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Day Aug 24
I got a bit absentminded this year
I guess you could say I was
,my brain cells turned flaccid,
by the end of the ******* world.
Day Aug 18
You can change the world,
but you can never fix humanity.
Posting an old draft I found
Day Aug 18
Dear momma,
I changed my name.
You may not recognize my face but,
always I am, yours.
Now you can call me,
Day Aug 18
Give me a break
From this everlasting feeling
Of existential dread.

I know its dramatic
But, when will I start healing
From this chaos in my head?

Honestly, I have realized
I’ll just have to keep dealing,
Up until I’m dead.
*I wish I had put more effort into this but here you go.
Day Jun 15
Liquor lubricates my inhibition
I like it
The feeling just between sober and over intoxicated

Ive been made aware
That this is not sustainable

The trauma catches up

Self harm
Comes in many forms
Day Jun 14
Spent the last 5 years
To make a therapist appointment
Self diagnosed myself
A couple times over
Muted myself
With medication
And YouTube recommendations
I put off
Writing a love letter
To my best friend
To what could have been

I’m happy

Not all the time
Of course
Day May 24
It’s just not healthy to keep your mind up past its capacity.
As romanticized as 4am is, you brain will lose elasticity.
Just give it up and go close your eyes.
Save your energy for the sunrise.
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