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Love is phenomenal
Love is cool
Love is good
But love to me
is nothing real

Different kinda love everywhere
Love for ***
Keep you on bed
With your **** ex
Even when you tend
To have move onto next

Love for cash
Is another trash
That love abash

Love for pleasure
is within the measure
of ignoring the scope
Of pipe for a hole
To being ****
****! That's the kinda love
I despise the most

Some men desire
Girl that's fair
Tall and set
With big **** and breast

Well, such men are something else
Coz they tend to regret
And spit load of contempt
After they've touch and check
What's under that; ****** dress

Same goes for women
Who tend to pretend
They're worthy and shy
But are quick to spread their thigh
For that upfront guy
The muscular type
Or someone who's got some cash

Girls like this
I now dismiss
Girls with wandering hips
Who are quick
To run their lips
Feminine ****
Who claim to believe
in Feminism

Anyway, this is my advice to thee
Girls and guys like this
are full of tricks
I hope you're heeding this
Coz AIDs right now; cannot be fixed

Okay Wordsmith
What love do you think
is raw and real
And make love bliss

I don't think there's such
things as love
For better for worse

Love to me
is nothing real
Coz most partners tends
To stay with you
If the love is beneficial

When there is nothing to give
That love that seems real
Will suddenly leave
That's when you'll see
That love isn't real

Wordsmith my bud
I guess you're hurt
Or you've been on the wrong
Side of love

Alright Alright
You've got to stop
I don't despise love
I'm a lover boy
Who give my all
When I find someone
I wholeheartedly love

But what I'm saying
is that human love
Is overrated of course
There is true love
But attach to some'n

The best of love
Is that of God
To human being
That's the kinda love
That comes in all
without expecting a unit return
Every year; we sing
We're independently free
From colonisation regime
From human-slavery
Free from
Antihuman policies

Impose on we
By em British colony

Free from slavery
to a free-free world
Free from brutality
to a greater course

But when exactly
Will we be free
From the war within

When will we be free
From talks of guns
When will we be free
From wars and bombs

When will we be free
From bad leadership
Coz all I see
is corruptive cliques
occupying governmental seats

When will we be free
From terrorism
territory separatism
Religion barbarism
And tri-balism

When will we be free
From governmental deceit
And societal laws
Made by bribe-filled judge
Whose laws only affects the poor

When will we be free
From godfatherism
And political regime
Where the corruptive folks
Are immune to probe

When will be free
From deadly disease
State of emergency
And economical insurgency

When will we be free
From violent street
Filled with vicious police
Whose only role
is to harass those
Who can't afford 50 naira note

When will we be free

The north is filled
with refugees
victims of terrorism
younger kids
with nowhere to sleep
Roaming the street
Trying to get their belly feed

The southeast is the zone
where them militant roam
Armed to the bone
Brainwashed and scoped
By them Biafran folks
Shooting this; shooting that
Disturbing peace and breaking pipe
yearning for separation
of our beloved Nation

And what about the west
Them Wild Wild West
the district where
Godfatherism dwells
Ruthless men
Political theft
And fraudulent youth
Who often get used
By political dudes
Senseless thugs
Whom at the end of all
's abused and dumped

And human-right activist
Who aren't really for the citizens
Political sheople
Misleading the people
The only thing that matters' ah
getting their pocket's fat

I'm not here to preach
But when will we be free
From being brain-feed
with lies and deceit
Most people can't use their head
Yes, unless it is used for them
Most now follow religious leaders
Instead of the Lord
Whatever the preacher says; is right
Yea, he is the man of God

When will we be free
From enchanted beats
Musical *****
That aren't up to feat

When will we be free
When will we be free

Raise the Green-White-Green
And steadily roll the rim
Even though the white seems gray
I believe one day
We'd be chanced to make
This country great again
So let us pray

