibernated heart back to life
Apr 2019 · 1.7k
Real Music

Real dope rappers
Who write good flows
Not those whackers
Whose IQ ‘s low

Real emcees
Not them fake gees
Whose violence fancy life they pretend to live
In their video scene
Make them obscene

Rap shouldn’t be getting kids trapped
In a ****** life
Imagining wrongly outside the map
Now most of these kids had swapped
Their real life with that rap-gee crap
Things need to be done asap
Before things get out of bound
Before these kids gets out of hand

Rapping should be about feeling
Happening and politicking
And how we take beating
From murderous policing
Rap should be a stencil
Unfading, unlike pencil
It should be a language, fundamental
That boots the mental
Coz rap music is special

Rap should be words arranged in rhythmic verse
To fit the beat and bass
Where the preceding rhymes
Fit the proceeding lines

Rap could be a war song
Against gunmen and war-thugs
To stop their inhumane wrongs
Like killing youngs’ and dropping bombs

Rap could be a love song
Song that keeps our vibe on
And become more strong

Rap could be an ornament
To our chameleon-like president
And those in the parliament
And other less-sensible personnel
In the government

Rap should be an inspiration
That helps you find solution
To war and destitution
And impact its contribution
as medication
To a mind filled with gruesome

Rap should be a resolution
To peace and revolution
Not the type that cause body and soul pollution

Rap should be about feeling
Not *** and drug preaching
Not fake-life flaunting
That leave the young heart bleeding

Rappers should be evolver
Logical thinker
Intellect ******
Who don’t just wear blinkers
They’re problem solvers

Realest cyphers
I’m talking real rap gods
Whose song do not preach hate
Whose line will all relate

How about those with silly way
Who’s supposed to be in jail
Coz their rhythmic way
And their wordplay
Preaches stray
And could derange the brain
Of the kids to decay

Let’s talk euphorism
Rappers whose rhythmism
Somewhat lacks euphemism
Whose art of lyricism
And rhyme algorithm
Lacks aphorism

I’m talking wu-tang pal
Not YMCMB clan
Whose art lack style
I’m talking 2pac
Whose rap never past

What about the music tycoon
Who make the world roam
Whose song gives the heart relief
And gives a warming beat
To a wandering lost soul

Real poetic wordsmith
Whose every word spit
Has a taste of God in it
And could make the world spin

But when rappers start displaying
An art that’s straying
And still gets to be known
That’s got to show
That they’ve bargain their soul
For fame, a chance to glow
Coz they’re rhythmic style is low
So, for them to blow
They’ve got to sold
Their body, heart and soul in whole

But rappers these day
Are just insane
Their lust for fame
Outlived their love for the game
thanks to Dammy Zuliha and Abdul Muhsin for the inspiration
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