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Sunflower Girl Feb 2021
In the bright darkness the frozen world glittered
The trees drooped, draped in icy gemstones and snowy capes
They bowed over our path, like guards of a secret magical place
We stopped to look up, the moon so bright it shooed the stars
Away to some other place, away from us, away from this moment
And some feeling without a name, so tangible I could ****** it from the air
I closed my eyes to feel it surround us
Like the glittery snow and the majestic mountains, unmoving sleepy giants
And like the tree we wrapped out arms around, our fingers brushing on both sides
And like the moon making everything glow like a secret magical place
Older than words, outside of time, touching mortality for a moment
In the bright darkness of the frozen world.
Sunflower Girl Feb 2021
Glassy water
Bubbly ripples
Dip my toes into the stream
Stand on pebbles
Hold the branches
Whispering breezes in between
Willow leaves are
My protection
And my love, my life, my care
Smiling lips and
Blushing faces
Wings are spread and hearts are fair
Endless joys and
Peace and beauty
Tinkling bells ring in your ear
Pools of laughing
Glassy water
Old and new and life and clear
Sunflower Girl Feb 2021
I sit in shallow sorrow
In blinding, blazing light
The soft wind starts to bellow
I hold my sweater tight
Floating ever downward
The snowflakes dance and swirl
I turn my cold face upward
The white that fills the world
Blanketed in softness
An icy, freezing bed
A purity if goodness
That falls onto my head
The black, the white, the greyness
The simpleness of cold
I reach to touch the newness
The newness that is old
And reaching back is silence
That teaches me to breathe
To find a total solace
Through noise that will not leave
The quiet that surrounds me
The silence never ends
Cold wraps her arms around me
Alone I am with friends
Sunflower Girl Feb 2021
Tiptoe through the frozen dancers
Touch the past and wander toward
Future places up above you
Beauty restless, peace assured

Towers of enduring presence
Whispering stories no one hears
Turn an eye and know the greatness
Silent giants no one fears

Moving to a silent rhythm
Intertwined with sky so blue
Unseen hands slip through pages
Laughing breezes, wisdom true

Lifted by unfaltering beauty
Hunger for a glance of why
Heartbeats of a world so broken
Breathless life and endless sky

Sheltered by the bursts of silence
Twisted figures reaching for
Fingers of another creature
Love unending, clear, and pure

Here I see undying radiance
Sacred warmth and calm relief
Softly flows a greater power
To my soul so filled with grief

Here forever till tomorrow
When another feels this light
Wander through eternal solace
Filled with strength, majestic, bright.
Sunflower Girl Nov 2020
ang mata nimo
puno sa himaya
sa kaadlawan

ang paglantaw nimo
wa’y tumong
nga akong makit-an

ang kalag nimo
magsayaw sa hangin
maglakaw sa gabon

magtingala ko
nga dili ko kasunod kanimo
gibilin lang ko sa yuta
Sunflower Girl Jun 2020
To be not to seem
Now, esse quam videri
Is a distant dream
Sunflower Girl Jun 2020
Exclusion of the different
It is called "structure"
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