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These days I guess I don't deserve to live
I felt disheartening
Hard to live; happily
Hurt and pain is all I could feel
Work ain't going fine
Life?; "not treating right"

Everyone telling me how bad I be
Trashing me
When parent blasphemy
Like I don't deserve to be
In this fa-mily
Friends don't wanna hang with me
On their Nike clique
Coz my dressing style is seeing
As lowlify thing
Girlfriend telling me
What a non-caring freak I be
For I'm just heartlessly being
Like a robot machine
People stare from afar
Trow me words of slap
Call me this and that
Coz of my fairy glare
Am I scaring them
With my hairy head
Eh! most of the thing they said
Doesn't ring a bell
In my nonemotional head

Maybe they're too blind to see
Maybe truly, I don't deserve to live
Where other people be
It's hard to love
When everybody talk
That I'm not worthy of
Love 'nd joy
Hatred piling up
Why am I been judged
For things I know nothing of
Why can't they just let me walk
Through this disheartening world
Poetry is not about how many words you write
Or how many like you've gat
It's about how right you pen-wised
Who your rhymes inspire
Does it toucheth heart
Does it changeth mind
Of those whose life
Are filled with trial

Does it make em smile
Or at times makes em cry
It's wise to cry; at times

Does it make em fly
And give em vibe
To take another try

Does it make em cope
After a heck of sorrow
Does it give em hope
Of better tomorrow

If you write
Use insight
Write about life
Governmental lies
Societal cry
Their surviving style

And them useless dudes
Who quickly get loose
When they see them proustite
Getting ****

About them use-less youth
Who're striving hard
To make  some dime
About those disrespectful child
And non-caring dad
Who always make mummy sad

Write about things that affects our life
Things that'd levitate our vibe
And elevate our mind
To the future time
When you write
Write what inspire
Friends wants me to be a sailor
But I don't wanna go beyond the shore
They cut me off

Father wants me to be a doctor
But I'd faint at the sight of blood
He left me to rot

Mother wants me to be an engineer
****! I don't wanna be such
"She says; You're too weak my son"

My brother wants me to be a soldier
Nah! I just wanna be raw
"Okay; but don't end up joining thugs"

Girlfriend want me to be a pilot
But height scare me too much

Everybody wants me to be something
But I want to be none

Neighbours want me to be a professor
But I careth not

They labelled me as "Not-serious"
They called me names
"Boy without dream"
"Living without aim"
"He's content with living in ****"
"He never want to improve"
"Don't you have something to prove"
"Ohw; seems he has nothing to lose"
"He wants to survive only"
"He's used to been lonely"

I'm tired of been judge

There they sit
With their pen and ink
Painting me weak
And they thought me mean
But I just wanna be me
I just want to live
And leave peacefully
Without a heck of unlikely dreams
That's my philosophy
And if it doesn't go well with thee
Call me what you see
Words you speak
Don't move me a inch
I'll forever be who I want to be
How do they know
That you’re not real
When all they see
Is a low-level thee

And how will they know
That you’re a master of the ink and
You’re a great thinker
Who doesn’t get sink by
They eye of those I call blinkers

And how do they know
When they only see a side of you
When they don’t believe you could
When they even reject you
Your hard work bloom

And how do they think they knew
How to make you feel blue
Is it by the criticizes they do
Oops; that doesn’t seem to move
Do they think they’ve broken you
I really don't know
Can someone give me a clue

And how do they (ladies) know
When a man got the cash
I guess they're sniffer dogs
In a field full of hash

And why don't they (ladies) know
When a man is a dog
Can't they tell by his breath
When they're having a snog

And why don’t they (ladies) know
That men who could give everything he gets
To get their dress flinged at the leg of the bed
Only wants to ***
Then, the next is
Go to hell’ *****

And why don't we (guys) know
Which woman to love
Because some of them uhn;
Don't fit like a glove

And why don't we (guys) know
When a woman looks great
It's highly unlikely that
She wants a soulmate

And why don't we (guys) know
That a woman who shows
Too much of her body
Is simply a ‘**’e

And why don't they know
That years down the line
Most men want a woman
Whose body's still fine

And how do they know
When you're looking at them
It's them that you're after
Not one of their friends

And what makes them think
That when you've had a drink
It's okay for them
To tease you with a wink  
And what makes them feel
If their man's not obsessive
The love he proclaims
Just cannot be real

And why can't they see
That their love for money
Will never allow their soul to be free