O God of Creation
Direct our Noble Course
Guide our Leaders Right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.
If you bring trouble to my home, I would not run
Cos' peace and love
is something I'd die for
A world without war
A world filled with patience to the earth core
Do you understand what I'm saying
Or do I need to say more
This is a course....
with pictures to draw
Pictures of love
From sons to their mothers
Pictures of love
From brother to brother
Pictures of love
From hoodlums to thugs
Pictures from all
Regardless of colours
Pictures of a non-
-xenophobic world
A world without
Tribalism tout
A world free from guns
And racist words
A world free from war drum
In time of despair
She's always there

When loneliness gives no tales to tell
When hope seems to disappear
And not a single soul is left
To keep you dear

When those you call your friend
Don't want you near
Coz you're a stigma to them

When surviving feels like hell
And you almost succumb to fear
That everyone leave you to despair

When your heart swing back and forth
And you never knew the joy of love
You try to keep up, but nah! you fell
****! you're hurt beyond repair

That's when she appear
With an handkerchief held
to her right hand and then
A spear to her left
One to wipe your tears
And the other to protect

She's not so perfect, yea
But despite the less she gets,
she's willing to share
Her life, her heart and soul
Her whole to give you hope

She's a flawless dear to me
A worthy human being
A guardian angel..... Yes!
With her; I'd be forever bless
I can be the moon, sun and stars
I can paint your sky blue, black and white
Then the planets will be dully aligned
with your name written in the stars

I can be your armour; I can be your guard
I can be a god; so I'll give your life
Then I'd make you an angel; so you'll be immortalised
I can reset the rhythm to your weary heart
I can be the consolation to your teary eyes

I can be your heaven; I can be your earth
I can be this; I can be that
But nothing seems enough
To affirm my love

So now, I retire
Coz I'm tired
I'm getting loose
I've got nothing else to proof
I'm the prodigal son
Born with a gold-silver spoon
Mummy said when I was born
She was on her caramel top
Showing her Rïchïë stunt off

They call me the prodigal son
Platonically coz
I'm Sardonically born
By the gold-digger mom

Now, I'll tell you more
Of how this prodigal son
was practically born
to this satanical world

Yea, papa was a ****
Mama was a flirt
Then my mama gave birth
to this diamond in the ruff

Father is a political don
A strict guy to the core
I know...and
He knows that
I don't give a ****
Whether he's a don or not

When I was young
He used to be my hero,
All night long
He used to be my pillow
All that has gone
Now, he's my all time foe

Enough of his
What about me
Am I suppose to fall?
By another man flaws
I'm less of a greed
More of a bandit

Yea, I'm that thrifty one
Tagged filthy boy
I grew up a fatherless son
in a slum
not far from the north

I'm the prodigal child
Living life
With my cynical pride
Flaunting my dad riches
Oh! What a *****... I'm.

****, growing up was tough
Papa wasn't home
Mama got issue of her own
So I was left alone
in another family flow

As if that's not enough
Heavens know better; that
I smoke more than a weeder
Come visit my villa
It's more like a smoky lounge

Yea, call me the prodigal son
I'm rough and I'm bad
I'm different from them herd
I laugh when I'm sad
Coz my tears' ******* dry

I'm not done yet
I be the Casanova lad
My promiscuous act
Is topping the chart
They can't get enough of me
Em silly-dumb girls.

I'm that prodigal ****
That your papa doesn't want
That your mama warn you of
Okay now, run, little boy
Or your head 's getting hurt

But, to be honest
All these...
Doesn't behoove my parent
And this's
My mood of regret; please
Forgive and wish me the best.
Combo work from Wordsmith and Radioboi
She's the angel you'd fight the devil for
And I am the hatred you'd give up love for

She is the heaven you'll go through hell for
I'm malignantly toxic; you can't help, but ask more

She's the light you'd go through darkness for
And I am the earthquake preceded by cloudburst

She is the sunshine after a thunderous downpour
Well, I am a terror; no height I wont bring you down from
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