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  Sep 2016 Voyager
It's the fear of someone else loving you more than I could that drives me insane.
And the possibility of you feeling the same way
  Apr 2016 Voyager
Here lies all our memories,
my thoughts,
my words,
my pieces

I rest my heavy heart
which you seem to no longer care for
I lay my thoughts
that never gets rid of you
I drizzle the tears
shed because of you, my darling dear

Let it flow until the soil would bloom a flower to which I may admire one day

Awaiting, I am for the realization that this is for the best
that you no longer cherish me as yours
But tonight, of all nights, I would let myself curl up once more and for the final time
wearing your shirt
telling my pillow our stories
of how I wish it could have
and what it should have been

And yet, I will just cry

After all, I'm just a part of your past
Intended to stay in the past

So here I bury my pieces that loves you whole
as well as the words I never got to say to you

*Farewell, my love
  Apr 2016 Voyager
You told me that you're mine and mine alone
And I fell asleep hoping to get to see you even if it is just in dreams

The dream started with them
then you appeared
So lean, my only
there was a shift
You didn't see me,
You didn't notice that I exist

You were there, but I felt I wasn't
You were happy and I watch you go
You held her hand as if she was precious
As if she was to be taken away if you didn't

You never did that with me,
Not even in person, not even in dreams

So can you see why I woke with ragged breaths and rapid heart beat

My nightmares was once strange and vivid
And now, all of them are about losing you

*what did you do to me?
  Apr 2016 Voyager
I wanted to see your eyes,
the eyes that once shone like diamonds in the sun at the sight of me.
The ones I looked at and saw something more,
something beyond.

When I did,
In your eyes,
I found the answer as to why.

It broke a part of me,
Silently but oh so terribly

my hope,
my love,
my stars and moon

I could never finish my thoughts
But for you I would

I loved you with all
my heart,
my might,
my strength.

With body and soul,
with great modesty and devotion.

In a moment my heart broke to more fractions than it already is,
I lost you
Yet I still wonder if I really did have you to begin with

You have that part of me
I'm not sure I could get back

I'm drowning
And you're no longer there to anchor me to safety
  Jun 2015 Voyager
i have to tell you

the thought of losing you
makes my stomach turn
my fingers tremble
and my chest ache with waves
of pain

because i've never wanted
anyone more
in my entire life
and it scares me that you have me
right in the palm of your hand

promise me you'll stay
unlike the others

promise me
you won't change your mind

promise me
that your promises
won't be bent
by passing time

that i am more than just a passing fancy
that you'd get bored of then leave
once someone with a prettier face
comes around knocking at your door

because you're starting to feel
like home

and nothing terrifies me more.
stay with me
Voyager May 2015
Another time, another place
Different names, different face
I knew it was you for your soul was linked to mine
Right then I realized how fate will always work–putting us both in each other's lives
I've watched myself die and be reborn
I've seen you live and be free
But every time our eyes will meet
No need of words but a deal is made
Sworn to be together no matter what

But even though we know we were;
Fate did not let it be
for it only destined us to cross paths but never stay and see
Voyager May 2015
I gave you my heart
completely and willingly
At that time I did not care
I thought that you can have it break it
by all means, take it
You did not steal this heart
For a while you kept it safe and secure
But more days passed
Weeks, months, years
You did not care as much anymore
dropping the heart on the cold hard ground
Crying, screaming, pain
You did not steal it
*You shattered it and left
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