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Elena Aug 14
lesbian is not a swear word
it's not ***** or absurd
but even now it's hard to say
and that makes me feel unheard.
society seems to think
perhaps it is some creepy man's kink
so I considered the sound an obscenity
the word itself deviltry
instead of an identity.
therefore I steadily
rejected my tendency
to find girls hard to resist
because it felt like weaponry,
when two girls kissed
instead of just a way people like me exist
Elena Aug 12
Bees by the river
butterfly wings quiver
wind in the trees
her eyes full of dreams
cause as she sat in the flowers
bathed in sunlight for hours
her world was at peace
and the hummingbird seemed
to know
supposed to be a song
came to me on an enlightening wilderness solo/Neshama Quest
Elena Aug 12
I make cheap Mc Food for you and her
But don't have too much unless you'd prefer
that I become your Mc Murderer
Elena Aug 12
through your forest of pills
I look on with chills,
watching you navigate life's biggest hills;
The day's ever closer
that you'll need a donor,
far in the future if luck comes with clovers.
I hope I can heal your body,
and be your mending patch.
I hope to be your carbon copy,
so that I can be your match.
I love you, brother mine.
(My brother needs a kidney transplant)
Elena Feb 27
I love the way you touch my skin
and smile in the face of sin
gliding, graceful fingertips
I need your soft kiss on my lips

Our chances at heaven are at this point risky
but hell's just gonna be one big party
I'd rather kiss ***** in blazing hell
than sit in heaven under God's dull spell

Let our lipstick mix
as we sweetly disgrace the crusafix;
what's more divine
than the way our fingers intertwine
as we watch the moon shine
and drink satan's red, red wine
sin with me softly
I wish heaven was meant for me,
but grandpa says it's not.
so be it grandpa.
Elena Dec 2018
I'm free
happily bathed in masculinity
makeup feels okay now
dresses are fine somehow
it's like it makes up for
the girliness
with a little splash of free
and happy masculinity

long hair was suffocating
now I feel myself breathing
pink feels less toxic
lipstick's less obnoxious

now I'm living freely
with just a little butch masculinity
sometimes you've gotta live a little
and give in a little
to the crazy person inside your mind
Elena Dec 2018
time passes
up spring the growing grasses
and later, flowers bloom
in pleasant, vibrant shades
shoving away the gloom
as the last of fall fades,
leaving in swirling, leafy parades

as the year goes by,
the grasses slowly grow golden as they die.
the peaches swell
and popsicles do well,
cherries bring that summer smell...

I love the change,
the fresh and the new,
but sometimes it's strange
when the seasons are persistent
and there's nothing consistent
to forever cling to

I'm grateful for the mild California seasons
giving me reasons
to get used to change,
how thankful I really am
to l love the strange
when life hits me with a big, fat yam.

what to do with a yam, I was pondering,
yam-aid isn't a thing-
but then I realized
I'm just **** here wandering
until I make my life customized,
unique, ready to go with the flow
where life and yams take me, I'll readily go

now I sure am glad for the seasons
that give me reasons
to get used to change,
and to love the fresh, the new, and the strange
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