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Sul-E Apr 23
For some reason,
I feel exposed.
Like the wind is passing through all the gaps in my bones
whipping through my ribcage
in the place, my heart used to be.
I feel like I've just
that I've been naked all this time,
and I was oblivious that the
warmth of the fire
was burning my skin,
and that the thorns I used
to protect me,
were pricking me
I feel like I've been walking barefoot
and I hadn't noticed the stinging
beneath my soles
and the soreness between my toes.
there's skin on my bones,
and clothes on my skin,
and shoes on my feet.
So why,
for some reason,
do I feel so exposed?
Sul-E Jan 2022
If I look forward as I fall
I might regret this soon
as the ground comes ever closer
So I turn around
to look back
and remember
why it is, I'm falling
in the first place
as I watch
the sky get further away
Sul-E Nov 2019
I haven't written a poem on here in a while
I have time and I don't have time,
all at the same time.
What a funny thing to say?
I don't have the words to say the words
I need to say.
Isn't that hilarious?
My hands have moved me here
and my fingers are tapping the keys
but I have no idea what I'm typing.
Sounds a lot like
Sul-E Jul 2019
You were supposed to come out to sea and save me
But I'm hanging on to the edge of your lifeboat
Killing myself
just to stay afloat
Why didn't I let go
I don't know
Maybe it's because I believed you were there to save me
Sul-E Jul 2019
I can deal with the cracks
But please,
don't shatter me to pieces.
Glue's expensive.
  Jun 2019 Sul-E
Naveen Tiwari
A writer writes to hide his pain.
And a reader reads to find someone who feels the same.
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