And why do they try
To always imply
That relationships fail because of the guy

And who is the fool
That said it was cool
To trust everything you’re taught in your school
Or those counselling messages shared in them WhatsApp groups
Or quotes wrote by that psychological dudes
Or some videos you came across on YouTube

And why is it
That after things go wrong in a relationship
That’s when she suddenly develops hips like a ship
Uhn, I got that drip
Thumbs up! b*tch
But not everyone could get ****
By your seductive tricks

And what's with these kids
Who games like PS3
Or some kind of YouTube skit
Is more real
To them than reality is

And why do I feel
Like these questions I’m asking
Can't possibly stop
Young people from blasting gun
Or sniffing puff
And those hacking-thugs
From throwing cyber punch
To innocent head; home and abroad
And them all-night mistress
Whose goods for business
Is kept under their less-rag dress
And them young hood girls
From walking the street with naked ***
Or hanging out with top-labelled dawgs

So what's in a lie
Why not tell the truth
Why do people cry
Why do people do
Things that makes me feel confuse
Why do people die
And when all's said and done
What's up with my mind
Why do I consistently ask why
And oh!
What's with this prose
Called what do we know
The way some mates
Most times use their brain
Helps to ease my pain
Whenever I feel deranged

Their poetical way
Could be describe as sane

People like B_ViRGE
Who keeps me inspired
Every time I feel mentally tired

Or great minds like Muhsin
And the quote-master HMC
And my StreetPoetry cliques
Who doesn't seem
To need a war machine
To rescue or ****

No protective barbed-wire
Or an heavy gunfire
To fight an empire

Cos' their style of war;
Is lyrically pure
Their battling style;
Is well designed;
In poetic lines

Their artistic rhyme;
Could help invert;
The hate-filled mind;
To the rightful path;
Of love and light

And touch the lives
Of those whose life
Are filled with strife

To help ordain
The lost and strayed;
To find their way;
To the rightful place;
they're destined to reign

Their thoughts are gold
The type not-sold

Their words could bring joy
And sometimes a sword
To conquer war
Or break the jaw
Of those whose talk
Are filled with bluff

They're masters of words
Whose art will ever soar
Till forever exhaust
I tried my best to be a better man
I do the best I can
But here I am
Hurting everyone around

I try with all my might
To love with all my heart
But they said I'm doing otherwise
That my art is never right

I walk the path of the wise
Write scripts that truly inspire
But all I get is just great torment
Harvested from their hate-comment

I work hard, never disabled
To fend and put food on table
But still I get criticised
And was tagged as "lazy ***"

I try to improve my  profile
Be a better and less-rough guy
But life never permits
Instead; my trial emits afflict'

Family labelled me hellish
Friends tagged me selfish
Haters wish I perish
Neighbours gossips and blemish

I will overcome I guess
But If I ended up diced to pieces instead
By this sharp knife edge
Just be aware; I tried me best
Wish me well

I know I'd probably get hate comment
But your words cannot create torment
It's just like the way people these days stare at my hair
And I won't even care; as if it doesn't ring a bell
You know; sometimes I wonder if it's possible for someone's brain to be paralysed
That's what I feel anyway; about those who call themselves sarakites
Sometimes I wonder if some youths' mind has been contaminated with the society mayhem
Maybe their master has brainwashed and re-brain-feed them
The so-called buharist too; makes me sick
With their overhyped appraisal for a political freak
they sees their master as saint; and anybody who don't support
's gotto be corrupt
The whole concept of this district makes me weak
It's just a different story of a blind man and his stick
But this time; the white-cane controls the blind man's brain
Just like the white folks controls black man's aim
The sheep now controls the shepherd
The goat rule over the leopard
How do you expect me to praise someone who's got nothing to offer
I'd rather be an orphan
Than being a ripen fruit of a corrupt family tree
Never a slave; I was born to live free
I'm not a puppet of a political faction
I can only lease fraction1/2 support of a political action
Because unlike them clueless fool
I am not a useless youth
Who will abandon his roots and fruits
And start praising some political occult
I am not a political tool
Who engages in spreading counterfeited news
About how the president is a fascist
I'm not an agent of hate-speech
How can I support leaders
with zero point agenda
When poverty is the only completed government project
When political opponents poke-nose in civil servant protest
Why will I vote when I know my vote do not count
Corruption, our newly designed flag
Poverty is our special kind of rain
Our skin covered with grey and black paints (instead of green and white paints)
Pain, pain all over and over again
Now; let us pray
Oh Lord; please do not forsake
Please intervene
Do not let our country stray
To the youth with lighten sane
Receive brain in Almighty's name
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