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Gavin Nov 2019
how many times
do I have to unbutton your pants
to hear the words
"I love you."
The answer is zero. I wrote this while going through some intense emotional turmoil and It's a simple one but I'm very proud of it. Moral of my story: don't waste your time on people that dont deserve you.
Gavin Nov 2019
I knit those words together
so you can pull them over yourself,
on a cold day
and always remember,
Its me keeping you warm.
Gavin Nov 2019
I cough words
onto a page,
and hold it up to the world.
They call it art, they call it poetry.
Gavin Oct 2019
they live their whole lives
apart from eachother
as one falls, the other rises.

but every so often
fate brings them together,
and its so beautiful
the whole world comes to watch.

— The End —