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 Jun 2018 Miseria
Sarah Spang
In the dawn, I saw you there
With misty eyes and tousled hair
And with the sunlight flooding though,
I knew the summer scent of you.

You trickled yourself over me
The way the light pulsed through the trees.
And hand to hand we carried on
Across the dampened morning lawn.

Our pluming breath of spectored speech
Soared skyward towards the dancing leaves.
Gaze to gaze, brown to green
The morning lost it's sacred gleam.
 Mar 2018 Miseria
I wanted to scream
till my lungs needed air
till my throat ached
till my tears blurred my vision
just to see
if the sound was louder
i'll see you
come back to me.
11:50 PM 11/8/17
You walk through these streets
like you think you know what you want.
But tell me honestly,
inside the pockets of your coat
your fingers never uncross,
do they?

I drown you in photographic film
and sometimes I wonder how time
stands still in a painting.
In the middle of the bazaar, you stood
like a painting
while people moved around you
like an overexposed reel of film
and time still stands still to this day

You're coughing it all out; winter
on your lips and spring in your lungs.
Drink me.
I am a tincture of a daydream.
The sun is always brighter, my dear.

Our hands interlace in the darkness
and melt away with the consequences of time.
You are a bottle of something precious.
Put me to sleep, sing
me to sleep.

Undo the buttons of your dress
and wear away with the night.
Shed this old layer of skin
and something about rebirth
we can tell beautiful lies
but how long before the bread soaks up the milk
and the blood on the carpet
seeps into
the wood.

The ice on the lake
can't hold up this dream anymore.
You're a hallucination
and all I needed.
I don't know if I'll ever finish this.
 Feb 2018 Miseria
I’m tired of hearing
the same things
“you’re amazing”
I don’t want to be told
I want to be shown
that I’m captivating
of your attention
that I’m worth your days
Words mean nothing
without the feeling
behind them
that evokes them
in the first place
February 26th~han
 Feb 2018 Miseria
 Feb 2018 Miseria
Forgive me God I am a
Just give me one chance I wanna  see her
Decisions that I made I wish I could change
But I dont regret the time that I met
 Feb 2018 Miseria
 Feb 2018 Miseria
He crawled deep within her soul and made a home out of cobwebs and broken pieces

Oh how beautiful she truly was
 Feb 2018 Miseria
 Feb 2018 Miseria
Sad nights i cry myself to sleep
Depression and anxiety
Are feelings that i keep
I just feel empty
Nobody was there for me
Is it better
To end this life
Close my eyes
Darkness feels the same
I feed myself with lies
Loneliness is my companion
It feels normal to be alone
Always searchin for a home.
 Feb 2018 Miseria
The only part of my day
That I look forward to
Is when I go to bed
And lay there making up scenarios
In my head.

I think of comebacks
To 8th grade bullies.
I think of witty retorts
To my mother's snide comments.
I think of intelligent things to add
To conversations I had months ago.

I think of all the things
I was too scared to say.

And in my mind
I say them.
And pretend how things would be different
If only I had the courage to speak.
The day had come when lovers had to say goodbye
Bid a piece of smile and wave a little hand
She thought that their love was so real
Yet ended up being strangers to each

Weeks had passed and you are still there
In her little mind that is full of moments
Moments that you had shared together
Moment that you should have cherished together.

It's been a while since her heart was so alone
And now, she had learned something new
That no one could fix her broken soul
But only she could do it, if she only knew.
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