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Sul-E Jul 7
You were supposed to come out to sea and save me
But I'm hanging on to the edge of your lifeboat
Killing myself
just to stay afloat
Why didn't I let go
I don't know
Maybe it's because I believed you were there to save me
Sul-E Jul 6
I can deal with the cracks
But please,
don't shatter me to pieces.
Glue's expensive.
  Jun 18 Sul-E
Naveen Tiwari
A writer writes to hide his pain.
And a reader reads to find someone who feels the same.
Sul-E Jun 9
Having a dream is like having money
More times than not your going to have to exchange it for something else
Sul-E Jun 9
Love is
As love was
Love will only ever be
As it only ever has been
And to be honest
I think that's pretty sad
Sul-E Jun 6
That I loved you too much.
I must have been such a bore.
I must have been too clingy.
I'm sure you hated the way
I said that I loved you
with too much desperation
In my eyes
The way I kissed you
must have annoyed you so much.
My lips were always chapped.
I bite them so often.
It must have irritated you when I hugged you.
I must have held on too tight,
like I didn't want to lose you to the wind.
I didn't.
And I-
I'm so sorry.
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